Vacheron constantin launched a classic “horns” timing wrist watch ear: micro between straight line and arc

In memory of the brand in 260 years ongoing art inheritance and innovation, Constantin Historiques series (vacheron constantin) equipped with classic “horns” timing wrist watch ear. The wrist watch in the tradition of Geneva brand core complex functions, powered by 1142 chain on the manual machine.USES the platinum is 38.50 mm in diameter.With a kind of unique style and slim watches ear.It deduces the subtle relationship between the straight line and arc.

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Vacheron constantin watches launched a classic “horns” timing wrist watch ear.This watches to understand the delicate relationship between straight line and arc
This meter because of its unique watches ear design named Cornes DE vache 1955.It is combined with bold design and tabulation of excellent workmanship. Watch of wrist of prototype was born in the post-war economic boom, has the magnificent classical design style, the brand with reworking on the modern concept, to classify the salute to vacheron constantin innovation traditional Historiques series. This series highlights the extraordinary unsurpassed brand creative vitality and the tradition of excellence clocks and watches, and for the watchmaker classic derived from Geneva inject new vitality, let the antique collectors and enthusiasts. New Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 is also the continuation of the series of traditional with the modern concept to deduce the vacheron constantin launched for the first time in 60 years ago waterproof antimagnetic timing stopwatch.Created eye-catching appearance of aesthetic design and precision of complex function, but also retain the classical circular double button, and the appearance of the “horns” watches ear, presented to reaches the vacheron constantin demeanor. This legendary meter also embodies the brand making high-end timing stopwatch long art craft.

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Exclusive innovation design of precision equipment and great tabulation technology of collision
Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 meter to the modern concept of the classical style in the 1950 s, design inspiration comes from vacheron constantin’s first waterproof antimagnetic timing stopwatch: this is also the brand one of the most popular with collectors three timing stopwatch. In addition to the iconic watches ear design, which refer to the original number 6087 watches of adopted a diameter of 35 mm 18 k gold watch case, and is equipped with two “mushroom” button and the screw-plug bottom cover. This double buttons timing stopwatch is equipped with accelerometer calibration, powered by manual chain on the 492 movement, soft iron inside case also can block magnetic interference. Cornes DE vache 1955 timing stopwatch because of its technical and precision in the tech world acclaimed, at the same time, the design of its innovation boldly presented vacheron constantin unique style in the 1950 s. New Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 timing stopwatch adopted traditional round watchcase design with a unique style and slim watches ear, deduce the subtle relationship between the straight line and arc. And its precision technology – through traditional Swiss watchmakers precision a peek inside, striving for innovation and the adornment of the meter when the contrast between to further highlight the personality of wrist watch. Made it to this unique innovative concept vacheron constantin of one of the representative works, and it is one of the most sought after by collectors three masterpieces.

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This watches to understand the delicate relationship between straight line and arc
New Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 style of appreciation
Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 is a re-interpretation of the legend, the diameter is 38.50 mm of platinum 950 watchcase, about 30 meters waterproof, with delicate polishing “horns” watches design. Through the transparent sapphire crystal screw-plug bottom cover can enjoy the entire decorative complex mechanical movement. New watches also strictly at 3 o ‘clock position of the continuation of the original model of 30 minute dial and located at 9 o ‘clock position of the layout of the small second hand, and with the modem design and widen the wrist watch diameter is overall layout is more liberal than wrist watch, also improve the readability of various functions. Milky white dial silver plated by extending the area of the Roman numerals on collocation, timing and pointer material adopt the 18 k platinum, the central timing second hand, 30 minutes timing pointer and accelerometer calibration chose royal blue, further perfect the dial the readability of the whole. Besides have distinguished Geneva seal, Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 timing stopwatch also follows the brand exclusive supreme quality requirements, is an exclusive original, reflects the extraordinary process precision accurate, durable and tabulation skills.

This watches to understand the delicate relationship between straight line and arc
From the brand founder jean-marc Vacheron 1 hour meter made up to now, 260 years we have witnessed many of the most complex precision timing stopwatch, manifests the Vacheron constantin unique historical process. In 1877, the watchmaker from Geneva launched a first timing pocket watch. Since then, the brand will constantly improve the function, in order to satisfy customers independent “writing” time and comforwatches, elegant, precise control of time requirements. Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 adopts two classic round button design, machine core is adopted on the preciseness of the manual chain 1142 movement, and 3 hz frequency and a higher degree of seismic balance wheel design can further enhance the accuracy of the wrist watch. 48 hours of power storage, this movement by 164 decorative parts, all of them, and drive the hours, minutes, small second hand, the central timing second hand and 30 minute timer. And other new vacheron constantin movement, the guide pin wheel screw also USES these wrist watches the Maltese cross brand trademark design appearance.
‘s collector this timing stopwatch with unique brand temperament. As the continuation of this tradition, Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 limited production, in order to meet the appreciate such rare meter lovers.
Technical specifications
Historiques Cornes DE vache. 1955
Model 5000 h / 000 p – B058
The Geneva seal certification
Movement: 1142 vacheron constantin on independent research and development and manufacturing, manual chain mechanical movement, a diameter of 27.5 mm (12 points), the thickness of 5.6 mm, dynamic storage about 48 hours, vibration frequency 3 hz (21600 times/per hour), 164 parts, 21 jewel
Display function: hours, minutes, small second hand at 9 o ‘clock position, guide pin wheel timing time (30 minutes)
Atlas: platinum 950, 38.5 mm in diameter, the thickness of 38.5 mm, transparent sapphire crystal bottom cover, waterproof coefficient through the three atmospheric pressure test (about 30 meters)
Dial: ivory central dial, silver plated shiny outer scale (minutes and speed meter scale), 18 k Bai Jinshi standard
Band: double dark blue manual generous wen Mississippi alligator strap
Watch button: platinum 950 clasp, half Maltese cross design after polishing processing

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