Vacheron Constantin Replica– a new chapter in the new sense of the golden charm of lucerne

Vacheron Constantin Replica— a new chapter in the new sense of the golden charm of lucerne. Vacheron Constantin launched online store experience, by scanning qr code can enter the treasure together of the micro world, handheld lucerne romantic charm and culture, in the form of a panoramic stereo rendering Shanghai store layout, immersive feel
for the customer. Use creative technique for rendering the pure golden charm, not only can make the customer insight into the brand from lucerne, Switzerland, has a long history and culture, can also be the first time to learn the latest information, presents the interaction forms that find everything new and fresh.

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From offline to online seamless connection, the Shanghai store concise and easy do not break elegant style and passed to the customer, the significance of Vacheron Constantin attitude of innovation, further enhance and improve the customers’ omni-directional brand experience.

Store design contracted atmosphere, traditional and modern elements harmony, create a relaxed and elegant atmosphere, skillfully display the brand style of baozilai, attractive stop and linger. The outstanding style design, for baozillai this century old to give the dynamic vitality, radiate a new charm.

Vacheron Constantin Replica opened its first Canadian boutique in Toronto

Vacheron Constantin Replica opened its first Canadian boutique in the Toronto Yorkdale shopping center in Toronto, Ontario, which will sell the full range of products and the exclusive wristwatch of the boutique. In addition, the store of Vacheron Constantin will also provide the Ateliers Cabinotiers custom service, where customers can work with the company to customize their own timepieces.

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“Vacheron Constantin Replica make a ceremonious nod home boutique set up in Canada, marked the brand expansion strategy in North America as a significant step,” vacheron constantin America President Leslie Kobrin said, “glad to have the opportunity to Yorkdale shopping centre opened boutiques, service Canada customer. Yorkdale is one of Canada’s most popular shopping center, more than 270 fashion, and luxury brand is located in the science and technology, provides the high-quality service for consumers. In the Yorkdale shopping center is a strategic choice to open stores, this would enhance the customers on the vacheron constantin, historical heritage, as well as the brand understanding of advanced tabulation commitment to excellence.”
Vacheron constantin America President Leslie Kobrin added: “Canada boutique merged the concepts of vacheron constantin latest directional store design, including building that is designed to attract customers and element, the selection of wrist products and unique custom service, hope customers will like Toronto.”

Vacheron Constantin Replica Memories of clouds and lakes

My preference for colors and special textures of hand surfaces is derived from experiences of childhood and adolescence. The vast, powerful, clouds, lakes, sea, thunder, wind, rain, thunder and lightning are all stored deep in the brain, and they will not forget for decades, like old wine, the longer it is stored, the stronger its flavor. People like me, who had a special experience of Vacheron Constantin Replica, met the “cultural revolution” without graduation. Then deep the maelstrom, having the s special seal, in addition to the social upheaval of the cultural revolution, the turmoil in the nature of the magnificent, boldness, also accompanied by life suantiankula, deep brain exists.

When I graduated from primary school, I became involved in the cultural revolution and wrote poems. Although no one was teaching, no one rated it, and I often made a small poem. Finally, one day, the poem was discovered by my roommate and handed in, because there was a line in the line of “the opposite party” in power. The enemy was drawn to the dictatorship of the proletariat, and I was immediately arrested by the military. Escort to the county seat 200 kilometers, labor reform. From my village, to the county seat, I first saw the majestic lake. This lake is the second largest freshwater lake in the country, the water sky is one, the endless, bring me a great shock, naturally so great!
However, the extreme bad mood, the tormented body in the roaring north wind, in the shock truck brought me carsickness and vomiting. In the dozens of kilometers along the lake, one of the teenagers threw up his stomach and bile in a beautiful lake. The great scenery and the torturous twist of the vomit made me unforget Vacheron Constantin Replica watches  all my life. The lake and the sky intersection, various shapes of clouds all tied together, there are dark clouds, clouds, white clouds, lightning and occasionally leaks out of the sun, is the nature performance of drama, deep in my mind. So deep impression, so that in the later years, whether in prosperity or adversity, whether happy or peaceful, have some time I dreamed that I in the storm, in the hometown of swimming in the lake, see the sun through the clouds to show when you swim. According to the lake, according to me, make the wind calm and calm, and help me to come ashore safely.

