Vacheron Constantin Replica– a new chapter in the new sense of the golden charm of lucerne

Vacheron Constantin Replica— a new chapter in the new sense of the golden charm of lucerne. Vacheron Constantin launched online store experience, by scanning qr code can enter the treasure together of the micro world, handheld lucerne romantic charm and culture, in the form of a panoramic stereo rendering Shanghai store layout, immersive feel
for the customer. Use creative technique for rendering the pure golden charm, not only can make the customer insight into the brand from lucerne, Switzerland, has a long history and culture, can also be the first time to learn the latest information, presents the interaction forms that find everything new and fresh.

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From offline to online seamless connection, the Shanghai store concise and easy do not break elegant style and passed to the customer, the significance of Vacheron Constantin attitude of innovation, further enhance and improve the customers’ omni-directional brand experience.

Store design contracted atmosphere, traditional and modern elements harmony, create a relaxed and elegant atmosphere, skillfully display the brand style of baozilai, attractive stop and linger. The outstanding style design, for baozillai this century old to give the dynamic vitality, radiate a new charm.

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