Time on the horizon: a legendary night at the 10th anniversary celebration

Were held in Shanghai senior Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches‘ home ten anniversary celebration, and Metiers d ‘Art Art masters series Les Aerostiers balloon wrist watch Chinese debut and usher them into a beautiful wonderful journey time “above the horizon.
Completion in 2008, the home of vacheron constantin of historic buildings in Shanghai huaihai road no. 796 “twin villa” east building, is the first founded by advanced tabulation brands in China have an open customer service center of boutiques. Set sales, customer service, exhibition and attic craftsmen special custom vacheron constantin’s home, not only to sell brand display full range of products to provide customers from all over the country at home exalt exclusive service, becomes new meter and exclusivity masterpiece at the first choice for China.
Through the “time tunnel” surrounded by light pillars, I feel the extraordinary “10” years of the house of John vacheron
Celebration on the night, through the period of “tunnel” surrounded by light, a by rendering of hua dream greets guests of twin villa, up to 6 meters giant balloon in Gemini villa garden, copy is like recreates the humans for the first time in 1783 balloon flying dreams of wonderful moment. Then, a gorgeous light and shadow show instantly made this house that witnessed the time flow more colorful, light and shadow changes, guests as if they were in the “garden of light”.
A grand feast of sound and light has brought to life the extraordinary moment in the 18th century when ballooning was the instrument of man’s dream of flying
The first floor, Salon des Arts, is the theme of the event, presenting guests with amazing art and crafts. Five Metiers d ‘Art masters series Les Aerostiers balloon wrist watch first appeared in China, brand manual sculpture master on the dial of completed a pioneering, using two kinds of high difficult Art craft, handmade relievo (bas – relief engraving) and hollow enamel craft (plique – a – jour), according to the facts of reduction in France (1783-1785) complete five balloon flying feat. Loft and vacheron constantin Les Cabinotiers craftsman art master “jin years longteng” wrist watch, opaque Burgundy red enamel dial, emblazoned with a picture of hand-carved kam dragon, the significance of wealth, authority, and successful, engraved look craft fine panlong form, wonderful artical excelling nature, beautiful.

The glittering twin villas leap from the cup to the plate, paying tribute to the witnesses of the legendary decade of the house of Constantine
Up the wooden steps, the second floor of Atelier des Merveilles showcases the sophisticated mechanical world of the great complex timelines. The most elaborate and complex special custom chronometer in the history of advanced tabulation – reference number 57260 for its pride, displayed in the atrium of the second floor; And the celebration of special present many sophisticated fusion function and elegant art craft watches, such as Les Cabinotiers attic craftsmen three asked the tourbillon “twilight” evening month wrist, is one of the masterpieces of art and tabulation craft beautiful encounter. In addition, the brand has a number of excellent and complex functions of the wrist watch is also wonderful, so that visitors can experience the smart charm of sophisticated and complex machinery.

(from left to right) vacheron constantin’s home on the evening of the 10th anniversary, constantin style and Christian tradition director Mr Selmoni, director of global retail Clemence Charrier lady, ailing, chief executive of the China lady, China general manager Mr Rong-song liu, attic craftsmen customer director Dominique Bernaz Mr Participation a toast
On the third floor of the house, a sound and light feast honoring the human flight dream begins. The magnificent balloon flies into the air, ushering guests into a wonderful moment of human exploration and dream fulfillment. As the background music and atmosphere color changes, guests also experienced a creative, unique time travel. Hot-air balloon trip to air from Geneva to Shanghai, from the 18th century to the 21st century, dream leads the bright prospect, out to go to, strives for perfection, as this wonderful journey time above the horizon, no end.

Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches master art series of the year of the dog zodiac wrist watch

Every year, the Swiss watch brand Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches launches a corresponding zodiac watch to honor this traditional and classic Chinese culture. 2018 for the Chinese lunar year of dog, brand as the collector and advanced tabulation technology enthusiasts particularly presented Metiers d ‘Art masters series watch of wrist of Chinese zodiac legends latest masterpiece – the year of the dog, golden eagle and enamel craft, make Chinese zodiac dog alive on the disk surface, vividly present in front of the watch aficionados, impressive. The year of dog’s zodiac wrist watch is divided into two payments, a kind of high cold, elegant platinum, another kind of gentle, lavish pink gold, both together will be superb technology and western ancient culture of the east, to the wearer present on the wrist of a unique market. Let’s take the platinum model as an example and feel it together: (wrist watch model: 86073/ 000p-b257)
An alternative and unique time display Compared with the traditional Chinese zodiac watch style, the Chinese zodiac watch of jiang shi-dandun is more innovative and unique, showing a great difference in time. Abandoned the traditional pointer display time, but in the form of window function, date and week points, clear display, maximum limit for the wearer present complete zodiac pattern, avoid the pointer to the block, it may be said to be unique.
The image of the zodiac
This year, the brand has chosen the cocker spaniel as its creative theme among many dog breeds. And the brand unique characteristics of the gold carving and enamel two core processes into the zodiac wrist watch. Through the semi-embedded structure, the three-dimensional view of the zodiac image is displayed, making it look lifelike. In addition, the brand on the dial also attached with Oriental elements full of leaves, inspired by traditional Chinese flowers, on the gold dial by master sculptor carve, the disk is more beautiful. It is not hard to see from a close look that, in addition to the zodiac images that have been changed over the years, the decorative patterns of flowers and leaves are completely different, creating a unique sense of enjoyment.
The rest are shown in real time