Later, I entered the watch collection, and I often felt a sense of regret in gazing at the various dial of the watch, especially in the collection of the jiangshidan waterbirds series. Not only is the painting of jiang’s poems, other brands also rarely depict the spectacular nature of the great Banks, the interaction of the sea and sky. I was thinking, if I were a watch, I’ll be the first to design a grand natural landscape dial, let me deeply in the mind of the memories to show on the dial, let more love Vacheron Constantin Replica watches  is ready to see the great beauty of nature.

Jiangshidan “water bird” throb enamel watch
Speaking of watch design, I used to think that the first element of the design Vacheron Constantin Replica watches  was the design dial. One watch, a popular one, is the face, the watch strap is the torso, the core is the heart. In the case of the body and the heart, the ugliness is determined by the dial. Of course, there are variables, different design concepts and different expressions of feelings, and the basic description is not wrong.
The technical problem is that painting is painted on a metal dial, and the painting is unsVacheron Constantin Replica watches  and ungraceful and uneven. The firing became a cloisonne or enamel, and my train of thought was to make the painting smooth and hazy, so I painted the back of the thin white butterfly. Since the mother is translucent, the landscape is visible from the front. If the color is bright, the surface is angular and angular, if the material is quietly elegant, the surface is soft and have a layer sense. After several experiments, I made the first Vacheron Constantin Replica watches  edition and filed a copyright patent, about a year ago.

In fact, all these forms are from a new morning in my youth. About 1969 years, that is, because of the “counter-revolutionary crime” is “made” released soon, due to family poverty, less than twenty years old and I have to start to steal fishing work, to let down your nets for a lake.according to lake. The next day I went to a small station nearby and sold the fish to the conductor. The conductor sold the fish to the small railway station along the way to earn some pocket money, and I could use this little income to help my mother and the whole family. At that time, there was a fishing team in huelun lake, which did not allow the residents to catch fish and often patrol. And there were so many fish at that time, that the legs would be hit by the fish after the hot day went barefoot down into the deep water of the knee. It was only after midnight that the fish had to go to the lake to catch fish.

On a dim night, I went into the deep water, like the first few times. I don’t know when I lost my sense of direction, I lost my sense of direction, I couldn’t see where the shore was, and I didn’t know what to do. The water was all near the neck, and it seemed to be an island, and the water was above the chest. Where did I come to this lonely island? I don’t know, it seems to go into this little plateau only a little bump, but go back to find, the direction confused, also can not find. A bad omen struck the fragile heart of my less than twentysomething. Any one step wrong would be a disaster. I can’t move. I have to think about countermeasure. I want to escape. At least I didn’t let my mother cry. I even imagined the desperate cries of my mother after I drowned. I instinctively felt that panic was the cut-off point of life and death. I
Trying to take a step toward each other, but the deep waters were waiting for me, and the disaster was all around me, and I was determined to stand still, and I was determined to stand up until dawn. At the same time sleepy, tired, and anxious to come to me. Not knowing how long, the miracle finally appeared, a black cloud drift, a lightning accompanied by the thunder to illuminate the lake and the field. I saw the land on the lake and the old red flag that I had just dropped on the edge of the bank. I took off my neck waterproof suit, and if the water was in the water, I wouldn’t want to move it, and I didn’t take it off because it kept my body warm. Anyway, the lake in October is cold enough.
I can’t swim because I can’t breathe. It’s ok to swim a few meters. It was soon thrown to the bottom of the lake. With the goal I was not afraid of the deep water, and later proved that there were only a few steps to the neck of the water, but if I did not know where the shore was, I would not have taken these steps.

A flash of lightning, let me find the way to the shore, black cloud pressure lake, instead gave me life. Back to the net, every net is a golden carp. In Cuo hillock train station the next day, I got $two hundred cash, then two hundred pieces. The mother was delighted. The death line of that night I had been buried in my heart and I could not say that I could not make my people and my loved ones afraid. By now, it’s time to recall, it’s time to say, maybe it’s life experience for young people. The first of my mother-bel-back designs is called cloud and light. It was the night I imagined, lighting from the roof of the sky, lighting the lake and the shore, and giving me directions.
The mother shell is white butterfly, which is polished to a thickness of 2 mm. The picture is the current pattern. Using a 3 mm thick white butterfly bay will make the picture more nebulous. The painter was Lin jingkun, an overseas student of the Tokyo polytechnic university. He was recommended by a famous art professor. Kobayashi is good at it, and once you say it, he will quickly paint the mood you want, and he will be my best assistant.
The second one, the morning sun, is an unforgetVacheron Constantin Replica watches  picture. It was not long before the water came out of the water, and after I took a nap, I saw that the sun was reborn in the world. It was a light that was overcome by darkness and difficulties.
The third, the rain cloud, is the dark night without the sun, the heavy clouds that carry the rain to float in the night sky. It has energy, and it emits lightning and thunder from time to time.
The fourth and fifth are the setting sun into the water. After a day of light, the sun, after giving energy to the earth and human beings, sank beneath the clouds and sank to the horizon of the lake. The sun was quieter, calmer and more subdued than the morning sun.
That may be the beginning of my creation. I have been thinking since I was young that I may not be able to do something for the country, maybe I can’t do it, maybe some people don’t like… But I can still say I did. I tried my best. More than anything else, I may not have left anything behind for the physical world, and I’m trying to make something for the spiritual world in the form of this substance.

