Vacheron Constantin Replica Memories of clouds and lakes

My preference for colors and special textures of hand surfaces is derived from experiences of childhood and adolescence. The vast, powerful, clouds, lakes, sea, thunder, wind, rain, thunder and lightning are all stored deep in the brain, and they will not forget for decades, like old wine, the longer it is stored, the stronger its flavor. People like me, who had a special experience of Vacheron Constantin Replica, met the “cultural revolution” without graduation. Then deep the maelstrom, having the s special seal, in addition to the social upheaval of the cultural revolution, the turmoil in the nature of the magnificent, boldness, also accompanied by life suantiankula, deep brain exists.

When I graduated from primary school, I became involved in the cultural revolution and wrote poems. Although no one was teaching, no one rated it, and I often made a small poem. Finally, one day, the poem was discovered by my roommate and handed in, because there was a line in the line of “the opposite party” in power. The enemy was drawn to the dictatorship of the proletariat, and I was immediately arrested by the military. Escort to the county seat 200 kilometers, labor reform. From my village, to the county seat, I first saw the majestic lake. This lake is the second largest freshwater lake in the country, the water sky is one, the endless, bring me a great shock, naturally so great!
However, the extreme bad mood, the tormented body in the roaring north wind, in the shock truck brought me carsickness and vomiting. In the dozens of kilometers along the lake, one of the teenagers threw up his stomach and bile in a beautiful lake. The great scenery and the torturous twist of the vomit made me unforget Vacheron Constantin Replica watches  all my life. The lake and the sky intersection, various shapes of clouds all tied together, there are dark clouds, clouds, white clouds, lightning and occasionally leaks out of the sun, is the nature performance of drama, deep in my mind. So deep impression, so that in the later years, whether in prosperity or adversity, whether happy or peaceful, have some time I dreamed that I in the storm, in the hometown of swimming in the lake, see the sun through the clouds to show when you swim. According to the lake, according to me, make the wind calm and calm, and help me to come ashore safely.

Later, I entered the watch collection, and I often felt a sense of regret in gazing at the various dial of the watch, especially in the collection of the jiangshidan waterbirds series. Not only is the painting of jiang’s poems, other brands also rarely depict the spectacular nature of the great Banks, the interaction of the sea and sky. I was thinking, if I were a watch, I’ll be the first to design a grand natural landscape dial, let me deeply in the mind of the memories to show on the dial, let more love Vacheron Constantin Replica watches  is ready to see the great beauty of nature.

Jiangshidan “water bird” throb enamel watch
Speaking of watch design, I used to think that the first element of the design Vacheron Constantin Replica watches  was the design dial. One watch, a popular one, is the face, the watch strap is the torso, the core is the heart. In the case of the body and the heart, the ugliness is determined by the dial. Of course, there are variables, different design concepts and different expressions of feelings, and the basic description is not wrong.
The technical problem is that painting is painted on a metal dial, and the painting is unsVacheron Constantin Replica watches  and ungraceful and uneven. The firing became a cloisonne or enamel, and my train of thought was to make the painting smooth and hazy, so I painted the back of the thin white butterfly. Since the mother is translucent, the landscape is visible from the front. If the color is bright, the surface is angular and angular, if the material is quietly elegant, the surface is soft and have a layer sense. After several experiments, I made the first Vacheron Constantin Replica watches  edition and filed a copyright patent, about a year ago.

In fact, all these forms are from a new morning in my youth. About 1969 years, that is, because of the “counter-revolutionary crime” is “made” released soon, due to family poverty, less than twenty years old and I have to start to steal fishing work, to let down your nets for a lake.according to lake. The next day I went to a small station nearby and sold the fish to the conductor. The conductor sold the fish to the small railway station along the way to earn some pocket money, and I could use this little income to help my mother and the whole family. At that time, there was a fishing team in huelun lake, which did not allow the residents to catch fish and often patrol. And there were so many fish at that time, that the legs would be hit by the fish after the hot day went barefoot down into the deep water of the knee. It was only after midnight that the fish had to go to the lake to catch fish.

On a dim night, I went into the deep water, like the first few times. I don’t know when I lost my sense of direction, I lost my sense of direction, I couldn’t see where the shore was, and I didn’t know what to do. The water was all near the neck, and it seemed to be an island, and the water was above the chest. Where did I come to this lonely island? I don’t know, it seems to go into this little plateau only a little bump, but go back to find, the direction confused, also can not find. A bad omen struck the fragile heart of my less than twentysomething. Any one step wrong would be a disaster. I can’t move. I have to think about countermeasure. I want to escape. At least I didn’t let my mother cry. I even imagined the desperate cries of my mother after I drowned. I instinctively felt that panic was the cut-off point of life and death. I
Trying to take a step toward each other, but the deep waters were waiting for me, and the disaster was all around me, and I was determined to stand still, and I was determined to stand up until dawn. At the same time sleepy, tired, and anxious to come to me. Not knowing how long, the miracle finally appeared, a black cloud drift, a lightning accompanied by the thunder to illuminate the lake and the field. I saw the land on the lake and the old red flag that I had just dropped on the edge of the bank. I took off my neck waterproof suit, and if the water was in the water, I wouldn’t want to move it, and I didn’t take it off because it kept my body warm. Anyway, the lake in October is cold enough.
I can’t swim because I can’t breathe. It’s ok to swim a few meters. It was soon thrown to the bottom of the lake. With the goal I was not afraid of the deep water, and later proved that there were only a few steps to the neck of the water, but if I did not know where the shore was, I would not have taken these steps.

A flash of lightning, let me find the way to the shore, black cloud pressure lake, instead gave me life. Back to the net, every net is a golden carp. In Cuo hillock train station the next day, I got $two hundred cash, then two hundred pieces. The mother was delighted. The death line of that night I had been buried in my heart and I could not say that I could not make my people and my loved ones afraid. By now, it’s time to recall, it’s time to say, maybe it’s life experience for young people. The first of my mother-bel-back designs is called cloud and light. It was the night I imagined, lighting from the roof of the sky, lighting the lake and the shore, and giving me directions.
The mother shell is white butterfly, which is polished to a thickness of 2 mm. The picture is the current pattern. Using a 3 mm thick white butterfly bay will make the picture more nebulous. The painter was Lin jingkun, an overseas student of the Tokyo polytechnic university. He was recommended by a famous art professor. Kobayashi is good at it, and once you say it, he will quickly paint the mood you want, and he will be my best assistant.
The second one, the morning sun, is an unforgetVacheron Constantin Replica watches  picture. It was not long before the water came out of the water, and after I took a nap, I saw that the sun was reborn in the world. It was a light that was overcome by darkness and difficulties.
The third, the rain cloud, is the dark night without the sun, the heavy clouds that carry the rain to float in the night sky. It has energy, and it emits lightning and thunder from time to time.
The fourth and fifth are the setting sun into the water. After a day of light, the sun, after giving energy to the earth and human beings, sank beneath the clouds and sank to the horizon of the lake. The sun was quieter, calmer and more subdued than the morning sun.
That may be the beginning of my creation. I have been thinking since I was young that I may not be able to do something for the country, maybe I can’t do it, maybe some people don’t like… But I can still say I did. I tried my best. More than anything else, I may not have left anything behind for the physical world, and I’m trying to make something for the spiritual world in the form of this substance.