The watch’s case is made of platinum, 40mm in diameter and 12.74mm in thickness. After careful polishing and polishing, the round case presents a perfect radian, very delicate and beautiful. The platinum crown is engraved with the Maltese LOGO design of the brand and made with non-slip texture, which makes the time adjustment more convenient while showing the unique charm of the brand.
Platinum watch ear is decorated with grooves, and the style is the same as that of the watch ring and watch case, enhancing the overall appearance. Watch ear radian is natural, can make wrist watch more stick to wrist, accord with ergonomic design.Blue gold dial with large open flame enamel craft, enamel what regular dial does not have some characteristics, such as oxidation will not change color, more mild, delicate texture, color and exquisite, etc., showing the quality of the watch. Facing the disk, the upper left corner is the hour display window, and the upper right corner is the minute display window. The lower left corner shows the week, and the lower right corner shows the date.
The central hand-carved platinum zodiac dog is decorated with golden carving technology, which makes its image vivid and vivid. Meticulous techniques, so that the texture of the fur of the cocker spaniel natural and clear, even a representative long ears are also displayed perfectly, into the wood.
The back cover of the wrist watch is designed with back penetration, which can be used to see the elegant demeanor of jiangshidanton 2460 G4 machine core. 22K gold automatic placing tuo engraved with exquisite patterns, each of which has been carefully polished, showing a delicate luster. In addition, this core has been certified by the Geneva seal to guarantee the excellent quality of the wrist watch.
Deep blue double Mississippi crocodile leather strap, comfortable texture. Both sides are hand sewed, the center is decorated with large grid pattern, show mature, generous character.

The strap is fitted with a polished semi Maltese cruciform platinum folding watch buckle for ease of wearing. With the platinum case echo, presents the wrist watch’s overall aesthetic elegant demeanour.

Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches art master series zodiac watch of the year of the dog
Summary: like the zodiac watches over the years, this watch is also limited to 12 watches, very precious. With a strong sense of belonging, it is also a representative zodiac fund this year and has a collection value. Now platinum, pink gold has been put on sale, like this watch’s cousin, may as well enter the brand store, further understand the details

It is the 10th anniversary of the first “home” of a watch brand in China

New products of various brands have arrived in China successively. The most awesome activity is to do it at home.
The “journey of time on the horizon” celebration A the celebration site of the tenth anniversary of Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches.
In the garden of li feng twin villas, 796 huaihai road,
A “10” shaped time channel, into the 10 – year celebration scene
More than a decade ago, luxury brands began moving “Home” to China at Mansion, Maison, Home and House. The “home” is different from general stores, flagship stores, product display and sale is just one part of it, more important is the VIP service and brand value, even the spirit of the brand. To really understand a brand, you must come to its home.

In the middle of the garden is a 6 meter high balloon
Among these “home”, Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches house is the earliest watch brand. Last weekend, at the Twin Villas at 796 huaihai road, the house hosted a grand dinner for its 10th anniversary. As an old friend of the brand, the four members of the Frau hip-hop group were invited.

Mr. Christian Selmoni, style and inheritance director of jiangshidenton,

Ms. Clemence Charrier, global retail director,

Ms. Song yilun, CEO of China,

Mr. Liu rongsong, general manager of China,

Loft craftsman client director Dominique Bernaz
The decade of the house is also the decade of the brand’s evolution in China. Such a top brand as jiang shidandong, the more important the activity, the less publicity, the number of people will not be large, nor stars will be invited, specifications are on the details.
The theme this time is “a wonderful journey of time on the horizon”. Mr Chiang was particularly inspired by this year’s launch of SIHH Metiers d ‘art masters series Les Aerostiers hot-air balloon wrist watches.

The acoustooptic dinner that day was a surprise.
A balloon’s projection suddenly appeared on the dinner plate, from the 18th century to the present
“It is through hot air balloons that man can see and see the earth from an unprecedented height,” ding explained to the teacher. Jiang shidandong art master series is the peak work of art wrist watch, and it is also the brand from its own height to make a new thinking in this field. Of course, hot air balloons can also be seen as the brand’s determination to keep breaking new heights.

At the end of the dinner party, the word “spend 10 years together, thank you for having you” was typed on the table.
For the celebration, John Chiang brought some special watches. Take a look at this set of 5 art master balloon watches. The five hot-air balloons are a tribute to the human dream of exploring the sky in a hot-air balloon from 1783 to 1785. France was ruled by Louis xvi at the time, and Paris was a fantastical city of science, magic and dreams.

In total, 5 style hot-air balloon watches in jiangshidenton art masters series are available, each style is limited to 5
A close look at these five watches is actually quite interesting. 1783 “brown” Versailles, showed by Etienne, cast al gore fe el (Etienne DE Montgolfier) was designed and first flight altitude balloon, engraved with three kinds of animals, sheep, rooster, duck was not sure whether human can live in the sky, so use them first experiment; The sky blue “Paris 1783” depicts two “skytravelers”, commemorating the first human flight in the air. The greenish-green “Paris 1784”, with its “wing gear”, is actually a system that controls the trajectory of a hot-air balloon. “Bordeaux 1784,” in Burgundy, was picked up by three travelers. The dark blue banier 1785 was seen by tens of thousands of people.