The ultimate pursuit of energy conservation design movement

Mainspring box of the kinetic energy of the never together, not to feed through a balance wheel balance spring, in the process of the waste a lot of kinetic energy loss in the transport chain, so, how to avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon?

At present, energy is as a rare resource, social ecology and the manufacture of watches are for energy saving of the same importance. Specific to the manufacture of watches, mega industry has been in the TAB material and progress achieved different forms of the vertical system. Still has a fatal flaw, however, must be recognized: some (some) precious energy by box spring from the starting point to terminal balance wheel transmission in the process of waste. Here the “some” actually refers to “a all amount” (a lot).Vacheron constantin replica Here.

The loss in the air
Finally calculated the amount of loss of kinetic energy is very surprising, box spring manufacture nearly all be wiped out two-thirds of the energy (go up in smoke). The generation of this kind of phenomenon mainly based on two reasons: friction between components and the friction and air. Cartier in 2012 launched a ID for this Two concepts of wrist watch, movement is set under vacuum conditions in operation, this is at least eliminates the components in the process of operation and the friction between the unprecedented.
If you don’t go to build such extreme conditions, the air in the keep watch case is always a great unknowns, ultimately hurt or balance wheel balance spring. Keep balance wheel balance spring device in two directions of air volume and mass balance is key, for example, if one side of the balance wheel is too close to the bridge, will lead to the friction between air and watch-balance enhances hair suddenly increased, while the latter just need enough space to breathe.

Close observation box spring
After carefully screening the whole transmission process, which can be found that the kinetic energy loss of one of the key point lies in the clockwork box itself, “about 15% to 20%.” According to the vice President of Eterna Samir Merdanovic is introduced. Between 2007 and 2009, Eterna clockwork box for a more detailed study and research and development, and finally launched Spherodrive ball bearing box spring system – innovation. The energy saving device has been applied in Madison series wrist watch carrying 3510 movement, dynamic storage for up to eight days.

The problem of gear train
On the kinetic energy transport chain, another key point of energy loss is gear train, more precisely, is the gear itself, or arising from materials or modelling.
In fact, if the gear shape after full consideration in advance and then modify the little, but for the most efficiency, every detail is very important. So you need to cutting gear shape to ensure priority to minimize the contact between each other.
At the same time, select appropriate materials can reduce friction, thus reducing energy consumption. Silicon is the most popular materials, but also it is mainly used for regulating system, pure silicone gear train is relatively rare, therefore temporarily energy-efficient materials are of brass and beryllium bronze alloy.

Cartier is a nowatches exception. “We have make a siliceous gear, facts have proved that it is absolutely feasible,” brand machine core r&d director Carole Forestier – Kasapi said, “in spite of this, it is still a very difficult problem, in order to promote their hardness, surface coated with diamond coating we are part. All these efforts for us to build a solid bridge to tabulation foreign.”

This is a very interesting game, but it is difficult to put into the factory production, “Richard miller machine core r&d division Salvador laurel Arbona points out,” that being said, we also carried out actively trying, brand all the gear section were treated with rhodium plating. ”
Christophe Claretz has issued a stern warning, will issue back to the origin, “for the gear train, what really matters is to ensure accurate, this means that the polishing processing and spacing calculation is very important. Whether it’s now, or in the future, gear train tolerance is very strict, do not allow the rough estimate, because the precision of the tiny deviation nowadays, with the passage of time will be more and more serious, will produce a series of complicated problems in the future.”

Energy balance wheel balance spring hole
Finally, we found the terminal in the transport chain, the operation of the lever escapement system will waste about 35% of the energy, the data is very persuasive. Industry experts tie only modified gear, a clockwork box, add lubricating oil as the appearance of whitewash, this is tantamount to trying to fill a bucket, only of the wasted effort.

