Not the thinnest, only thinner! Vacheron constantin inheritance series wrist watch

For all brands, “history” is the start of the witness, and “inheritance” is of the essence of history continuation. (Vacheron Constantin watches Replica) Patrimony series wrist watch, is the world famous watch of wrist of contracted wind model, the creation inspiration comes from the 1950 s Vacheron Constantin’s watches. A perfect circular dial collocation harmonious line scale and accomplished vacheron constantin’s an integral part of a series design, shining today watch to introduce a few vacheron constantin Patrimony series wrist watch, I hope you watch can collect up to his friends.

Vacheron Constantin watches Replica
Vacheron Constantin watches Replica

Model: 85180/000 r – 9248
Vacheron constantin Patrimony series of wrist watch, both in terms of design concept, design style, or from the production process and function, is a continuation of traditional mechanical essence of Switzerland and retention. Almost everyone has a long history of classic brand has its own advantage product, perhaps we missed their birth in the past, but not cloggy let us to witness their development and inheritance. Time make all the rapidly changing, ZX factory after continuously improve and reference, to launch the most valuable Vacheron Constantin inheritance series wrist watch, concise do not break again practical, both believe that the following a few inheritance series wrist watch can let you watch friends easily control. Below, let shone watch take you detailed comments on the five classic Patrimony series wrist watch, with you to see the charm.

Vacheron Constantin watches Replica
Vacheron Constantin watches Replica

Golden brown shell model
The Patrimony series wrist watch looks rich connotation, modelling is classic yet mature taste. At 12 o ‘clock position with vacheron constantin classical time scale and English letters, at 6 o ‘clock is below the mark a “SWISS” and “MADE” the English word, meaning for Switzerland.
The shell gold surface model
Paragraphs that gold face succession series wrist watch with 18 k rose gold plating watchcase, three needle dial with classical design style, with reddish brown strap, basically continues the Vacheron Constantin inheriting classic elements of series wrist watch.
Gold shell of white paragraph
With high-end elegant silvery white dial, with rose gold time scale, at 6 o ‘clock direction with calendar window, configuration of sapphire blue film plated glass lenses, all show the classic breath.
Silver grey surface model
The grey dial with blue strap grab an eye most heritage series wrist watch, concise fashion and do not break inside collect, suiwatches for young men’s wear, tie-in dress more beautiful.
Silver white paragraph
Round white dial with classic small three needle, the overall design is contracted and generous. With fine article immediately label as time scale, at 12 o ‘clock direction for vacheron constantin classic LOGO, date window display at six o ‘clock direction.
Watchcase material of 316 l stainless steel stainless steel, the use of direct type crown, head side engraved a Vacheron Constantin classic symbol.
The line of perfect proportion is one of the advantages of this series of watches, and by extension the wrist watch elegant; watches size diameter of 40 mm, thin thickness of 8.53 mm, not the thinnest, only thinner, let the inheritance series wrist watch as a whole more slender.
Walking carrying imported 9015 automatic mechanical movement, accurate, swatches and counters movement models for Cal. 2450 sc movement.
The original pin buckle, pin buckle drawing smooth, highlight ZX factory exquisite tabulation technology and high quality symbol.
Strap type for the double grain cowhide material, car line, texture soft, comforwatches wearing.
Conclusion: vacheron constantin inheritance series in comparison with other classic wrist watch is fairly, but it is a blend of vacheron constantin brand most classic unique DNA, not the thinnest, only is thinner, this is the vacheron constantin the best portrayal of elegant extreme characteristics, and fully embodies the senior Swiss watchmaking the purest essence of traditional craft.

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