Metiers d ‘art masters series of Vacheron Constantin replica

Villes Lumieres city of light of Vacheron Constantin replica Metiers d ‘art masters series.New Metiers d ‘art master series Villes Lumieres light city watch, invite you to look down on the big city beautiful night scene, reflect the originality. The dial with dark enamel and flexible use of a variety of precious powders, in the form of micrographic presentation of the city’s brilliant bird’s eye view night view. The traditional large open fire filled enamel with the hand decoration of the precious powder technology, show the high – level watch industry. These eye- catching, beautifully patterned designs have opened up new areas of art and creativity through the Geneva stamp certification, extending traditional
techniques through novel ideas.

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The brand combines two extraordinary skills to create a brilliant dream: the enamel in the big open fire is the craftsmanship of the craftsmen of jiangshidanton for nearly three centuries. The handmade ornament of the precious powder is the stunt of Yoko Imai, a Japanese guest artist. It is also the first time that the technique has been applied to the dial, which is beautifully decorated with gold, pearls, platinum and diamond powder. Through extremely careful design, these bright flash points outline the vast and magnificent view of the city. Show the spirit of the streets, rivers and famous landmarks. Metiers d ‘Art masters
series Villes Lumieres of watches all have distinguished Geneva seal engraving, carrying vacheron constantin to research and development and manufacture of mechanical movement, exquisite decoration technology and advanced tabulation tradition a direct line of succession. The four models of the series show the glamorous night scenes in Geneva, Paris, New York and Beijing. The brand will then roll out other versions of the city.

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The art continuous innovation of Vacheron Constantin Replica
Metiers d ‘art masters of Art series Villes Lumieres’ watch extends the centuries-old traditional Art process of the river. In 1755, the first watch introduced by jean-marc Vacheron, the founder of the brand, used elaborate hand-carved rattan designs. Since then, for more than three hundred years, jewelers, enameled artists, sculptors and sculptors have developed and inherited rare and rare professional skills. The time is still, after years of ceaseless innovation, using their talents to give the table art masterpiece vitality. These adornment craftsmanship in photograph reflect, knead a variety of art craft, often combined with other
unknown or amazing art, such as coloured drawing or pattern, Japan phuong painting, carving or wire inlay gems, present a creative dial. While continuing the traditional features, Metiers d ‘art master series Villes Lumieres’ watch also opened the door for the exploration of new, contemporary and innovative Art in Vacheron Constantin .

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Overlooking the night scene of Vacheron Constantin Replica By depicting the beauty of the night, Vacheron Constantin Replica shows the charm of these artistic and artistic metropolises. Unique precious powder ornament technology not only increases its insensitivity, more dial pattern strengthens the contrast of the light and dark, the formation of high and low effect on the vision, the detail presents the city’s outline and the emotion. Imai yoko creation of painting surface accurately reproduces the city different “drawing” of light, light not only express the change of the block, even the traffic landscape wear rates have become more vivid! In order to present the urban reality, these
exquisite works will be completed by several weeks of research and creation.

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