Release vacheron constantin Patrimony inheritance series

As 2017 Geneva international advanced and horological exhibit (SIHH) preheating, constantin launched another high-profile work – Patrimony inheritance series phases of the moon and retrograde calendar. This all-new meter continues the Patrimony inheritance series has always been contracted style, pure phase of profit and loss and showed evident on the dial, without having to make any correction in 122. Replica Vacheron constantin watches will also be the grace of complex function combined with retrograde calendar display, digital display scale of 1 to 31 on the dial upper arch area. Patrimony inheritance carried a brand series of phases of the moon and retrograde calendar homemade machine core, and by noble Geneva mark certification, special temperament.

Patrimony inheritance series highlights the vacheron constantin tabulation skills. Proportion of its harmonious draw inspiration from the brand watches in the 1950 s, the largest extent, simplify the design of the watch Patrimony inheritance series design phases of the moon and retrograde calendar contracted pure dial is proof of that. The hour meter adopting meaningful low-key round watchcase appearance, carrying the brand of the original automatic chain machine, to ensure the precision of the moon shows and retrograde calendar. In order to ensure the hour meter is convenient and easy to use, these functions are available through the crown adjustment Settings. Vacheron constantin with the new pink gold and platinum two paragraphs.

Vividly dial the dance of time
Two kinds of style corresponding to the pink gold or platinum material phases of the moon dish, through dial the lower part of the open window, the moon and under the background of dotted yi yi is unripe brightness. Months showed that refers to the display since the last round of the number of days after the new moon passes through, can be read by around this window dial. The romantic poetic more complex function and the actual of the revolution of the moon around the earth cycle 29 days 12 hours and 45 minutes accurate echo. And the complex and delicate mechanical masterpiece by calibration once every 122 years.

Another practical complex function is located in the upper half of dial elegant retrograde calendar display. The pointer is chosen after black oxidation treatment of sword engraved look pointer, daily to move forward with the date change. Whenever the end of the month, inverse system makes the pointer counterclockwise direction to jump back to date marking the location of the number “1”, and at the same pace.
Silver ivory dial, micro arch circle of the watches, according to different style is tie-in pink gold or Bai Jinshi mark, and ring “bead type” minutes. Logo on dial sex the Maltese cross pattern, slender pointer and collocation of crocodile leather strap clasp pin type, according to the different style in pink gold or platinum material is made.
Excellence is convenient to use
New vacheron constantin 2460 R31L movement contains 275 parts, with about 40 hours of power storage, pointer, precision driving hours and minutes phases of the moon shows and retrograde calendar display function. This remarkable movement is set-up vacheron constantin simple mechanical device. Only through the crown to easily when calibration of three big functions. To the first leg position can be on the watch chain, pull out the crown to the second position, according to clockwise to set the date, counterclockwise can set-up, according to the phases of the moon and the final third position time setting can be performed. Through the transparent sapphire crystal watches bottom cover can enjoy more 2460 R31L movement and emblazoned with a picture of vacheron constantin iconic Maltese cross the 22 k gold put tuo. The hand-made modification of polishing machine shows the master of tabulation art and traditional art.
Patrimony inheritance series phases of the moon and retrograde calendar watch, make vacheron constantin Patrimony to inheritance series of contracted pure characteristics and reveal tabulation the two complex function to perfect combination of art.
Technical specifications
Patrimony inheritance series phases of the moon and retrograde calendar
4010 u / 000 g – B330
The Geneva seal certified chronometer
2460 R31L
Research and development and manufacture by vacheron constantin themselves
Automatic chain mechanical movement
Diameter of 27.2 mm (11? Method), the thickness of 5.4 mm
Power reserve about 40 hours
Vibration frequency of 4 hz per hour (28800 times)
275 parts
27 gem
Display function
Hours, minutes, fly back, precision phases of the moon, moon calendar
18 k white gold
42.5 mm in diameter, the thickness of 42.5 mm
Transparent sapphire crystal watches bottom cover
Waterproof after three atmospheric pressure test (about 30 meters)
The dial
Silver and ivory
Outer arch
18 k platinum phases of the moon
18 k white gold set time scale and 18 k white gold ring “bead type” minutes
Black double Mississippi crocodile leather strap, hand-made, place process, large grid lines
Watch button
18 k white gold
Half Maltese cross design after polishing processing
Technical specifications
Patrimony inheritance series phases of the moon and retrograde calendar
4010 u/r – 000 B329
The Geneva seal certification
Research and development and manufacture by vacheron constantin themselves
Automatic chain mechanical movement
Diameter of 27.2 mm (11? Method), the thickness of 5.4 mm
Power reserve about 40 hours
Vibration frequency of 4 hz per hour (28800 times)
275 parts
27 gem
Display function
Hours, minutes, retrograde, precision phases of the moon, moon calendar
18 k5n pink gold
42.5 mm in diameter, the thickness of 42.5 mm
Transparent sapphire crystal watches bottom cover
Waterproof after three atmospheric pressure test (about 30 meters)
The dial
Silver and ivory
Outer arch
18 k5n pink gold phases of the moon
18 k5n pink gold inlay time scale and 18 k pink gold ring “bead type” minutes
Dark brown double Mississippi crocodile leather strap, hand-made, place process, large grid lines
Watch button
18 k5n pink gold
Half Maltese cross design after polishing processing

