Suit grade Vacheron constantin watches salute to cutting art

Man behind the appropriate dress, hidden details, replica Constantin Vacheron watches in praise of the manual cutting tailored suit the traditional Art, men’s hour meter series Metiers d ‘Art Elegance Sartoriale, carve carve patterns or designs on woodwork and enamel craft, on the dial back traditional suit fabric texture, color, let the man taste to the next level.

replica Constantin Vacheron watches
replica Constantin Vacheron watches

Hour meter series of men’s five new borrow machine carved by hand carve patterns or designs on woodwork, let the blue, grey, flax, lavender and raspberry fruit red, each covered with large translucent flame enamel, such as the prince of wales plaid, herringbone twill, geometrical pane lines, vertical stripes and crisscrossed the horizontal and vertical line pressing spell synthesis, plaid, all under the machine carved a dab hand carve patterns or designs on woodwork division, to 0.1 mm complete accurate lighting effects.

The hours, minutes show small dial is borrowed from men’s shirt buttons inspiration, the outer ring set with mother-of-pearl, inner ring pattern is drawn from the woven cotton machine design, artisans also ACTS the role of the copy on the edge of the dial suit ruffles groove round, small 3 o ‘clock dial the totem is the continuation of face plate of the same process, decorated with paisley vortex lines spin coating, flowers, or the geometric pattern of decorative pocket squares, and watches all carry on homemade 1400 manual mechanical movement, and have the Geneva seal engraving.

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