At the back of the hot-air balloon wrist watch of jiangshistanton art masters series,

This series of micro – arch hot-air balloons are carved on the gold diadu
Teacher ding zhixiang made the following comments on hot-air balloon wrist watch: jiangshidandon master Art series started from Metiers d ‘art Les Masques mask series wrist watch, and each time was full of ideas. This year’s new hot-air balloon wrist watch, which USES transparent enamel for the first time, gives a glimpse of the movement of the core from the dial. Hot air balloon is a topic of great concern to the general public. It is very creative to combine artistic treatment with wrist watch.

Expatiate gold carving technology of hot-air balloon table of jiangshidanton art masters series

Reveal the attic craftsman service
Everyone wants to have unique, for guests with clear individual style and requirements, constantin attic craftsmen service, can provide from the custom service, create excellence set complex technology and art in one of the watches.
Foulu hip-hop’s ding fang teacher interviewed Mr. Christian Selmoni, the director of style and heritage at vacheron, to explain the service in detail.

Christian Selmoni
The garret craftsman’s characteristic is that each garret craftsman’s clock work is unique. They are either superior and complex functions, or exquisite art and crafts, and some of them are the combination of both. The most important thing is to realize the dream of customers from scratch. We have spent a lot of energy on this project.

Craftsman service in the attic of jiangshidenton
The process of attic craftsman customization is not complicated, it is important to make the dream of customers come true. The guest in the house of jiangshidanton proposed the custom demand, the attic craftsman team will directly contact the customer, after the communication clear demand will do the drawing, the design.. Until we reach an agreement with the customer. After signing the agreement, the production can begin. It usually takes one to two years to complete, and there are seven or eight complicated ones.
Attic craftsman three ask tuo ferris wheel “twilight evening moon” wrist watch
This watch has a rich layer on the dial, using grey enamel technology, and combines two high complex functions of tuofei wheel and sanqun, which are very difficult. In terms of manufacturing difficulties, it is necessary to keep the enamel plate with a certain thickness and make it smooth so that the core can operate normally.
Attic craftsman art master “jin nian long teng” wrist watch
We hope to integrate the eastern and western cultures. On the left side of the watch is a dragon carved by hand, and on the right is an ultra-thin hollow core, which looks like a dragon guarding the core.
Attic craftsman art master animal wrist watch
Chinese consumers are paying more and more attention to jiang and their knowledge of clocks is becoming more and more complete. To my surprise, Chinese consumers pay attention not only to the complex functions of the super zhuo, but also to the arts and crafts, so our penthouse craftsman series will be especially popular in China.
This series USES grey – order enamels, using two single colors to represent distinct patterns. The gray-scale enamel raw material from Europe famous “ceramics capital of limoges”, the technique of ultimate effect similar to black and white photos, through the light and shadow show the beauty of the lines and graphics.
We hope to restore the animal’s original appearance, so we use realistic techniques. The choice of animal image and perspective is to highlight its most important features.

I have been with the house of jiangshidanton in Shanghai for 10 years
Mr. Ding zhixiang, who has been observing and understanding the house of John Stanton for over 10 years, has no more voice than him.

Dean of the
Ten years ago, when the house of jiangshidandon opened in Shanghai, I wrote a sentence in the preface of the tengwang pavilion: “you are as good as you are, you are as good as you are. I remember opening day, constantin made antique table shows in particular, there are four special delivery table, each one is unique, and the global only vacheron constantin’s home in Shanghai.
Ten years later, there are still very few places in China like the home of Shanghai’s jiangshi-danton. It has a display of antique tabulating machines, a special library area, an open customer service center, and a great technician. The equivalent of a miniaturized Geneva headquarters in constanton.
The latest and most special forms are here
In vacheron constantin’s home, you can always first see most, the latest and the most special table, limited and even unique custom table, can become more aware of vacheron constantin brand, for the clock lovers, glamour infinite.
In 2015, I placed a special order for a Harmony and rhyme chronometer for the brand’s 260th anniversary. At the Geneva watch show that year, I thought every new product was good, and then I decided to buy it.

Spend the time meter in Harmony and rhyme series for the teacher
The first thing that came to mind was that you must buy this watch at the house of John Chiang in Shanghai. In fact, this watch in Taiwan and Hong Kong arrived later than here, and I was almost the first guest to get it.
I got this watch in the middle of 2015, and it was the same watch I wore when I was on Lufthansa when I met a patient in emergency treatment. The watch has an insurance design that requires a bit of pressure to start up, and other guests mistakenly believe it’s broken. In this regard, I asked the staff to help me with the consultation. In particular, they found the designer from the Geneva headquarters and asked for detailed information. The average watch shop, perhaps a few words on it.

