Vacheron Constantin Replica, a moment of ten thousand years of constantington in Beijing, a brilliant night

It has more than 260 years long history never interrupt senior Swiss watchmaker vacheron constantin replica, to celebrate its exploring celestial mechanics, build a extraordinary achievements in the field of astronomy complex function wrist, special present bright and astronomical night in Beijing, celebrate new astronomical meter grand launch.

 vacheron constantin replica

Astronomy continues to explore the origin, development and characteristics of the universe and has been closely associated with the clock manufacturing industry. The clock manufacturing industry is committed to the constant interaction of celestial bodies through precision machinery. The vastness and the boundless and the small, just like the encounter between a giant celestial body and a miniature machine. The wristwatch is a mirror image, which maps the movement rules of celestial bodies and expresses the concept of time.

 vacheron constantin replica

Since the 19th century, Vacheron Constantin Replica has been working to create a wristwatch with the complicated functions of astronomy, constantly breaking through the exquisite technology of the complex functions of astronomy, and continuing the legend of the high level watch industry. To date, it has been unique in the field of astronomical wristwatch manufacturing. To celebrate the great attainments in the field of brand in tabulation, constantin will Beijing event unreal dream, worldwide through exhibition area display ShiWuZhan learning and interactive device, historical images and a grand banquet for astronomical ode, multi-dimensional ground emersion the mysteries of celestial mechanics and astronomy wrist watch charm.
The exhibition hall is full of images and watches. The three pieces of antique astronomical chronograph show the long inheritance of the brand. The astronomical watches of the various series of the jiangshidan series are also presented in the space. Astronomical watches round the exhibition hall, presents a September 17, 1755 Geneva over the night sky, this is born by the Paris observatory on vacheron constantin calculation of the time and place and, with the exhibition hall of astronomical complex function meter yi yi reflect. Guests can also get a glimpse of the new Metiers d ‘art masters series Copernicus Celestial sphere, the 2460 RT watch.
The sun, moon, earth and star, the four celestial bodies of the performance elements are all over the hall. As the most familiar cosmic object, the astronomical functions such as the standard time, the sun, the star, the moon, the calendar, and the perpetual calendar are revealed in the state of interaction between them. The colorful colors representing the four great celestial bodies are also projected around the pavilion, creating a romantic and profound cosmic atmosphere, and the artistic expression of the ideas embodied in astronomical chronology – the reverberation of celestial mechanics. In the interactive photography space with four celestial objects, guests can leave a unique and unforgettable memory.

A “time tunnel” created by the light and mirrors allows guests to imitate the deep blue sky. Through the tunnel into the dinner area, greeted by a grand dream holographic nebula stage 24 round table as a center of divergence, extension with orbital shape beautiful curve, like the long river of time and space in the flow through the bright light. In the middle of the table, the image of the nebula is scattered and scattered around the colorful “chaos universe” meal.
Dinner from a pure child’s solo, purely in the child’s and long, contains the human to see the moon and the stars in reverie, the search for the unknown, and think of the universe, lead the guests to enter the vast boundless astronomical world. Mr. Christian Selmoni, director of the style and history of the company, borrowed from the hologram stage and led the guests to enjoy the presence of the 2460 RT wrist watch of the Metiers d ‘art master series Copernicus Celestial sphere. This new astronomical time-scale masterpiece combines subtle decorative techniques with original time display to pay tribute to the relentless pursuit of the “heliocentric” discovery of the universe. Dinner at the end, a holographic image of sky outwards to dance to dinner to a climax, dancers in bright and attractive under the curtain of the Milky Way with dancing, suggesting the development of human civilization depends on observation of the big four objects and thinking, grasp of the astronomical law of time and let human joy. The performance makes the dream of science and technology collide with the artistic charm, make the moment and the thousand years in this encounter, the guests immerse in it, feel the extraordinary charm of time. In the light of the moon and the stars, the poet presented an astronomical and mechanical pena symphony that night.
After the big release, the exhibition will be in Shanghai, and will continue to travel to chengdu, shenzhen and shenyang. Watch fans and connoisseurs can visit the site, feel and explore the brand more than 260 years of long history and exquisite craftsmanship.

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