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Before you can talk about the watch, you must talk about Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches .
Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches entered the Ecole Technique de la Vallee de Joux at the age of 15 and graduated from work at the Jaeger-lecoultre family and later at Audemars Piguet, Abbe and Gerlad Genta. He left his job to make a living restoring antiques, and in 1978, at the age of 30, dufours began to conceive and spent four years designing Finally, in 1983, he created the big honk watch independently from his studio.
At that time he had quit his job, there is no more savings, and even the money for the Movement Custom Watch Shell. So between 1983 and 1988 he made five Grand & Petit Sonnerie Minute Repeater Clock watches for Audemars Piguet outsourcing. That, plus a watch later signed Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches , makes for a whopping six watches.
Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches officially launched the Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches brand under his own name, and launched the Grand Bell Watch, a technical marvel. Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches , drawing inspiration from antique pocket watches, unveiled the world’s first differential watch, a gossamer wheel system with two identical frequencies in its movement Then the speed difference device can balance the actual frequency of the two balance wheel systems, so as not to be too fast and not too slow, in order to achieve higher travel time accuracy.

While everyone expected Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches to offer a more sophisticated watch, he went out of his way to create a minimalist three hand watch Simplicity that didn’t even have a calendar, just the hour hand, minute hand and second hand.

Simplicity may seem simple, but it’s made by Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches with the most traditional Swiss watchmaking technology, and unlike modern CNC machines, mass production is truly handmade. It’s not so hard to make a watch by hand, Simplicity is successful because Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches has gone from old fashioned craftsmanship to a harsh grind, bringing the most common style to the least common high standard.
Cheap Vacheron Constantin Watches has achieved a “peak” in the grinding and chamfering of the movement. Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches to show off his skills, and others to open the gap, intentional movement splint design has several arc and small sharp angle, but in these details of the grinding before no modern brand can reach.
Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches ‘s Simplicity was released at Basel in 2000. At first Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches only intended to do 100 Simplicity, but it was repeatedly requested and eventually increased to 200. In 14 years, Chinese collectors have successfully ordered four special collections. kept the original sheet, known as 000, as well as a diamond-encrusted version of 201 and the mysterious 205, now known as 206.
The first $200 lot was sold for 48,000 to 64,000 Swiss Francs, but it is no longer available. The most recent transaction recorded a more than fourfold increase to SFR1.9275000.
With a record like that, Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches is already on the detective’s radar, and Simplicity, the highest-priced model, is naturally getting a lot of attention. Given that Replica Vacheron Constantin  Watches Sale independently produced intricate big cock watches, big cock watches, and differential watches, many watch owners thought Simplicity was draconian But the ‘simplest’ watch was based on Jaeger-LeCoultre’s cal. 478 movement.

True and false self-made Movement of Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches

In the past 20 years, the topic of “self-made Movement” has been a hot topic in the Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches circle. Home-made movement, narrow definition is the watch brand design, research and development, production movement, rather than outsourcing to a third party. Many watch friends are the production of their own movement of Cheap Vacheron Constantin Watches into the norm, that a brand with the production of their own movement is powerful, no production is not worth buying.
Among the many cases of self-made machine movement for Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches Online, there are two very interesting, and very representative, and today to talk with you about their misunderstanding for a long time.
Between 1868 and 1874, nations made Vacheron Constantin Replica Sale named for the company’s founder, Florentine Ariosto Jones. The long, precise, slow-moving “Jonnes Arrow” was the most prominent feature of the movement, with about 1,440 Jonnes movements made.
After the year 2000, the world successively introduced the Related Commemorative Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches design, similarly uses the ultra-long fast slow needle. But the CAL. 98800 movement adopted by the new watch, many watch friends are said that it is not made by the world, but based on ETA6498 modified, because their machine core circuit is “the same” . But, in fact, this is the home-grown one.

We used the same camera position to photograph the Universal Jones Movement and the UNIZEIT ETA 6498 movement, and then compared them superimposed, and found that although the naked eye looks similar to the road. But in the case of fixed center wheel, the balance wheel, escapement fork, escapement wheel, second wheel, three wheels, the size of the wheel bearing position is completely different, so they can not be the same movement. For movements that require a precise fit, even a 1 mm offset can cause the movement to stop.
For the basic small three-pin function of the movement, its board road design has been used for more than 200 years, has become a fixed type, there can not be a huge change. Just as cars have four wheels, it is unscientific not to be able to tell whether a particular brand of car is Copy or not. ETA6498, by contrast, is more famous than CAL. 98800, so one would think that cal. 98800 is from ETA6498.

