A full moon of the Vacheron Constantin series

Above the dial, the canopy flow, the moon waxing; The beauty of time is manifest in the complex clock structure. The moon’s rain or shine circle is short, and the illusion is the most poetic aesthetic function of the wristwatch, which is a symbol of eternity and happiness.

Located in the north of Geneva, your valley, with its altitude of more than 1,000 meters, has formed a natural view of the planet. Special landforms and extreme cold weather have created the resilience of your valley. It is the origin of love, which is to enjoy the wonderful performance and exquisite craftsmanship, and to interpret the mystery of nature and time. This brilliant starry sky above the valley opens the initial pursuit of love to complex tabulation.

Vacheron Constantin Replica

Vacheron Constantin Replica perpetual calendar watch will astronomical accurate phases of the moon with a measure of the eight functions: big case grain decoration dial “Grande Tapisserie” calendar of all kinds of display: necessary/month for four dial shows a leap year, date, astronomical accurate phase and week, dial outer display of 52 weeks a year.

Vacheron Constantin Replicas

A full moon of the Vacheron Constantin series
Love the Vacheron Constantin tree series of a series of black pottery
The 6-point astronomical precise monthly display disc is made by the laser process in the quality of the gold stone material. The monthly phase shows that there is only one adjustment for 317 days per 125 years. Abby new research and development of Calibre 5134 automatic chain produced movement by patent suspended clockwork box design, polishing and polishing of all components are completed by hand, 22 k solid gold automatic pendulum tuo inscribed in “Vacheron Constantin” words, peripheral decorated with “Tapisserie” case grain, and dial plaid perfect echo.A new round of the Vacheron Constantin series of the Vacheron Constantin series

The moon disk is made of gold stone material
A full moon of the Vacheron Constantin series
Calibre 5134 automatic upper chain self-production
A full moon of the Vacheron Constantin series
Love the Vacheron Constantin tree series of millions of watches rose gold and fine steelĀ Gazing at the dial, the ingenuity of the moon, clear and pure; At this festival, I wish you a happy and happy moon.

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