Vacheron Constantin Urban Spirit art gallery at Paris

Romantic city’s exclusive night blooming bright, Vacheron Constantin watches Urban Spirit art gallery at Paris.

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Creative space in this night incarnation as gorgeous cityscape, witness Vacheron Constantin brand new Urban
Spirit series available. Vacheron Constantin is custom designed for urban travelers to reaches leather series. Each item in originality, innovation function and simple design, perfect joint pioneer a new generation of
people’s life demand.

Star-studded inside art gallery, star-studded, brand friend, actor, Rodrigo Santoro, (Rodrigo Santoro) with his girlfriend, Melanie Fronckowiak, actor Alex (Alex Pettyfer) Patty.The socialite luis DE kass, Jacques
(Louis – Marie DE Castelbajac), brand friend.Italian star Luca root tyrol (Luca Argentero), d secret angel Thayna Silva Santos, Bruna Lirio, British fashion bloggers Matthew Zorpas, Canadian fashion blogger Adam
Gallagher, men’s wear blogger Kadu Dantas, French actress Liz o, Gerry Mr. Ni Taglioni (Alice), Hande Kodja inside, Audrey (Audrey Marnay) and Melanie alizarin red (Melanie Thierry) to present.Stroll in the art
gallery, jointly explore Vacheron Constantin leather charm. Original rough industrial, dynamic city to participate in the activities of the art of music, interaction, create a vibrant city life space, bring multiple sensory experience for guests present.


Actors, brand friend Rodrigo sanchez, toro (Rodrigo Santoro), Vacheron Constantin global chief executive bo lang jie (Jerome Lambert) with the Italian actor Luca, o root tyrol (Luca Argentero)French actress Melanie alizarin red (Melanie Thierry)

Celebrities luis DE kass thayer, Jacques (Louis – Marie DE Castelbajac)
“We hope the Vacheron Constantin Urban Spirit art gallery enables the city Spirit.The positive guiding the people devoted to open new journey, explore the unknown other cities or discover own scenery.”
Vacheron Constantin global chief executive Mr Bo lang jie (Jerome Lambert) said, “Vacheron Constantin Urban Spirit series of new leather products and accessories of men, in major cities of the world’s contemporary travelers is dedicated to provide you with the integration of practical function and elegant style of daily traveling companion. Art gallery to the reinforced concrete construction, neon lights, and other industrial elements, create a natural rich Urban atmosphere.”

The actor Alex Patty, (Alex Pettyfer)
Vacheron Constantin Urban Spirit series wrist watch variety
Cocktail party, guests to wander on the background of metropolitan area, one by one, enjoy the Urban Spirit series rich variety of item. Leather series from a large size bag, travelling bag to document bag, double
walled briefcase, and so on. Man accessories series contains multiple design exquisite cufflinks, inspiration came from urban street building. In for the city life to become more excellent work, the new Urban Spirit
series of limited edition backpack is especially striking. To meet the demand of willfulness lone urban travelers multivariate life. This backpack equipped with special wind units, with the world’s metropolis
traffic map design for decoration, individual character is dye-in-the-wood. Vacheron Constantin dedicated to the art gallery designed the two unique Urban Spirit helmet, tie-in motorcycle being displayed, to pay tribute to the beauty of the flow of the city and each city explorer desire for freedom journey. Helmet model restore ancient ways, adopt the modern perforated leather material, reflective coating, add a minute to ride bikes, galloping urban elegant and fashionable breath.

French actress Liz o, Gerry Mr. Ni (Alice Taglioni)
Vacheron Constantin Urban Spirit series wrist watch exquisite workmanship.Present guests can also interact with Vacheron Constantin craft master site, close saw they show new Urban
Spirit series of exquisite workmanship. A street artist to his originality think of opportunely, use print technique, the Vacheron Constantin, smartly combined traditional leather technology and urban street art,
create extremely personality leather pen bag, a memorable. Calligraphy master Nicolas Ouchenir showed the guests the scene out on the streets of the calligraphy art, he is in the unique way for the traditional
calligraphy to deduce.

