Wrist watch balance spring lock seismic system Vacheron Constantin shockproof anti-collision patent

Since 1891,Replica Vacheron Constantin Watch has been in its strict specifications and manufacturing quality, to achieve accurate, high quality and reliable. Vacheron Constantin watches as the vanguard of the precision meter, and has a long history of traditional American railway, is the one of the most highly status and revered brands. Watches are not allowed to be one of the most common as the main reason for the displacement of movement after the shock of hair. The first revolutionary patent registration SpringLock ® seismic protection system, can effectively reduce the error is as high as 66%, as to ensure accurate as well.

“Hair locks” by Vacheron Constantin watches exclusive research and development, the movement of the hair is surrounded by “shielding”, can effectively absorb when watches from the impact of energy. Hair is a small around the watch at the core of spring, one end connected to Balance the Balance wheel (Balance), another end is connected to Balance the splint (the Balance – cock). The balance spring and balance balance wheel constitute the regulation system of watches, directly decided to watch is accurate as well. The balance spring and balance splint is one of the most vulnerable part of the watch, especially in the case of encounter hit so hard. “Hair locks” seismic system is the Vacheron Constantin watches especially accurate and to develop the system to ensure that the machine operation.

Movement of the hair is surrounded by “shielding”, can absorb when watches from the impact, produced by the energy; The impact of these external impact, is enough to make walking to the general mechanical movement error, high about fast or slow 60 seconds a day. “Hair locks” seismic system can effectively reduce walking up to 66% of the error, to ensure that the mechanical movement accurate as well. The wearer can now be free to participate in all kinds of sports such as golf, because even impact force in the world and the watch still can accurately tell time.

Conclusion: the birth of revolutionary device “hair locks” protection for mechanical movement, Vacheron Constantin watches again raise its watches a remarkable endurance and shockproof function. Vacheron Constantin watches rich spirit of adventure, love challenges, perseverance, and visual aesthetic feeling. Vacheron Constantin watches of various series watches the dynamic of its strong personality also shows.

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