Threaddc tor on board card issued by Lufthansa to the teacher by ding zhi
The arrival of the goods on the same day, the manager is waiting for me in person, we together as friends about this watch, not like sales and guest over the counter transactions, such an experience with general watch shop is completely different.
Home like VIC service
The house is not only a watch shop, but a clock exchange platform. It is a small museum and a miniature of the Geneva headquarters of the house. I have friends who want to get to know him, and I’ll be at his house, and some of them have been there ever since.
The shop assistants and repairmen here are familiar with the guests and can call their names when they come. It feels like they are back at home.
In the past 10 years, I have done a lot of activities in the house of jiangshidanton in Shanghai. I have been there as a guest, a media and a lecturer. As an ordinary guest, the treatment is not to mention. After I bought the watch, there were CARDS and gifts for the holidays I’ll be invited.
Tuofei wheel, calendar can also be maintained here
The house has a customer service center and 2-3 resident technicians from the brand’s headquarters. The best part of this customer service center is that the complex functions of upper to tuo flywheel and calendar can be maintained in our store, and the three questions can also be adjusted. And the high complex watch money of general brand is not easy to maintain in the country, often had a problem to need to send to Switzerland, wait for a year and a half is common thing.
Even if you want to know the antique watches of John Chiang, the master can help you find them. And it’s face-to-face, not through narrow Windows.
I also play antique jewelry and chronometer myself. I have some antique jewelry watches and send them here for repair if there is any problem. If there are some minor problems with the watch, it is advisable to send it to him at once. In the long run, many guests have also formed the habit of coming here directly to see the technician watch.
In fact, the watch industry has been serving customers like this for more than 200 years. As long as your own customers come to the store, they will immediately serve you well.
Realize your custom dream from scratch
When I visited the headquarter of jiangshidanton in the early years, I noticed that there could be customized watches, and the needles, dial and strap could be selected according to my own preferences. The Shanghai jiangshidanton house also offered the service when it opened in 2008. The person in charge of the department of brand history heritage will visit the store regularly, and customers can make an appointment to make customized demands.
There is a computer that can connect to the system of the headquarters to place orders directly, unlike some brands, which may have to wait more than half a year for customization. I once met a customer who wanted to make a customized watch in the house of John Johnston. I didn’t know the identity.
High-end watch players are highly individualized, and the most complicated reference number is 57260 pocket watch, which is a customized project.

The most complex attic craftsman in jiangshidenton history 57260 pocket watch
In the early years of her promotion of customised services in vacheron, clients from Europe customized her wristwatch, a 24-hour single-pointer tourbillon triathlon. The dial only shows the current approximate time with the hour hand, and the exact time can be realized through the function of asking three questions and telling the time. It is a watch suitable for holidays.

The attic craftsman philosophy hia wrist watch
For those who want a special watch, but don’t have a specific demand, jiang will also make some unique products for them to choose and satisfy their dream of collecting. The loft craftsman watch recommended by Mr. Christian Selmoni in this article falls into this category.

Vacheron Constantin Watches father’s day selects deep paternal love to accompany growth

It is said that father’s love is deep and mountainous, he may not be good at words, but with a strong and powerful figure, quietly protect the family, with endless patience and tolerance, accompany me to grow up.
It’s my father’s story, and it’s mine. No matter how long it takes, these memories will never fade away.
On the occasion of father’s day, Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches carefully selected the Overseas vertical and horizontal series, Malte Malte Maltese series and Historiques historical works series wrist watch to appreciate paternal love.
Fun time – memories in photos
Innocent childhood,

Countless beautiful pictures have been taken.

Paper airplanes flying out of the balcony, origami boats on the park creek,

Flowing time, a black and white photo,

Record the star sea with my father in my childhood memory.

With this heart, everywhere.
Overseas vertical and horizontal series time

Model: 5500 v / 110 a – B481

Price: USD 224,000
Overseas globetrotting researchers-and time series with black dial and stainless steel casing, is equipped with three small silver dial on dial, black and white collocation of “panda” visual design, highlight the function of timing of readability. The chronometer is equipped with a 5,200 automatic chain drive, with about 52 hours of power storage and a waterproof depth of 150 meters. Through the transparent sapphire crystal bottom cover, you can enjoy the 22K gold swing decorated with windblown rosette. In addition to the fine steel watch chain, the chronometer is paired with two black Mississippi crocodile leather strap and black rubber band matching the color of the dial.
Deep time — the memory of youth
Growing up, I am ignorant,

You become a strict teacher.

Show me the way to grow up.

With deep love you watch the years pass,

Slowly melt my rebellious and stubborn.

Best memory, slow it down.
Malte Malta series tourmaline

Model: 30130/000 – B289 r

Price: USD 1,168,000
The geneva-based imprinting approved wine bucket tourbillon wrist watch USES 2.5hz vibration frequency. The lower vibration frequency makes the swing line of tourbillon wheels vibrate more slowly and enables collectors to appreciate the flow of time more carefully. Located at 6 points on the dial, the Maltese cross shape tourbillon frame not only endows the chronometer with unique personality, but also shows the excellent and extraordinary polishing and decoration technology incisively and vividly. The watch is powered by a 169-part, hand-operated upper chain 2795 movement, developed and built by John Chiang, and has about 45 hours of power storage. The sleek 18K 5N pink gold watch case and the delicate ink-brown sandblasted dial are filled with detail. The black double-layer Mississippi crocodile leather strap, which matches the color of the dial, is more attractive to men.
Quiet time — the memory of departure
Separate airports,

Your eyes are deep and countless exhortations to make a hug.

Though thou art full of sorrow,

But also firm and calm, proud of my growth and independence.

A moment’s parting is like a thousand years.

The moon in another country should be the same as that in my hometown.
Overseas Overseas vertical and horizontal series ultra-thin calendar

Model: 4300 v / 000 r – B064

Price: USD 590,000
Overseas vertical and horizontal series ultra-thin calendar wrist watch with 18K 5N pink gold watch case, thickness only 8.1 mm, delicate and thin. The transparent silver lacquer dial is not only equipped with an 18K gold luminous pointer and time scale, but also has a calendar and a monthly gain and loss display. As the current brand all perpetual calendar watch one of the most thin works, this wrist watch with vacheron constantin landmark 1120 QP / 1 movement, this automatic chain of ultra-thin mechanical movement a total of 276 parts, the overall thickness of only 4.05 mm, but can offer enough power for calendar and phases of the moon. With a water-resistant depth of 50 meters and a power storage capacity of 40 hours, the calendar display doesn’t need to be adjusted until 2100. The watch comes with a quick replaceable 18K 5N pink gold folding buckle and a dark blue crocodile leather or rubber band.
Free time — now memory
Years later, I became you.

