Buy watches must know the watch industry’s most influential six camps

On Auguest 26, 2016, Japanese citizen watch company announced acquisition of Swiss watchmakers constant brand.It alongs with the constant’s two brands and DdeMonaco Alpina. Since then, Japan’s citizen holdings co., watches and clocks, a total of 9 clock business brand, which has the international famous brand in addition to constant, and advanced tabulation brand Arnold & Son jarno and treasure way to China. This is the watch industry bought by a recent incident.Before that, the 2015 fiyta watch watches formed a partnership with Beijing north watches (Beijing) co., LTD., fiyta has a 51% stake, north watches factory has a 49% stake,
complete a stake in cooperation.

Constant watches factory
Since the end of last century, European watchmaking do important industry restructuring, after nearly a decade, watch industry such as acquisition, merger, equity cooperation way of resources integration is still continuing.But big pattern has been steady, the rest is just a small scale changes. In the process of the whole industry resources combination, the Hong Kong consortium was piling, win a lot of Swiss watchmakers
company. Now, many Swiss watchmakers brand has become the other countries under the consortium holding enterprises, thus forming a consortium of concentration camps.

The eastern bloc – China
Even though the reputation of China finished watches in the world is far also is not so high in Switzerland. But it is undeniable that China is one of the deepest influence the watch industry. From the point of view, on
the surface of the clock consumption the most powerful countries in the world, is China, the mainland and Hong Kong together accounted for the Swiss watch, the total export even so down, today is still 3 Japanese or
nearly 2 dimension in the United States.It is not to mention overseas consumption. Aside, all of 2015, China watch exports machinery watches into a watches about 14.88 million, import about 2.27 million only mechanical watch, mechanical watch heart exports about 6.91 million, imported about 10.3 million only.

China watch brand has dozens of hundreds of registered trademarks, shenzhen and horological exhibit can see, most of fiyta, seagulls, of the most famous singer, rossini, wave, big dipper, lattice, ba, etc.It is
including fiyta group is a very powerful one, there are several brands, in addition to fiyta itself, with Beijing, JEEP, wei road.The parent company is under the China aviation industry group of catic international
company in shenzhen, so fiyta actually has the background of the state-owned capital, and aviation have cooperation is very important support from its parent company. Fiyta groups in order to get through the retail
channel, self-built heng geely world watches center, and become the one of the largest several watches
distributors in China.

Again in Hong Kong, the listed company GuanCheng (CITYCHAMP) clocks jewelry group company also financially strong, bought for about 700 million 2013 senior Swiss tabulation kunlun brand event, its including
international established tabulation eterna, the watches fine rossini and wave, the old clock watch factory wuyang, and slaughter, Dreyfuss & Co, J&T Windmills, etc. GuanCheng clocks jewelry group has its own
distribution network, the agency with more than 25 international brands at the same time, on the basis of the production of watches, OEM for other brands. Hk $2015, GuanCheng group total revenue in 3.48 billion, which
has its own brand more than hk $2.84 billion revenue, rossini and the wave are the main two brands.

– on the eastern side of Japan
In addition to China, the eastern bloc, Japan’s strength is very strong, same seiko group and citizen has far-reaching influence in the whole international watch industry. Seiko seiko group from the earliest
neighbors, Japan tabulating the whole course is to learn from European countries tabulation first, after having its own innovation. Seiko group has several very famous brand, Seiko low-end market itself, Grand Seiko
in the high-end market, your flower is completely is biased towards the senior market, in addition to the Pulsar, Lorus, Alba, in Seiko group, there is a very popular in the domestic double lion brand – the east.
Seiko group under a lot of watches, produced by seiko epson group company contract, Japanese quartz wave worldwide, epson research and development of micro quartz vibrator has played a key role.
Citizen group, at the time of opening has raised some citizen group has a total of five parts, in addition to watch business, and electronic accessories, machine tools and other products. Say citizen also has a strong influence, because citizen has rich experience in light kinetic watches and clocks, 40 years development course, relying on new energy technology, change the power source of wrist watch, very rare. In addition, the citizen MIYOTA company, provide the basis for many clocks at home and abroad company mechanical movement, it was a bit of system core, ETA control system of the European tabulation faction core market, MIYOTA system core occupy large market share in Asia.
In addition, casio electronic watch, said all know.

Vacheron constantin watches

Rolex group
Rolex group, I’d like to have no too much is introduced, a total of two brands, rolex and rudder. How strong is it? I thought before into the watch industry, rolex is one of the world’s top watch, come in, although know
there than its senior watch, but I still think it is the best, it is regarded as a watershed is the pyramid in the watch industry. Rolex group is not listed, so has been no public financial data, but you know, all the
clock and watch brand, the highest annual sales is a rolex.

Richemont is one of several of the world’s most famous luxury goods group, its clock and watch brand or department has lundgren, vacheron constantin, product family, Roger dubuis, earl, universal, pei na sea, polo
Ralph lauren, celebrities, Cartier, van cleef, montblanc, dunhill, etc. Of each brand, because of richemont brought together a number of luxury brands, the highest in the world is so richemont luxury market has a very
strong voice in the group of companies. According to richemont results show that as of March 2016, richemont compared to fiscal 2016 sales increased by 6% in fiscal 2015, while the main growth rate from the jewelry, leather and garment, 13 brand but it still is the main part of the group total sales. Cartier, including jewelry, is the highest sales brand richemont group, the wrist watch isalso high share of the sales, all the clocks and watches brand sales in the world, the top five.

Vacheron Constantin group
Vacheron Constantin group is also one of the world’s most important luxury goods group, recently, the Vacheron Constantin group has just released the results from the first half of 2016, the group turnover of 3.716
billion Swiss francs, down 11.4% year-on-year, the clocks and watches and jewellery sector revenue fell 11.3%, accounting for 11.2% of the total turnover. Vacheron Constantin group showed obvious concerns, the Hong Kong market collapse to the watch industry a significant decline.
Vacheron Constantin watches group will be under 18 watch brands made.

Vacheron constantin watches store

LVMH moet hennessy Louis vuitton is one of the world’s three major luxury goods group, involving areas such as wine, leather goods, watches and clocks jewelry, cosmetics, fashion, and many other industries, including clocks jewelry brand with bulgari, still the Paris, De Beers Diamond Jewellers, Fred, watch, tiger elegant and
real power, as well as dior, Fendi, LV watch department. Than the richemont and Vacheron Constantin group, LVMH moet hennessy Louis vuitton watches and clocks jewelry system not very large, but maintained a growth.

In 2015, LVMH moet hennessy Louis vuitton watches and clocks jewelry business income is 3.3 billion euro, rose 19% in 2014 (do not include the exchange rate change), LVMH group revenues accounted for about 10.6%. The most famous marketing genius, LVMH is Mr Biver, Renaissance treasure pearl, shoulder that watch and in watchmaking usher in a new direction, namely cross-border cooperation, constantly to inject new vitality for the product.

Vacheron constantin cheap watches

Open cloud group
In the clock, and a very famous group, is open cloud group, it used to be called PPR group, in 2013 changed its name to open cloud group, group has a famous clock and watch brand Athens watches, girard-perregaux,
sunview sand, poem and jewellery brand treasure dragon, watch business also includes the gucci watch. By 2015, luxury shops open cloud group and operated by a total of 1264, group income of 11.6 billion euros, up 15.4%
from a year earlier, the luxury goods sector increased by 4.1%, 68% of total revenue.In addition, there are some clocks luxury goods group, such as the movado group, etc, they are owned by the same holding company with many brands, but mainly fashion and fashion brand, advanced tabulation brand not too

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