Although their single,they have a beautiful and wonderful with watches

Because a while ago let netizen fuck broken heart of the entertainment circle the goddess of all stripes have announced their engagement, so the recent media will absent so winning qiao en dubbed “older women”, passes between discourse sarcasm. 16 absent so winning qiao en on the germination and response, and cited the European classical actress Madonna’s words on Vacheron Constantin Watches Replica, absent so winning qiao en said in weibo to do an independent and self-sufficient self-strengthening, happy single woman.

Vacheron Constantin watches replica
Vacheron Constantin watches replica

This single but live natural and unrestrained female star, a person not only absent so winning qiao en, they wear beautiful, watches to wear beautiful, strong and independent and self-sufficient, how cannot be a happy single woman. Over the weekend, you and bother you how these female stars with live so beautiful replica vacheron constantin watches.

replica vacheron constantin watches
replica vacheron constantin watches

The title is not white to idol drama queen
Or in the character of our events, of course, absent so winning qiao en in the entertainment business is also have a volt is not plain sailing, early in Taiwan idol drama has been loved by the masses, “the fate I love you” looked at the name “change the frog prince” and so on, which is the TV series, this is no problem of 80 after 90 after collective memory. Later, as the Taiwan people absent so winning qiao en decided to development, and in the “east” quickly back to the corner of the public eye, want money, rich to yan yan, when have of god, prop up awards.
Rich: in 2015 tripod award, China’s top TV satisfaction survey awards ceremony, absent so winning qiao en a blue dress with water Chaumet watches. As a recent TV series of the most popular actress, absent so winning qiao en next film don’t continue, so people definitely not bad money.

replica Vacheron constantin
replica Vacheron constantin

Ngan: absent so winning qiao en a strapless black and white and decorative pattern of the dress collocation with DE beers diamond watches, simple collocation makes more dazzling diamonds, plus the absent so winning qiao en exclusive smile, this appearance level need we say more?

Of god: actually absent so winning qiao en has always been a girl with a full heart, to attend the conference here we come, is tie-in a white pink earrings, the reduction of age must all learn also don’t hurry up.
Yvmin_P. E PE series powder ball earrings
Prize: absent so winning qiao en as an actress, every performance of the play has been launched, such efforts are absolutely substantial reward, she relies on the “magnificent adventure of jinxiu margin” outstanding performance, won the China ding best actress award in modern drama.

High eq appearance level you really don’t need to worry about
As the focus of netizens urge marriage another object, Lin when a guest “kangxi come” publicly expressed his helplessness on this matter. As a model of “chi ling elder sister” somebody else’s figure and appearance that are perfectly competitive, even if the age of 40 + now, but the figure is still good appearance level remains high.
In conference in The Taoist mountain, Lin with a black strapless dress elegant appearance, The modelling of The minimalist design simple but elegant collocation Cindy Chao The Art Jewel watches, goddess of The fan.
Cindy Chao four seasons series White diamond branches bracelet
Cindy Chao four seasons series ribbon earrings
Participated in the activities, the tzu chi ling elder sister choose harry Winston watches to match black dress, skirt hem have perspective effect, show a little sexy.