The CAL. 98800 of the world is a real home-made plant, but it is mistaken for a false home-made plant. While the other watch is not entirely self-produced, but not many  Swiss Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches friends as a real self-produced.

Here take you see all certifications for replica watches line (2)

The certification issued by COSC, the official observatory of Switzerland, is for watch movements only. But there are still some misconceptions about COSC:
1. COSC is the highest standard in the industry;
2. COSC has no margin of error. Two of the biggest myths are that they regard COSC as the “best” of all certification bodies. But in fact, many powerful brands have established their own set of testing standards, accuracy is not inferior to COSC, but for the watch factory stability, accuracy is more meaningful. For example: JAEGER-LECOULTRE MASTER 1000 hours movement test.
The Geneva Seal is derived from the Geneva Law of 1886 and is intended to ensure the origin and craftsmanship of watches and clocks. Clocks and watches made in the Geneva area are Geneva seal, only with a hand-made, self-winding mechanical cylinder with the emblem “Eagle and key” engraved on the cylinder.
The Geneva Seal emblem of the Eagle and the key
The Geneva law, which the Geneva seal follows, has been revised several times and now has 12 rules setting out standards for how the movement is made, although some parts are made purely for decoration, such as The edges of all steel parts must be polished, the cuts smooth, the screw heads rounded or polished, and all visible edges and slits must be deangled; the mobile gears must be manually modified and polished with Boxwood, and so on. Perhaps not every watchmaker or manufacturer agrees with these 12 rules, but it is enough to show that the watch is made entirely by hand.
Geneva-certified wristwatches have the Eagle and the key insignia engraved on the back
Currently, the Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches brands that own Geneva seal include Roger Dube, Vacheron Constantin, and others. Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches  used to have Geneva seal but in recent years has dropped that standard to use its own “Patek Philippe & Co. Mark” . In 2009, the Patek Philippe & Co. announced its withdrawal from the Patek Philippe Seal, an entirely new quality standard for mechanical watches.
Patek Philippe Mark is in the movement engraved “PP” logo
How is the Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches Sale  seal different from the Geneva quality seal? What is the significance of these differences? First, the Patek Philippe stamp is applied to the entire watch to be delivered to the customer, not to certain parts of the final product. Of course, all watches will continue to comply with Patek Philippe to the end of the requirements of precision technology standards, such as: Movement diameter not less than 20 mm Mechanical Watch, daily travel time error must not exceed-3 / + 2 seconds. Instead of testing the watch in a static way (COSC certification) , the Patek Philippe & Co. Tests the finished watch directly in a dynamic way, reflecting the timing accuracy of the real thing.
Fleuriel certifications, perhaps not particularly familiar, was founded by Chopin, Bovet Fleurier and Parma Jonny. The country exports millions of watches each year, but the ones that bear the stamp of Fleuriel certification are a drop in the bucket.
Fleuriel quality fleurel
Fleuriel certifications is a joint initiative of Chopin, Bovet Fleurier and Parma Jonny. Michelle has been working to revive the area’s watch making industry and began restoring clocks here in 1975. Following a later meeting with Karl-friedrich Scheufele, the Frederick of the two brands, it was decided to develop and produce watches of the quality of the Fleuriel that Chopin, Bovet Fleurier and Parma Jonny admired.