To understand the joy and responsibility of taking on a new role,

Understand the pain and love of silence and severity,

Know the fear and comfort of taking your time to say goodbye.

History will remember, how meaningful are the years?

May you embrace the beauty of the world and enjoy your free time.
Historiques historical series of ox horn 1955

Model: 5000 h / 000 p – B058

USD 555000
Historiques historical masterpieces series horn design inspiration comes from 1955 Jiang Shidan make a ceremonious nod waterproof antimagnetic timing stopwatch, the diameter is 38.5 mm of platinum 950 casing, with delicate polishing “horns” table design. The opal silver central dial is not only equipped with an 18K platinum chronometer and pointer, but also has a 30-minute chronometer dial and a central chronograph second hand. The watch, which is powered by a 44-piece hand-decorated part, is powered for about 48 hours. Historiques historical works series inscribed with the seal certification of Geneva, ox horn 1955, with deep blue and generous grain Mississippi crocodile leather strap and platinum 950 buckle.

Metiers d ‘art masters series of Vacheron Constantin replica

Villes Lumieres city of light of Vacheron Constantin replica Metiers d ‘art masters series.New Metiers d ‘art master series Villes Lumieres light city watch, invite you to look down on the big city beautiful night scene, reflect the originality. The dial with dark enamel and flexible use of a variety of precious powders, in the form of micrographic presentation of the city’s brilliant bird’s eye view night view. The traditional large open fire filled enamel with the hand decoration of the precious powder technology, show the high – level watch industry. These eye- catching, beautifully patterned designs have opened up new areas of art and creativity through the Geneva stamp certification, extending traditional
techniques through novel ideas.

vacheron constantin replica

The brand combines two extraordinary skills to create a brilliant dream: the enamel in the big open fire is the craftsmanship of the craftsmen of jiangshidanton for nearly three centuries. The handmade ornament of the precious powder is the stunt of Yoko Imai, a Japanese guest artist. It is also the first time that the technique has been applied to the dial, which is beautifully decorated with gold, pearls, platinum and diamond powder. Through extremely careful design, these bright flash points outline the vast and magnificent view of the city. Show the spirit of the streets, rivers and famous landmarks. Metiers d ‘Art masters
series Villes Lumieres of watches all have distinguished Geneva seal engraving, carrying vacheron constantin to research and development and manufacture of mechanical movement, exquisite decoration technology and advanced tabulation tradition a direct line of succession. The four models of the series show the glamorous night scenes in Geneva, Paris, New York and Beijing. The brand will then roll out other versions of the city.

vacheron constantin replica watches

The art continuous innovation of Vacheron Constantin Replica
Metiers d ‘art masters of Art series Villes Lumieres’ watch extends the centuries-old traditional Art process of the river. In 1755, the first watch introduced by jean-marc Vacheron, the founder of the brand, used elaborate hand-carved rattan designs. Since then, for more than three hundred years, jewelers, enameled artists, sculptors and sculptors have developed and inherited rare and rare professional skills. The time is still, after years of ceaseless innovation, using their talents to give the table art masterpiece vitality. These adornment craftsmanship in photograph reflect, knead a variety of art craft, often combined with other
unknown or amazing art, such as coloured drawing or pattern, Japan phuong painting, carving or wire inlay gems, present a creative dial. While continuing the traditional features, Metiers d ‘art master series Villes Lumieres’ watch also opened the door for the exploration of new, contemporary and innovative Art in Vacheron Constantin .

vacheron constantin replica watch

Overlooking the night scene of Vacheron Constantin Replica By depicting the beauty of the night, Vacheron Constantin Replica shows the charm of these artistic and artistic metropolises. Unique precious powder ornament technology not only increases its insensitivity, more dial pattern strengthens the contrast of the light and dark, the formation of high and low effect on the vision, the detail presents the city’s outline and the emotion. Imai yoko creation of painting surface accurately reproduces the city different “drawing” of light, light not only express the change of the block, even the traffic landscape wear rates have become more vivid! In order to present the urban reality, these
exquisite works will be completed by several weeks of research and creation.

Vacheron Constantin – along with the music, the fantastic journey of the museum

With the development of the clock and clock microtechnology, these proportionally and lifelike little life evolved into the wristwatch. More than 200 years after the birth of the cage bell, Vacheron Constantin Replica  the chapter of the recovery, trying to recreate the old bird cage clock in the form of a wristwatch. The main character of the three-question table is a pair of tits from the Jura area, which are perfectly
set on top of the bird’s nest, and the nest is nestling. A titmouse slightly
lowered its head, feeding the chicks; The other one spreads its wings and displays its beauty. The nestling of the nest in the center of the bird’s nest is coming out.

Vacheron Constantin Replica

Vacheron Constantin – along with the music, the fantastic journey of the museumThe “time of the day bird” is a real automatic doll, the bird’s head and wings, the baby bird’s waiting, the bird’s shell and the flowing water and so on the activity scene gives the bird new life. Just pull down the pull rod, and you can hear the time, the time of the minutes and the minutes, and start the corresponding activity scene. This is Vacheron Constantinrs using the most sophisticated technology of the
advanced watch industry: three questions of time.