Empty the shopping cart of heroism, li bingbing watches also enough aggressiveness
As entertainment world famous “ice”, two people also have been put together to compare, the fan bingbing and big black cow after 15 fell in love, li bingbing personal questions are always mentioned you, however, has been a big boss li bingbing is definitely not bad money.
Last week “hand men sell kidney, women chop” double tenth one, somebody else li big boss directly subordinate shopping cart emptied, edit my self think this boss, please give me a dozen thank you. Set up their own studio li bingbing of watches that is something to fosse, finish see li watches, you said that you are also worried about her?
A navy, hollow out long skirt, collocation Chaumet senior watches
Chaumet platinum diamond earrings
Crowned Josephine, love series platinum diamond ring
Chaumet high set watches set is the light of water Hidden and mysterious wrist watch
The Shanghai international film festival chan movements on the night of the film week, a nifty yellow dress collocation also Chaumet senior watches.
In the red carpet in cannes li bingbing a blue dress collocation Cindy Chao the four seasons series watches
Cindy Chao four seasons series Orchid earrings
Cindy Chao four seasons series Orchid ring
In cannes, a second set of modelling, with a long white dress li bingbing also chose to Cindy Chao senior watches.
Cindy Chao Marine series of earrings
Cindy Chao ocean series ring
Made not low-key low-key attitude
Zhang has been in the entertainment circle is a low-key female star, pure image always let a person forget her age, and she was born in 80, may also display the title of “leftover women” you said. She dress up few very exaggerated modelling, as she always show us image.
At Beijing international film festival, a senior custom black and white feather dress collocation DE beers diamond watches.

At the international film festival, a black shoulder-length dress collocation DE beers diamond necklace.
De Beers De Beers Swan Lake high-end watches series, diamond necklace
See the female star watches, do you still think they need to “worry”? Age forever is we can’t change things, but for the attitude of the life but we can change, no matter you are 20 + 30 + + 40 or 50 + 60 + 70 +, the serious life every day, do the best you can do yourself a happy single woman!

Fan bingbing on DE beers Madison avenue flagship store opening ceremony

DE beers diamond jewelry, recently announced the latest flagship store opened officially Madison avenue in New York, fan bingbing as special guests, the launch of the ambassador made a special trip from Beijing to New York, for the new store. Flagship store covers an area of about 200 square meters, is located in Manhattan’s upper east side of the gold section 716 Madison avenue, 64 Madison avenue and 63th street intersection of the street. Store design main warm color highlight elegant warm atmosphere, DE BEERS to the U.S. market for the first time transfer the new design inspiration of DE BEERS and brand concept.

DE beers diamond jewelry latest flagship store opened officially Madison avenue in New York
New York flagship store on the first floor display high-end jewelry, single beautiful diamond and jewelry design series, wedding series exclusive salon on the second floor, the VIP room for customers who need the honourable custom service provides a more luxurious and private space. In the store, customers can touch the DE beers diamond, feel without the appearance of the polished diamonds, and through the DE beers “FOR YOU, FOREVER” custom service, design your own exclusive diamond ring.
Selection of fine jewelry in the store including the beauty of London impression series and 1888 masters series
Selection of fine jewelry in the store including week haute couture in Paris this summer’s latest LONDON BY DE BEERS LONDON master impression series and 1888 series beauty. Shops equipped with DE beers for the customer IRIS diamond flame detector, to reflect DE beers diamond rigorous pious attitude.

DE beers Madison avenue store appearance in New York
DE beers diamond jewelry, chief executive of FRANCOIS DELAGE said: “we are pleased to announce that DE beers diamond jewelry is located in Madison avenue flagship store opened. Here is a better brand positioning and our excellent service. We carefully build the ideal space, in order to make customers feel more close to the beauty of the DE beers diamond jewelry, unique and enduring the bright light. We sincerely invite all customers come to the display works with fine jewellery and the beauty of space, experience tailored personalized service, diamond technology and the perfect combination of art and design. This is DE beers to the U.S. market and customer sincere invitation and hospitality.”
Kate mara attend DE beers flagship store opened in New York
Grey, ge he attend DE beers flagship store opened in New York
Fan bingbing as DE beers the opening ceremony of the new store in New York’s launch ambassador to be present
To celebrate the Madison avenue flagship store opening, DE beers to invite celebrities Manhattan elites in a cocktail party. Kate mara, grace, ge wiig several international film outstanding women on the ground, reception site background music is from London’s famous DJ in Harley, viola, Newton. Event also exhibited extremely precious diamond – A 109 carats, rating for TYPE II TYPE A diamond stone. Fan bingbing as DE beers the opening ceremony of the new store in New York’s launch ambassador to be present.
Fan bingbing, elaborate collocation De Beers London By De Beers London impression series of fine jewelry

Attend the new store opening ceremony of the fan bingbing, elaborate collocation De Beers London By De Beers London impression series of high-end jewelry, Albert Bridge, Bridge of necklace will be her swan neck Albert foil more graceful slender, Thames Path a diamond ring and earrings Thames Path more lights dazzing, her skin Bai Sheng snow, and fan bingbing, fashion the queen the powerful current of bring out the best in each other.
In the fan bingbing, LONDON BY DE BEERS impression series of LONDON’s most attract she is in the design of the independent temperament and historical background. “I could imagine an elegant, confident, intelligent woman wandered in London streets with a long history, has a maverick, calm temperament, just like the sense that gives a person the city of London, deep and rich individual character.”
The CEO FRANCOIS DE beers diamond jewelry DELAGE of guidance, fan bingbing, visited the flagship store in New York
In DE beers diamond jewelry, chief executive of FRANCOIS DELAGE of guidance, fan bingbing, visited the flagship store in New York, elegant decoration and warm atmosphere to her call, said “the diamond under the lamplight shine and window reflection beautiful let me reluctant to blink.”

