Why fashion jewelry embroiled in the competition of advanced brand watches

Stay in circles for a long time, or you already into the pit cannot extricate oneself, can appear a strange idea, for many fashion brands and luxury brands do wrist watch and jewelry brand, often see not pleasing to the eye, or think they lineage is not pure, or feel poor technology, or brand and tabulation fundamental wayward, anyhow is not. A very simple example, a lot of people don’t like Vacheron Constantin replica¬†watches, the main reason is that feel kadeya is given priority to with jewelry, feel to watch, especially the advanced TAB, the lack of history and accumulation, although produced movement, still can’t and really advanced tabulation of the brand, but the objective fact, Cartier watch have very good sales. It’s a strange phenomenon, but it’s not surprising. People who look at the traditional high watchess tend to stay on the sidelines, but the interesting thing is that these brands don’t really want to attack and reverse this mentality.

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So what we want to talk about today is how to look at fashion, luxury brands and luxury brands into advanced watchess. I don’t remember clearly the specific is which brand of top executives, of course, a foreigner, when in an interview once said “we are not going to compete with traditional senior watchmaking, we make watch, just because our customer need”. I think at this point, it should be understandable that even if these luxury brands don’t have the luxury of playing with the wristwatches, they don’t Care, and the needs of the customers are more critical. That’s why smart watch outbreak in 2015, established some of these luxury brands on pins and needles, are the cause of the smart watch launch plan, montblanc, LV, bulgari, tiger elegant, etc., as the trend towards smart watches, consumption ability of the customer, of course need a wrist watch and ordinary intelligence different wrist watch, in addition to the function is very convenient, also need to have a class, this is the needs of customers, whether you can meet them?

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Every luxury brand, has its own culture kernel, the kernel is to make customers constantly choose this brand of reason, and after the customer approved this brand, he could make himself a part of life, are the preferred brand. We all know that tiger elegant is a tabulation of the brand, but when you walk into a tiger tag heuer boutique, you will find tiger elegant not only have a wrist watch, and eyes, hat, gloves, etc., it tells you, tiger how elegant is a way of life. This is something that I think is very interesting and extremely important for luxury brands, which is different from other so-called good brands because it offers more advice than the product itself.

In fact, the vast majority of brands with their own powerful luxury empires have never been more than just doing the same thing, which is not the same as luxury car brands. Into the LV flagship store, you can feel the LV world is different from other brands, it besides classic handbags, ready-to-wear, shoes, travel supplies, there are a lot of fashion accessories, perfume, watches, etc., it want to contract your grade, from smell to temperament, as well as auras. Hermes made leather goods, but today’s hermes, more than leather, has perfumes, silk scarves, ready-to-wear clothing, watches and so on. And these fashionable good things together, is the brand culture, brand culture and style, if you just for its reputation, so you spend money, there is a large part of the waste, only when you enter the world of luxury, knew real reason why it is so, you spend money to have a meaning. We know that hermes leather is very good, in addition to raw material selection, and it USES the hermes traditional techniques of saddle stitch, and provided by the world’s top designer’s unique design. Dior is better at colour makeup than these luxury brands, as well as wearing accessories and watches. Montblanc started out as a leather and writing tool, and today it is also making advanced watches, and one of the important things is the pursuit of the business elite.

Very similar to this is, and now some of the wrist watch brand, don’t just do watches, Vacheron Constantin has its own jewelry design, the count has been jewellery and watches double hand in hand, the same is true of Chopin. When you buy Vacheron Constantin jewelry, my guess is that those who understand jewelry, will think of so many professional jewelry brand you don’t have to choose, how to choose a predominantly do wrist watch brand, also a confused, in the same way, the reason is very simple, like Vacheron Constantin.

But we also need to know is that a luxury brand is never blind rashly, because itself brand tone is clear, so they need to do is how to design and tabulation together. Very pay attention to the advanced TAB, it is very fine workmanship, and unique way of present time, with this basis, it needs to be focused on as a commodity, its quality and after-sales. , for now we see a very interesting thing is, many luxury brands, have begun to invest to build their own watches factory, or buy other factory, hermes has Vaucher machine factory about a quarter of the shares, Cartier has its own TAB factory, van cleef in my impression is in building its own watches factory, montblanc has two factory. Actually we should be able to think of, tradition is important, but in a country is not large, Switzerland, tabulation is so rich and concentrated, want to invest to build a factory making clocks and watches, for rich luxury brands, is not so hard to do things, what’s more, behind them, tend to be a luxury goods group, within the group itself has the abundant advanced tabulation resources and technology sharing is often the things, so that the brand of the advanced TAB, as “not advanced”, did not think they sometimes very cow.

Actually say so many, just want to express my own for these fashion, jewelry, watch of wrist of luxury brand building advanced a point of view, is that we can still love the traditional tabulation, but don’t rush to deny these established luxury crossover work, they are not traditional, but sometimes more wonderful. Actually see GPHG every year, always can see some unknown brand has made some very interesting watches, although these watchess, we don’t buy, but they are interesting, we know that it is good.

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