Vacheron Constantin Replicas

Vacheron Constantin – along with the music, the fantastic journey of the museum.The wonderful scene of “the time of the three birds” adds a touch of poetic and artistic sensibility. In Geneva, three questions were asked to condense all the symbols of the Swiss city, lake Geneva and its famous fountains, the parky lighthouse and the saleb mountain, the paradise of the birds of paradise, and so on. With reference to the beauty, the craftsman masters inspired again, from the magnificence of the alpine mountain be diffused to the natural beauty of the Rhine falls, from unlimited beautiful bright and beautiful day to the night sky, bright
show time bird of infinite possibility.

THE BIRD REPEATER GENEVA was asked three times in GENEVA
Vacheron Constantin – along with the music, the fantastic journey of the museum
Dial: 18K red gold dial; Hand-carved and decorated mother-of-pearl, black onyx
needle plate; Hand-carved and painted golden bird
Case: 18K red gold case
Machine core: manual chain 3 ask the time machine core
Power storage: about 48 hours
Diameter: 47mm
Limited release 8

Vacheron Constantin Replica

Vacheron Constantin – along with the music, the fantastic journey of the museum
Dial: 18K platinum dial; Hand-carved and decorated mother-of-pearl dial; Hand-
carved and painted golden bird
Case: 18K platinum case
Machine core: manual chain 3 ask the time machine core
Power storage: about 48 hours
Diameter: 47mm
Limited release 8
Vacheron Constantin – along with the music, the fantastic journey of the museum
Dial: 18K red gold dial; Hand-carved and decorated mother-of-pearl dial; Hand-
carved and painted golden bird
Case: 18K red gold case
Machine core: manual chain 3 ask the time machine core
Power storage: about 48 hours
Diameter: 47mm
Limited release 8
Vacheron Constantin – along with the music, the fantastic journey of the museum
Dial: black hand carved and hand-painted pearl shell dial; Hand-carved and painted
newspaper birds
Case: 18K platinum case
Machine core: manual chain 3 ask the time machine core
Power storage: about 48 hours
Diameter: 47mm
Limited release 8
Through the reverberations of time and space
Between the past and present, charming time bird watches is the peak of the wrist
watch production representative, it expresses the inheritance invariable loyalty of
brand technology, to some extent can be said to be the perfect of our cage clock.
It accommodates the quintessence of Jacques DE rodero on its own, sings the past
and promises the glory of today.

Vacheron Constantin – along with the music, the fantastic journey of the museum
Vacheron Constantin’s fascinating time bird wristwatch USES a new technique: sapphire
sound tube and carbon material piston. Sapphire is hard wear-resisting, carbon
material can reduce friction, improve waterproof property. The piston is designed
in miniature (the Swiss patent has been applied). The function is to pump, store
air and make the sound of the time. The enchanting time bird-watch is inspired by
wind instruments. Sound, the cry of a bird, is caused by air, not vibrations. The
master of the table made a long and in-depth study, using the reeds to simulate the
almost real birdsong.

The watch show the modern style of pure and simple: a whisper of shallow sing tits,
perched in 47 mm diameter watchcase contemporary scenario, black, gray smoke,
transparent color contrast, modern breath. When the wearer press case 2 location
button, disk 6 position was stationary time bird began to like the cage shape of
sapphire table turned to flicker in the mirror, and open my mouth to sing, and
inherit the cage the operation pattern of the clock is perfect.
Vacheron Constantin – along with the music, the fantastic journey of the museum
With attractive magic, this only conquered the hearts of all the birds through
time, Jacques johndroe also continuous innovation, for this purpose in the
continuation of the first wrist watch on the realization mechanism of the disk with
different decoration style. Show from the initial mechanical aesthetics of hollow
out just painted by carving craft and craft Swiss pastoral scenery, different
themes, given the different feeling of modern cage clock, to a bird.

A full moon of the Vacheron Constantin series

Above the dial, the canopy flow, the moon waxing; The beauty of time is manifest in the complex clock structure. The moon’s rain or shine circle is short, and the illusion is the most poetic aesthetic function of the wristwatch, which is a symbol of eternity and happiness.

Located in the north of Geneva, your valley, with its altitude of more than 1,000 meters, has formed a natural view of the planet. Special landforms and extreme cold weather have created the resilience of your valley. It is the origin of love, which is to enjoy the wonderful performance and exquisite craftsmanship, and to interpret the mystery of nature and time. This brilliant starry sky above the valley opens the initial pursuit of love to complex tabulation.

Vacheron Constantin Replica

Vacheron Constantin Replica perpetual calendar watch will astronomical accurate phases of the moon with a measure of the eight functions: big case grain decoration dial “Grande Tapisserie” calendar of all kinds of display: necessary/month for four dial shows a leap year, date, astronomical accurate phase and week, dial outer display of 52 weeks a year.

