Which is the top Black in Replica watch line?

Domestic and foreign clock has a very common phenomenon, that is, “magazines do not see negative news, the network can not see the positive news. “. One of the most well-known sources of negative news on the Internet right now is “Shame on wrist” , Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches
has been described as “the most sophisticated black on the Internet” and now has nearly 40,000 followers on instagram. He earned the nickname not only because of the countless brands and things he hacked, but also because it was ironic that he was black.
Count One: Black Frank Mueller

The Black Frank Muller Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches is hollowed out, opening a hole in the dial like an open-mouthed carp.
When a train runs, in front of the fork in the road were tied up “Franck” and “Muller” , who would you choose to crush? The final solution was to let the train drift and kill both of them
Doctor: Do you have any family history of mental illness?
PATIENT: I have an uncle who bought Frank Muller.

“drink beautiful” means “drink too much and feel beautiful” .With a shot of vodka, Laureato of the juniper tree can be transformed into Royal Oak.
Count Three: Black Love

Don’t think that Shame on wrist is taking money from abby to hack her rival, or that she’s being ruthless.
In 2017, for example, Abbey introduced the jeweled Royal Oak, with diamonds scattered across the face and case, and Shame on wrist released this comparison.
Wearing a piece of imperial Oak, when you see Richard Miller on the street, you can’t help but peek and want
Count Four: Black Richard Miller

In 2017, Richard Miller introduced the new RM 70-01. The biggest highlight in the appearance is the brand’s iconic case has been changed to “twisted waist” style, when wearing the wrist can reduce the pressure when bending. The result, Shame on wrist says the replica watch was inspired by Alain Prost’s crooked nose.
Count Five: Hublot watches

Hublot MP-09 Tourbillion and the world famous painting the scream.
Count Six: Black Jaguar

Independent watchmakers Vianney Halter and Jacob the Czech Leopard contrast like the world famous Mona Lisa and scribbles.
Count Seven: Black Bulgari

Black Bulgari is like a fat Patek Nautilus.
The HEIMBROGLIO Maserati cooperation’s watchband looks like “Camel Finger” .
Count Eight: Black Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches

In 2016, the 40th anniversary of Patek’s Nautilus Nautilus Nautilus, the brand launched a special 40-year-old rev.5976-1g, available in an 18-carat white-gold case with diamond markings and a limited edition of 1,300 pieces for around 530,000 yuan. But the case measures 44 millimeters, or even 49 millimeters at its widest point. Without the elegance of a sports-dress-list, Shame on wrist did a comparison between a beach bikini and a full-body bodybuilder.
Black¬† Swiss Vacheron Constantin Replica¬† of the Special Ruby version “androgynous. “.
Count Nine:

Panerai boasts bronze plates that, when oxidized, look like clowns.

In addition to the various watch brands, Shame on wrist is also happy to hack some watch friends. For example, on Instagram, formal watches are often outfitted with a nylon NATO strap, which in the eyes of Shame on wrist is a “man-on-woman makeover. “.

Even Hodinkee, now the world’s most influential watch media, has suffered, as the limited edition watches from the independent Dutch watchmakers Gr Nefeld and Hodinkee, described by Shame on wrist as Lange’s 1815, were just a few days ago.

Occasionally, Shame on wrist analyzes the relationships between brands, such as Rolex and Omega, as well as between Coca Cola and Pepsi.

It makes sense that Shame on wrist would have been banned long ago for having hacked so many watch brands. But in fact, in private, many watch brand insiders not only did not black him, but are very concerned. Shame on wrist once openly referred to BREITLING’S R & D Department as the toilet and its products as shit. But breitling’s current chief executive, Georges Kern, followed him and gave him a thumbs up.
For Watch media, even Hodinkee, the most successful and independent source of revenue, spends most of its money on brand advertising. Now that the advertising fee, natural brand-related negative news exposure or some concerns.
Shame on wrist, on the other hand, has long been an anonymous thread that conveys a different point of view. No one knew who was behind the account, and some speculated that he was a lange executive, a senior adviser to a brand, or even a semi retired watch band elder brother, Jean Claude Biver, who played the trumpet in a Split Personality Situation. And there’s even an instagram account dedicated to that. But his true identity has not been exposed, but from his knowledge and understanding of the watch, its 100% insiders.
Although well known as the top Black Watch, often using the “exaggerated” approach to black brand,in fact he does not want a brand to decline, but to do better and better.

So we don’t want to know who the hell Shame on wrist is, so let him remain anonymous forever! After all, “there are not many liars, and not many truth tellers. “.

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