DE beers diamond jewelry is committed to praise the outstanding talents of the female, giving women more permanent bright beauty and confidence. As ambassador to open new stores in New York, “fan bingbing” the beauty of the trademark, independent and confident working with the concept of DE beers complement each other, by the representatives of the “beautiful” women opened a new chapter of DE beers diamond jewelry, adumbrative DE beers will perfect continuation from 1888 diamond brand founder of legend, the myth of remarkable achievements.

It could be better if she wear replica Vacheron Constantin Watches Replica at the same time.Do you think so?

Vacheron Constantin Watches Replica
Vacheron Constantin Watches Replica

Follow the universe modern fine wear watches

D the secret big show aired the other day, in addition to Chinese d secret supermodel were made enough everyone’s attention, one of them from the 95 Los Angeles after supermodel – Gigi Hadid (Gigi Hadid) are maxed out media pages. The young girl is not the most thin in a the supermodel, most beautiful, is not even the highest, but her fashionable degree has absolutely no “left behind”. At ordinary times young girls always feel some old wear watches, still not quick to see somebody else after 95 how fashionable watches to wear! Do you need buy Vacheron Constantin watches replica ?

replica vacheron constantin watches
replica vacheron constantin watches

If you still feel is wearing a bracelet only the most correct tie-in rule, it is a mistake. See Gigi wrist always all kinds of bracelets in stack build, this is both beautiful and fashionable collocation machine carefully, try to go home you will know the effect.
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Series of Cartier Cartier Love bracelet
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Tiffany & Co. T series Tiffany Tiffany bracelet
Who says will big earrings, you play with your Oversize, I put my fine jewellery
This year Oversize wind is coming again, but not all of the watches will not big good-looking! Well-made small earrings is a ascension temperament cook, look at the modern pure Gigi earrings and many cabinet and delicate style, what are you waiting for? !
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Piaget earl Possession series earrings
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Tassel earrings tide flavour is dye-in-the-wood
Tassel as one of big this year heat element how can get away with it “drawn” Gigi, but out at the door wanted to dress casual, some tassel earrings can let a person feel is exaggerated and Over, then the beginning Gigi a single long earrings also is pretty good yo Gigi and sister together to take part in this year ~ d up secret show, when two people play, also can see the ear flap of earrings.
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Gucci Gucci 18 k platinum diamond earrings
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Piaget earl Possession series earrings
Don’t wear which, then to universal long necklace
Time in a hurry, too late to think about what kind of watches collocation, but don’t feel less wear watches, the choice of the long necklace. See Gigi collocation suits, shirts, jeans, all sorts of joker ever! Don’t choose too exaggerated style also can let you immediately the modern degree of double.
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Series of Cartier Cartier Panthere DE Cartier necklace
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Cartier Cartier Juste UN Clou series long necklace
Well, with everyone say so ill watches machine carefully, let you need not spend expensive price can also wear a fashionable watches. Gigi is a universal supermodel, is not only good runway walk, presided over the somebody else is also quite good. Gigi’s long legs and body may be more difficult to go beyond, but we can definitely learn her watches collocation.

Silicon hairspring is also populist

If there is a so-called “net red” TAB boundary, so, silicon hair must be one of them. In recent years, many brands have launched using silicon hairspring wrist watch. However, most of these silicon hairspring wrist watch is a senior watch, let a person look up prices tend to hold tens of thousands or ten thousands, ordinary consumers can only “at the watches it.” With the degree of belem sai li series silicon balance spring observatory certification Caliber 80 long kinetic energy storage wrist watch, silicon balance spring began to start the populist route, “flying off the shelves.

In this sense, just from the silicon hair?

Start with silicon. This is a widely exists in the elements in the crust, its reserves is second only to oxygen, is inexhaustible, an inexhaustible. A lot of the advantages of silicon, its hardness is higher, the corrosion resistance is strong, and will not be magnetic. As we know, with the development of science and technology, can let the wrist by magnetic objects more and more, such as computer, speakers, mobile phone and so on, sometime when wrist watch will be affected by magnetic and appear larger deviation as well.