Vacheron Constantin Replicas

A full moon of the Vacheron Constantin series
Love the Vacheron Constantin tree series of a series of black pottery
The 6-point astronomical precise monthly display disc is made by the laser process in the quality of the gold stone material. The monthly phase shows that there is only one adjustment for 317 days per 125 years. Abby new research and development of Calibre 5134 automatic chain produced movement by patent suspended clockwork box design, polishing and polishing of all components are completed by hand, 22 k solid gold automatic pendulum tuo inscribed in “Vacheron Constantin” words, peripheral decorated with “Tapisserie” case grain, and dial plaid perfect echo.A new round of the Vacheron Constantin series of the Vacheron Constantin series

The moon disk is made of gold stone material
A full moon of the Vacheron Constantin series
Calibre 5134 automatic upper chain self-production
A full moon of the Vacheron Constantin series
Love the Vacheron Constantin tree series of millions of watches rose gold and fine steel Gazing at the dial, the ingenuity of the moon, clear and pure; At this festival, I wish you a happy and happy moon.

Why fashion jewelry embroiled in the competition of advanced brand watches

Stay in circles for a long time, or you already into the pit cannot extricate oneself, can appear a strange idea, for many fashion brands and luxury brands do wrist watch and jewelry brand, often see not pleasing to the eye, or think they lineage is not pure, or feel poor technology, or brand and tabulation fundamental wayward, anyhow is not. A very simple example, a lot of people don’t like Vacheron Constantin replica watches, the main reason is that feel kadeya is given priority to with jewelry, feel to watch, especially the advanced TAB, the lack of history and accumulation, although produced movement, still can’t and really advanced tabulation of the brand, but the objective fact, Cartier watch have very good sales. It’s a strange phenomenon, but it’s not surprising. People who look at the traditional high watchess tend to stay on the sidelines, but the interesting thing is that these brands don’t really want to attack and reverse this mentality.

 vacheron constantin replica

So what we want to talk about today is how to look at fashion, luxury brands and luxury brands into advanced watchess. I don’t remember clearly the specific is which brand of top executives, of course, a foreigner, when in an interview once said “we are not going to compete with traditional senior watchmaking, we make watch, just because our customer need”. I think at this point, it should be understandable that even if these luxury brands don’t have the luxury of playing with the wristwatches, they don’t Care, and the needs of the customers are more critical. That’s why smart watch outbreak in 2015, established some of these luxury brands on pins and needles, are the cause of the smart watch launch plan, montblanc, LV, bulgari, tiger elegant, etc., as the trend towards smart watches, consumption ability of the customer, of course need a wrist watch and ordinary intelligence different wrist watch, in addition to the function is very convenient, also need to have a class, this is the needs of customers, whether you can meet them?

 vacheron constantin replica

Every luxury brand, has its own culture kernel, the kernel is to make customers constantly choose this brand of reason, and after the customer approved this brand, he could make himself a part of life, are the preferred brand. We all know that tiger elegant is a tabulation of the brand, but when you walk into a tiger tag heuer boutique, you will find tiger elegant not only have a wrist watch, and eyes, hat, gloves, etc., it tells you, tiger how elegant is a way of life. This is something that I think is very interesting and extremely important for luxury brands, which is different from other so-called good brands because it offers more advice than the product itself.

In fact, the vast majority of brands with their own powerful luxury empires have never been more than just doing the same thing, which is not the same as luxury car brands. Into the LV flagship store, you can feel the LV world is different from other brands, it besides classic handbags, ready-to-wear, shoes, travel supplies, there are a lot of fashion accessories, perfume, watches, etc., it want to contract your grade, from smell to temperament, as well as auras. Hermes made leather goods, but today’s hermes, more than leather, has perfumes, silk scarves, ready-to-wear clothing, watches and so on. And these fashionable good things together, is the brand culture, brand culture and style, if you just for its reputation, so you spend money, there is a large part of the waste, only when you enter the world of luxury, knew real reason why it is so, you spend money to have a meaning. We know that hermes leather is very good, in addition to raw material selection, and it USES the hermes traditional techniques of saddle stitch, and provided by the world’s top designer’s unique design. Dior is better at colour makeup than these luxury brands, as well as wearing accessories and watches. Montblanc started out as a leather and writing tool, and today it is also making advanced watches, and one of the important things is the pursuit of the business elite.

Very similar to this is, and now some of the wrist watch brand, don’t just do watches, Vacheron Constantin has its own jewelry design, the count has been jewellery and watches double hand in hand, the same is true of Chopin. When you buy Vacheron Constantin jewelry, my guess is that those who understand jewelry, will think of so many professional jewelry brand you don’t have to choose, how to choose a predominantly do wrist watch brand, also a confused, in the same way, the reason is very simple, like Vacheron Constantin.

But we also need to know is that a luxury brand is never blind rashly, because itself brand tone is clear, so they need to do is how to design and tabulation together. Very pay attention to the advanced TAB, it is very fine workmanship, and unique way of present time, with this basis, it needs to be focused on as a commodity, its quality and after-sales. , for now we see a very interesting thing is, many luxury brands, have begun to invest to build their own watches factory, or buy other factory, hermes has Vaucher machine factory about a quarter of the shares, Cartier has its own TAB factory, van cleef in my impression is in building its own watches factory, montblanc has two factory. Actually we should be able to think of, tradition is important, but in a country is not large, Switzerland, tabulation is so rich and concentrated, want to invest to build a factory making clocks and watches, for rich luxury brands, is not so hard to do things, what’s more, behind them, tend to be a luxury goods group, within the group itself has the abundant advanced tabulation resources and technology sharing is often the things, so that the brand of the advanced TAB, as “not advanced”, did not think they sometimes very cow.

