True and false self-made Movement of Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches

In the past 20 years, the topic of “self-made Movement” has been a hot topic in the Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches circle. Home-made movement, narrow definition is the watch brand design, research and development, production movement, rather than outsourcing to a third party. Many watch friends are the production of their own movement of Cheap Vacheron Constantin Watches into the norm, that a brand with the production of their own movement is powerful, no production is not worth buying.
Among the many cases of self-made machine movement for Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches Online, there are two very interesting, and very representative, and today to talk with you about their misunderstanding for a long time.
Between 1868 and 1874, nations made Vacheron Constantin Replica Sale named for the company’s founder, Florentine Ariosto Jones. The long, precise, slow-moving “Jonnes Arrow” was the most prominent feature of the movement, with about 1,440 Jonnes movements made.
After the year 2000, the world successively introduced the Related Commemorative Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches design, similarly uses the ultra-long fast slow needle. But the CAL. 98800 movement adopted by the new watch, many watch friends are said that it is not made by the world, but based on ETA6498 modified, because their machine core circuit is “the same” . But, in fact, this is the home-grown one.

We used the same camera position to photograph the Universal Jones Movement and the UNIZEIT ETA 6498 movement, and then compared them superimposed, and found that although the naked eye looks similar to the road. But in the case of fixed center wheel, the balance wheel, escapement fork, escapement wheel, second wheel, three wheels, the size of the wheel bearing position is completely different, so they can not be the same movement. For movements that require a precise fit, even a 1 mm offset can cause the movement to stop.
For the basic small three-pin function of the movement, its board road design has been used for more than 200 years, has become a fixed type, there can not be a huge change. Just as cars have four wheels, it is unscientific not to be able to tell whether a particular brand of car is Copy or not. ETA6498, by contrast, is more famous than CAL. 98800, so one would think that cal. 98800 is from ETA6498.

The CAL. 98800 of the world is a real home-made plant, but it is mistaken for a false home-made plant. While the other watch is not entirely self-produced, but not many  Swiss Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches friends as a real self-produced.

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