The ultimate pursuit of energy conservation design movement

Mainspring box of the kinetic energy of the never together, not to feed through a balance wheel balance spring, in the process of the waste a lot of kinetic energy loss in the transport chain, so, how to avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon?

At present, energy is as a rare resource, social ecology and the manufacture of watches are for energy saving of the same importance. Specific to the manufacture of watches, mega industry has been in the TAB material and progress achieved different forms of the vertical system. Still has a fatal flaw, however, must be recognized: some (some) precious energy by box spring from the starting point to terminal balance wheel transmission in the process of waste. Here the “some” actually refers to “a all amount” (a lot).Vacheron constantin┬áreplica Here.

The loss in the air
Finally calculated the amount of loss of kinetic energy is very surprising, box spring manufacture nearly all be wiped out two-thirds of the energy (go up in smoke). The generation of this kind of phenomenon mainly based on two reasons: friction between components and the friction and air. Cartier in 2012 launched a ID for this Two concepts of wrist watch, movement is set under vacuum conditions in operation, this is at least eliminates the components in the process of operation and the friction between the unprecedented.
If you don’t go to build such extreme conditions, the air in the keep watch case is always a great unknowns, ultimately hurt or balance wheel balance spring. Keep balance wheel balance spring device in two directions of air volume and mass balance is key, for example, if one side of the balance wheel is too close to the bridge, will lead to the friction between air and watch-balance enhances hair suddenly increased, while the latter just need enough space to breathe.

Close observation box spring
After carefully screening the whole transmission process, which can be found that the kinetic energy loss of one of the key point lies in the clockwork box itself, “about 15% to 20%.” According to the vice President of Eterna Samir Merdanovic is introduced. Between 2007 and 2009, Eterna clockwork box for a more detailed study and research and development, and finally launched Spherodrive ball bearing box spring system – innovation. The energy saving device has been applied in Madison series wrist watch carrying 3510 movement, dynamic storage for up to eight days.

The problem of gear train
On the kinetic energy transport chain, another key point of energy loss is gear train, more precisely, is the gear itself, or arising from materials or modelling.
In fact, if the gear shape after full consideration in advance and then modify the little, but for the most efficiency, every detail is very important. So you need to cutting gear shape to ensure priority to minimize the contact between each other.
At the same time, select appropriate materials can reduce friction, thus reducing energy consumption. Silicon is the most popular materials, but also it is mainly used for regulating system, pure silicone gear train is relatively rare, therefore temporarily energy-efficient materials are of brass and beryllium bronze alloy.

Cartier is a nowatches exception. “We have make a siliceous gear, facts have proved that it is absolutely feasible,” brand machine core r&d director Carole Forestier – Kasapi said, “in spite of this, it is still a very difficult problem, in order to promote their hardness, surface coated with diamond coating we are part. All these efforts for us to build a solid bridge to tabulation foreign.”

This is a very interesting game, but it is difficult to put into the factory production, “Richard miller machine core r&d division Salvador laurel Arbona points out,” that being said, we also carried out actively trying, brand all the gear section were treated with rhodium plating. ”
Christophe Claretz has issued a stern warning, will issue back to the origin, “for the gear train, what really matters is to ensure accurate, this means that the polishing processing and spacing calculation is very important. Whether it’s now, or in the future, gear train tolerance is very strict, do not allow the rough estimate, because the precision of the tiny deviation nowadays, with the passage of time will be more and more serious, will produce a series of complicated problems in the future.”

Energy balance wheel balance spring hole
Finally, we found the terminal in the transport chain, the operation of the lever escapement system will waste about 35% of the energy, the data is very persuasive. Industry experts tie only modified gear, a clockwork box, add lubricating oil as the appearance of whitewash, this is tantamount to trying to fill a bucket, only of the wasted effort.

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