Above, the movement of Chopin’s watch is engraved on the back with the words “Fleuriel certified”
Each piece is aesthetically scrutinised on the premise that the movement required to pass the Fleuriel test is 100 per cent swiss-made and, second, that it has to be A COSC certificate must be obtained by undergoing the dreaded “Chronofiable” aging test at the Independent Dubois Laboratory.
Movement in Detection
Finally, only after the first two tests can you be placed in the Fleuritest, which perfectly simulates the real-world environment of wearing a wristwatch During the 24-hour test, the movement status will be observed continuously, and the error accuracy between 0 and 5 seconds must be guaranteed every day in order to obtain the certificate issued by the quality certification body of Fleuriel.
Different instruments are used in the laboratory for different tests
At first Fleuriel was closed to the public, but in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the certification, the accreditation body announced that the laboratory was open to the Swiss watchmaking industry as a whole, offering testing services for all brands. Even setting aside certification expectations, the lab offers unique equipment that allows brands to repeatedly test the chain’s speed and power storage in a virtual reality environment Provide effective reference data for brands, especially for products in the R & D and testing stages.
Hong Kong Observatory Certification
Omega was introduced to the Observatory in 2015 and both the watch and the movement have to pass eight rigorous tests set up by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (mets) in order to earn the title of “Observatory Watch. “.
The eight rigorous tests were:
1. Operation of COSC certified wick in 15,000 gauss strong magnetic field
2. Operating conditions of a wristwatch exposed to 15,000 GAUSS MAGNETIC FIELDS
3. Daily accuracy bias of wristwatches after exposure to 15,000 GAUSS MAGNETIC FIELDS
4. The average daily accuracy of the watch is between 0 and + 5 seconds
5. Power Storage
7. Watch accuracy deviation when power is stored at 100% vs. 33%
8. Water Resistance of wristwatch
Tests lasting more than 10 days will simulate everyday wristwatch wear and test its antimagnetic performance against up to 15,000 strong gauss magnetic fields. Only a watch that has successfully passed all tests can be called a “reach Observatory Watch. “.
Omega has been sending watches to certification bodies such as COSC, but soon realised that was not enough and needed a more rigorous and targeted certification system.
Replica Vacheron Constantin  Watches WRISTWATCH IN MAGNETIC FIELD
The strict nature of the Observatory’s certification is to expose the entire watch to a 15,000-gauss magnetic field, not just the movement. The test of the whole watch is more demanding for the watch, and the various parts should cooperate with each other to a certain degree in order to stand the test. The accuracy of the timing is kept 24 hours later in such an environment.
The wristwatch is being tested under a strong magnetic field
In daily life, refrigerators, microwave ovens and even mobile phones produce radiation of different sizes every day, and these radiation and the Earth’s own magnetic field together, will make some parts of the ordinary wristwatch magnetic, resulting in inaccurate travel times.
Why are magnetic field tests so rigorous when tested by the Zhen Observatory? Want to know, the biggest enemy of wrist watch is not other, the magnetic field that produces in the environment is damaged to the movement can not ignore and inevitable. Only in a strong magnetic field environment can the test to ensure that each to the observatory certified wristwatch in the daily wear quality. In addition to the magnetic resistance of the watch, the Zenith Observatory has stringent requirements on power storage, waterproof depth and travel time error.

