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The certification issued by COSC, the official observatory of Switzerland, is for watch movements only. But there are still some misconceptions about COSC:
1. COSC is the highest standard in the industry;
2. COSC has no margin of error. Two of the biggest myths are that they regard COSC as the “best” of all certification bodies. But in fact, many powerful brands have established their own set of testing standards, accuracy is not inferior to COSC, but for the watch factory stability, accuracy is more meaningful. For example: JAEGER-LECOULTRE MASTER 1000 hours movement test.
The Geneva Seal is derived from the Geneva Law of 1886 and is intended to ensure the origin and craftsmanship of watches and clocks. Clocks and watches made in the Geneva area are Geneva seal, only with a hand-made, self-winding mechanical cylinder with the emblem “Eagle and key” engraved on the cylinder.
The Geneva Seal emblem of the Eagle and the key
The Geneva law, which the Geneva seal follows, has been revised several times and now has 12 rules setting out standards for how the movement is made, although some parts are made purely for decoration, such as The edges of all steel parts must be polished, the cuts smooth, the screw heads rounded or polished, and all visible edges and slits must be deangled; the mobile gears must be manually modified and polished with Boxwood, and so on. Perhaps not every watchmaker or manufacturer agrees with these 12 rules, but it is enough to show that the watch is made entirely by hand.
Geneva-certified wristwatches have the Eagle and the key insignia engraved on the back
Currently, the Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches brands that own Geneva seal include Roger Dube, Vacheron Constantin, and others. Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches¬† used to have Geneva seal but in recent years has dropped that standard to use its own “Patek Philippe & Co. Mark” . In 2009, the Patek Philippe & Co. announced its withdrawal from the Patek Philippe Seal, an entirely new quality standard for mechanical watches.
Patek Philippe Mark is in the movement engraved “PP” logo
How is the Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches Sale  seal different from the Geneva quality seal? What is the significance of these differences? First, the Patek Philippe stamp is applied to the entire watch to be delivered to the customer, not to certain parts of the final product. Of course, all watches will continue to comply with Patek Philippe to the end of the requirements of precision technology standards, such as: Movement diameter not less than 20 mm Mechanical Watch, daily travel time error must not exceed-3 / + 2 seconds. Instead of testing the watch in a static way (COSC certification) , the Patek Philippe & Co. Tests the finished watch directly in a dynamic way, reflecting the timing accuracy of the real thing.
Fleuriel certifications, perhaps not particularly familiar, was founded by Chopin, Bovet Fleurier and Parma Jonny. The country exports millions of watches each year, but the ones that bear the stamp of Fleuriel certification are a drop in the bucket.
Fleuriel quality fleurel
Fleuriel certifications is a joint initiative of Chopin, Bovet Fleurier and Parma Jonny. Michelle has been working to revive the area’s watch making industry and began restoring clocks here in 1975. Following a later meeting with Karl-friedrich Scheufele, the Frederick of the two brands, it was decided to develop and produce watches of the quality of the Fleuriel that Chopin, Bovet Fleurier and Parma Jonny admired.
Above, the movement of Chopin’s watch is engraved on the back with the words “Fleuriel certified”
Each piece is aesthetically scrutinised on the premise that the movement required to pass the Fleuriel test is 100 per cent swiss-made and, second, that it has to be A COSC certificate must be obtained by undergoing the dreaded “Chronofiable” aging test at the Independent Dubois Laboratory.
Movement in Detection
Finally, only after the first two tests can you be placed in the Fleuritest, which perfectly simulates the real-world environment of wearing a wristwatch During the 24-hour test, the movement status will be observed continuously, and the error accuracy between 0 and 5 seconds must be guaranteed every day in order to obtain the certificate issued by the quality certification body of Fleuriel.
Different instruments are used in the laboratory for different tests
At first Fleuriel was closed to the public, but in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the certification, the accreditation body announced that the laboratory was open to the Swiss watchmaking industry as a whole, offering testing services for all brands. Even setting aside certification expectations, the lab offers unique equipment that allows brands to repeatedly test the chain’s speed and power storage in a virtual reality environment Provide effective reference data for brands, especially for products in the R & D and testing stages.
Hong Kong Observatory Certification
Omega was introduced to the Observatory in 2015 and both the watch and the movement have to pass eight rigorous tests set up by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (mets) in order to earn the title of “Observatory Watch. “.
The eight rigorous tests were:
1. Operation of COSC certified wick in 15,000 gauss strong magnetic field
2. Operating conditions of a wristwatch exposed to 15,000 GAUSS MAGNETIC FIELDS
3. Daily accuracy bias of wristwatches after exposure to 15,000 GAUSS MAGNETIC FIELDS
4. The average daily accuracy of the watch is between 0 and + 5 seconds
5. Power Storage
7. Watch accuracy deviation when power is stored at 100% vs. 33%
8. Water Resistance of wristwatch
Tests lasting more than 10 days will simulate everyday wristwatch wear and test its antimagnetic performance against up to 15,000 strong gauss magnetic fields. Only a watch that has successfully passed all tests can be called a “reach Observatory Watch. “.
Omega has been sending watches to certification bodies such as COSC, but soon realised that was not enough and needed a more rigorous and targeted certification system.
Replica Vacheron Constantin  Watches WRISTWATCH IN MAGNETIC FIELD
The strict nature of the Observatory’s certification is to expose the entire watch to a 15,000-gauss magnetic field, not just the movement. The test of the whole watch is more demanding for the watch, and the various parts should cooperate with each other to a certain degree in order to stand the test. The accuracy of the timing is kept 24 hours later in such an environment.
The wristwatch is being tested under a strong magnetic field
In daily life, refrigerators, microwave ovens and even mobile phones produce radiation of different sizes every day, and these radiation and the Earth’s own magnetic field together, will make some parts of the ordinary wristwatch magnetic, resulting in inaccurate travel times.
Why are magnetic field tests so rigorous when tested by the Zhen Observatory? Want to know, the biggest enemy of wrist watch is not other, the magnetic field that produces in the environment is damaged to the movement can not ignore and inevitable. Only in a strong magnetic field environment can the test to ensure that each to the observatory certified wristwatch in the daily wear quality. In addition to the magnetic resistance of the watch, the Zenith Observatory has stringent requirements on power storage, waterproof depth and travel time error.

Summary: In addition to the Swiss Observatory Certified COSC, Geneva Seal, Cheap Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches, Patek Philippe & Co. Seal, Fleuriel certificate, Jaeger’s Master 1000 hour movement test and certified to the Observatory in this article, nowadays, more and more certification bodies of different sizes have emerged in the industry. Getting so-called “certifications” is no longer as hard as it used to be. But when choosing a watch, consumers should look at the gold content of the “certification” , as well as the brand, identity and workmanship of the watch. Watch House has also compiled a table of test content for major certification bodies, which clearly shows the different standards for time-travel and antimagnetic capability It’s worth noting that Omega products can travel within 0 / + 5 seconds in a strong 15,000 gauss magnetic field. We hope that through this article, can have some understanding of the industry’s mainstream certification. After looking at so many certifications, which one do you think is more convincing?

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