Hair is one of the more vulnerable to magnetic components. Made of silicon largely dispense with the wrist by magnetic troubles. Can and silicon by its geometric characteristics, produce better isochronism, help to watch accurate travel time. So, silicon is suit to do a material balance spring.

Here, maybe there are concerns that the silicon balance spring because of high hardness, easy to broken. I am of the view is very simple, first of all, so many big in use, speaks for itself the silicon material is reliable, after several years of development, the making craft of silicon balance spring has been mature. Moreover, in the case of normal use, silicon hairspring basic is no problem. If intense collision occurs, then, even the ordinary balance spring, also possible problems.

Belem li series has always elegant buildings, a lot of friends at fancy belem race, because it is the ordinary design. The belem li long series silicon hairspring kinetic watches, is a salute to the 40th anniversary of belem sai li series available, landmark. Watch the curve of the delicate and smooth, very artistic lasting appeal. Its design inspiration comes from milan, Italy neoclassical building Emmanuel ii arcade.

Belem “li long series silicon hairspring kinetic watches with stainless steel, 40 mm in diameter, is currently the more mainstream dress wrist size. Clean white dial. Is still a crown princess pointer, is still a strong elegant, but due to the stainless steel strap, wrist watch in elegant much a hale and hearty. Wrist watch mirror and watches are the sapphire material, watches treated with double anti glare lens, more practical.

This is a watches observatory, the degree of the observatory watches, can be said to be one of the most populist Switzerland observatory. The scope of its theory, difference, between 4 and + 6 seconds. Degree of the observatory watches as relatively more secure, not only in the movement components such as spring also after the upgrade, so the precision is not that simple, component itself is optimized. This wrist watch, set the elegant design of belem sai li, 80 hours long kinetic energy storage, antimagnetic silicon hair effectively, as well as the observatory certification at a suit. I think it is worth having a wrist watch.

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replica Constantin Vacheron watches
replica Constantin Vacheron watches

Vacheron Constantin watch maintenance and use of guidelines

Bud Drjobson is Mr. Vacheron Constantin watches replica in his name as a brand, founded in 1976, said the family firm. Each bud ,Drjobson watches are absolute value. Unique brand personality, located in the perfect combination of modern and traditional classic, to meet the needs of the pursuit of the traditional classical design of young customers. How do you
ensure that Vacheron Constantin wei wrist to keep the best performance?

Vacheron Constantin watches replica
Vacheron Constantin watches replica

Vacheron Constantin watches use maintenance method
1. Clean the watch, please use soft dry cloth.
Wrist watch 2. Avoid contact with perfume, alcohol, or oily products, in order to avoid damages to the seal, belt or
3. Ensure that set-up for clock and calendar crown in a press into position, so as to avoid dust or water infiltration.
4. Avoid friction, scratched case and strap.
5. Prior to physical labor work, please take off wrist watch.
6. If you watch with leather strap, when it should avoid wearing too tight. Unless strap waterproof, should not put it in
the water.
7. To avoid place your wrist watch in temperature rapidly changing environment.
8. Don’t wear, please place your wrist in a cool and dry place
Vacheron Constantinweil Vacheron Constantin watch maintenance requirements
1. In order to ensure the wrist watch performance is good, at least once every three years to maintain.
2. The battery should be able to maintain three years. If the wrist watch needs a new battery, please change as soon as
possible, because run out of battery it might damage the machine.
3. With the function of waterproof model should be at least once every two years to check seals, such as the wearer
shower without except the habit of wrist watch, you should check once a year to make sure its waterproof function.
4. Such as watches for inspection, maintenance or repair, must be taken to grey Drjobson official distributors to handle.
Vacheron Constantinweil Vacheron Constantin watch waterproof matters needing attention
Wear a wrist watch swimming, how deep can swim?
In the case of a wrist watch waterproof function, the following matters is that you can do and should be avoided. All
engrave each bud Drjobson wrist watch on the back of the ATM value can withstand a hydraulic pressure of (10 meters).
1-2 ATM, rain to wash your hands
3 ATM bath, wash the car
5 ATM swimming
10 ATM diving
20 ATM scuba diving
Wear is not recommended to do a sauna and steam bath. In fact, unless the crown and the push rod tighten, the watches
should not be worn when swimming or diving, especially in the coastal great climate and temperature changes.

replica vacheron constantin watches
replica vacheron constantin watches