Summary: In addition to the Swiss Observatory Certified COSC, Geneva Seal, Cheap Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches, Patek Philippe & Co. Seal, Fleuriel certificate, Jaeger’s Master 1000 hour movement test and certified to the Observatory in this article, nowadays, more and more certification bodies of different sizes have emerged in the industry. Getting so-called “certifications” is no longer as hard as it used to be. But when choosing a watch, consumers should look at the gold content of the “certification” , as well as the brand, identity and workmanship of the watch. Watch House has also compiled a table of test content for major certification bodies, which clearly shows the different standards for time-travel and antimagnetic capability It’s worth noting that Omega products can travel within 0 / + 5 seconds in a strong 15,000 gauss magnetic field. We hope that through this article, can have some understanding of the industry’s mainstream certification. After looking at so many certifications, which one do you think is more convincing?

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Swiss Observatory Certification, Geneva Seal Certification, Fleuriel certification… do you have a hard time reading the names of so many watch certifications? On the market endless clock”attestation”let consumer be inundated with, which attestation organization and attestation test just are real authority contain gold content? Today Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches  will take you through all the certifications available on the market in this article.
Accreditation of the Swiss Observatory

Swiss observatory certification, also known as the Swiss official Observatory of Switzerland (Contr office Iel des Chronom Tres) , or COSC (hereinafter referred to as COSC) . This is the clock certification in a relatively long history, awareness is also a relatively wide range of certification bodies. A non-profit accrediting organization, COSC was founded in Switzerland in 1973. Now, COSC tests more than eighteen million mechanical watches and quartz watches each year, which is a staggering number among all watch certifiers.
Switzerland’s official Observatory Monitoring Agency, Contr Le Officel Suisse des Chronom tres, is known as COSC
The COSC strictly enforces seven standards based on ISO 3159, all of which must be fully met. According to the standard, certified samples must be tested at 5 locations and at 3 temperatures for 16 consecutive days. According to the test data, seven indicators including the average daily deviation are calculated. Only if they all meet the established standards can the tested samples be certified We’re familiar with-4 ~ + 6 sec / day, which is actually just the average of the seven measures.
Each movement for
Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches Sale sent to COSC is fitted with a COSC standard face plate, a second hand (big second hand or small second hand) , and a chain crown. An electronic camera records the position of the second hand every 24 hours (accurate to 1 / 10 of a second) and compares it with a reference atomic clock that is accurate to milliseconds. The camera takes two pictures to check that the movement of the movement has stopped The movement is then rewound to the proper position and set at the right temperature for the next 24-hour cycle. This process will run for 16 consecutive cycles. Each Cheap Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches should be checked for 14 to 20 days depending on the condition of the test instrument.

Special art appreciation Vacheron Constantin Watches art master series hot-air balloon wrist watch Versailles 1783

“Extraordinary masterpiece, witness brand craft master passed down through generations of outstanding creativity in virtuosity” here is the vacheron constantin’s official website art masters series of head in a word, do as the agency said the vacheron constantin masters series wrist watch each of the arts, are combining art craft and tabulation skills wonderful hour meter.
On this year’s SIHH, constantin art master series fly in human history for inspiration, the memory of countless human challenge gravity, into the sky with a miniature process reduction from 1783 to 1785 in France completed five balloon flying feat.

New vacheron constantin art master series hot air balloon wrist watch (model: 7610 u / 000 g – B210), manual sculpture and weidiao balloon suspension embedded in translucent hollow-out enamel background, wrist watch brand to research and development and manufacture of carrying 2460 G4/1 machine core, and through the unique way of display artistic aesthetic feeling with exquisite skill mastery, original machine core design to ensure that the time display and aesthetic design be in harmony of the whole face.
The wrist watch is made of a 40 mm platinum case with a round polished surface and a comfortable platinum crown. The top of the watch is engraved with the cross mark of jiangsidenton Malta. The watch ear is very classical, the loneliness of nature and the shell of a body shape.

The deep blue crocodile leather strap is used to match the Maltese cross platinum folding buckle, which is the trademark of jiangsidandon.
There are five versions of the master of art balloon wrist watch, which recorded five spectacular balloon flights in France between 1783 and 1785, so the five watches are different. This hot-air balloon wrist watch records the first flight in 1783. The background adopts hollow-out blue enamel process, and the layout of hollow-out enamel is similar to that of cord-wire enamel, and the production method without foundation support is similar to that of the micro-colored glass window. The hand-carved golden balloon shows the effect of “relief sculpture”. Each hot-air balloon takes at least three weeks to complete, giving the prototype’s delicate features and decorative details.
Four different digital disks clearly show hours, minutes, weeks and dates, respectively. Hours and minutes are displayed as slides, while days and days are shown as jumps. And because the dial USES hollowed-out enamel technology, the translucent effect it presents allows us to appreciate the structural operation of the core on the front of the watch.
This 1783 Paris was the first flight to the sky. The high-altitude balloon, still designed by etienne mongolfer, featured two “skytravelers” on a dial. In the sky-blue hollowed-out enamel background, the brilliant pink gold and platinum balloons are surrounded by the sun, constellations, irises, wreaths, badges and winged eagles.
The 2460 g4/2 automatic chain attaching machine core produced by jiang shistanton adopts K gold swing tuo, which is also engraved with the special micro-arch hot-air balloon pattern, which echoes the theme of hot-air balloon. The refined and polished core is imprinted with the Geneva mark. The core provides a power reserve of about 40 hours.

Conclusion: with exquisite technology, Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches reproduces the journey of mankind to conquer the blue sky. This art master series hot-air balloon watch has 5 watches in total, and each one is limited to 5 watches with a separate number.