Actually say so many, just want to express my own for these fashion, jewelry, watch of wrist of luxury brand building advanced a point of view, is that we can still love the traditional tabulation, but don’t rush to deny these established luxury crossover work, they are not traditional, but sometimes more wonderful. Actually see GPHG every year, always can see some unknown brand has made some very interesting watches, although these watchess, we don’t buy, but they are interesting, we know that it is good.

Vacheron Constantin Replica, a moment of ten thousand years of constantington in Beijing, a brilliant night

It has more than 260 years long history never interrupt senior Swiss watchmaker vacheron constantin replica, to celebrate its exploring celestial mechanics, build a extraordinary achievements in the field of astronomy complex function wrist, special present bright and astronomical night in Beijing, celebrate new astronomical meter grand launch.

 vacheron constantin replica

Astronomy continues to explore the origin, development and characteristics of the universe and has been closely associated with the clock manufacturing industry. The clock manufacturing industry is committed to the constant interaction of celestial bodies through precision machinery. The vastness and the boundless and the small, just like the encounter between a giant celestial body and a miniature machine. The wristwatch is a mirror image, which maps the movement rules of celestial bodies and expresses the concept of time.

 vacheron constantin replica

Since the 19th century, Vacheron Constantin Replica has been working to create a wristwatch with the complicated functions of astronomy, constantly breaking through the exquisite technology of the complex functions of astronomy, and continuing the legend of the high level watch industry. To date, it has been unique in the field of astronomical wristwatch manufacturing. To celebrate the great attainments in the field of brand in tabulation, constantin will Beijing event unreal dream, worldwide through exhibition area display ShiWuZhan learning and interactive device, historical images and a grand banquet for astronomical ode, multi-dimensional ground emersion the mysteries of celestial mechanics and astronomy wrist watch charm.
The exhibition hall is full of images and watches. The three pieces of antique astronomical chronograph show the long inheritance of the brand. The astronomical watches of the various series of the jiangshidan series are also presented in the space. Astronomical watches round the exhibition hall, presents a September 17, 1755 Geneva over the night sky, this is born by the Paris observatory on vacheron constantin calculation of the time and place and, with the exhibition hall of astronomical complex function meter yi yi reflect. Guests can also get a glimpse of the new Metiers d ‘art masters series Copernicus Celestial sphere, the 2460 RT watch.
The sun, moon, earth and star, the four celestial bodies of the performance elements are all over the hall. As the most familiar cosmic object, the astronomical functions such as the standard time, the sun, the star, the moon, the calendar, and the perpetual calendar are revealed in the state of interaction between them. The colorful colors representing the four great celestial bodies are also projected around the pavilion, creating a romantic and profound cosmic atmosphere, and the artistic expression of the ideas embodied in astronomical chronology – the reverberation of celestial mechanics. In the interactive photography space with four celestial objects, guests can leave a unique and unforgettable memory.

A “time tunnel” created by the light and mirrors allows guests to imitate the deep blue sky. Through the tunnel into the dinner area, greeted by a grand dream holographic nebula stage 24 round table as a center of divergence, extension with orbital shape beautiful curve, like the long river of time and space in the flow through the bright light. In the middle of the table, the image of the nebula is scattered and scattered around the colorful “chaos universe” meal.
Dinner from a pure child’s solo, purely in the child’s and long, contains the human to see the moon and the stars in reverie, the search for the unknown, and think of the universe, lead the guests to enter the vast boundless astronomical world. Mr. Christian Selmoni, director of the style and history of the company, borrowed from the hologram stage and led the guests to enjoy the presence of the 2460 RT wrist watch of the Metiers d ‘art master series Copernicus Celestial sphere. This new astronomical time-scale masterpiece combines subtle decorative techniques with original time display to pay tribute to the relentless pursuit of the “heliocentric” discovery of the universe. Dinner at the end, a holographic image of sky outwards to dance to dinner to a climax, dancers in bright and attractive under the curtain of the Milky Way with dancing, suggesting the development of human civilization depends on observation of the big four objects and thinking, grasp of the astronomical law of time and let human joy. The performance makes the dream of science and technology collide with the artistic charm, make the moment and the thousand years in this encounter, the guests immerse in it, feel the extraordinary charm of time. In the light of the moon and the stars, the poet presented an astronomical and mechanical pena symphony that night.
After the big release, the exhibition will be in Shanghai, and will continue to travel to chengdu, shenzhen and shenyang. Watch fans and connoisseurs can visit the site, feel and explore the brand more than 260 years of long history and exquisite craftsmanship.

Vacheron Constantin Replica– a new chapter in the new sense of the golden charm of lucerne

Vacheron Constantin Replica— a new chapter in the new sense of the golden charm of lucerne. Vacheron Constantin launched online store experience, by scanning qr code can enter the treasure together of the micro world, handheld lucerne romantic charm and culture, in the form of a panoramic stereo rendering Shanghai store layout, immersive feel
for the customer. Use creative technique for rendering the pure golden charm, not only can make the customer insight into the brand from lucerne, Switzerland, has a long history and culture, can also be the first time to learn the latest information, presents the interaction forms that find everything new and fresh.

replica watches
From offline to online seamless connection, the Shanghai store concise and easy do not break elegant style and passed to the customer, the significance of Vacheron Constantin attitude of innovation, further enhance and improve the customers’ omni-directional brand experience.

Store design contracted atmosphere, traditional and modern elements harmony, create a relaxed and elegant atmosphere, skillfully display the brand style of baozilai, attractive stop and linger. The outstanding style design, for baozillai this century old to give the dynamic vitality, radiate a new charm.