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D secret angel Thayna Silva Santos, Bruna Lirio
The event at the end of the Vacheron Constantin atmosphere held a warm dinner, elaborate dinner scene will urban spirit deduce acme. During the dinner, Vacheron Constantin global chief executive Mr Bo lang jie (Jerome
Lambert) shows the guests at the models show new Urban Spirit series of limited edition backpack. Indoor lighting glare flashing, rhythm of light color symbol character of wind in different cities, from New York to
Seoul, to name but a few. Dinner draws to a close, the guests still intoxicated with the rich urban atmosphere, meticulously after dismissal, each person on the streets of Paris, the night is deep, into the world’s most spectacular city night view.

Adhering to the pioneer spirit is the result of 1906, Vacheron Constantin breakthrough innovation to redefine writing culture. Today, the brand always sticks to the philosophy of continuous innovation and excellence
“technology makes every product: contains writing instruments, high-end luxury chronometer, leather goods, accessories, perfume and glasses. Vacheron Constantin each new works involve the innovation of the unique
function and eye-catching design sophisticated, all reveal the brand culture and the traditional workshop craftsman. Vacheron Constantin classic hexagonal white logo has become a symbol of both excellent quality and innovative design, tells of the brand is committed to build our lives in a global consumer zhi by partner’s beliefs. Rooted in writing culture Vacheron Constantin has international perspective in the field of cultural transmission, through different types of activities to promote art culture and praise those who played a promoting role in contemporary art and culture tour of the arts sponsorship.

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Vacheron constantin launched a classic “horns” timing wrist watch ear: micro between straight line and arc

In memory of the brand in 260 years ongoing art inheritance and innovation, Constantin Historiques series (vacheron constantin) equipped with classic “horns” timing wrist watch ear. The wrist watch in the tradition of Geneva brand core complex functions, powered by 1142 chain on the manual machine.USES the platinum is 38.50 mm in diameter.With a kind of unique style and slim watches ear.It deduces the subtle relationship between the straight line and arc.

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Vacheron constantin watches launched a classic “horns” timing wrist watch ear.This watches to understand the delicate relationship between straight line and arc
This meter because of its unique watches ear design named Cornes DE vache 1955.It is combined with bold design and tabulation of excellent workmanship. Watch of wrist of prototype was born in the post-war economic boom, has the magnificent classical design style, the brand with reworking on the modern concept, to classify the salute to vacheron constantin innovation traditional Historiques series. This series highlights the extraordinary unsurpassed brand creative vitality and the tradition of excellence clocks and watches, and for the watchmaker classic derived from Geneva inject new vitality, let the antique collectors and enthusiasts. New Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 is also the continuation of the series of traditional with the modern concept to deduce the vacheron constantin launched for the first time in 60 years ago waterproof antimagnetic timing stopwatch.Created eye-catching appearance of aesthetic design and precision of complex function, but also retain the classical circular double button, and the appearance of the “horns” watches ear, presented to reaches the vacheron constantin demeanor. This legendary meter also embodies the brand making high-end timing stopwatch long art craft.

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Exclusive innovation design of precision equipment and great tabulation technology of collision
Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 meter to the modern concept of the classical style in the 1950 s, design inspiration comes from vacheron constantin’s first waterproof antimagnetic timing stopwatch: this is also the brand one of the most popular with collectors three timing stopwatch. In addition to the iconic watches ear design, which refer to the original number 6087 watches of adopted a diameter of 35 mm 18 k gold watch case, and is equipped with two “mushroom” button and the screw-plug bottom cover. This double buttons timing stopwatch is equipped with accelerometer calibration, powered by manual chain on the 492 movement, soft iron inside case also can block magnetic interference. Cornes DE vache 1955 timing stopwatch because of its technical and precision in the tech world acclaimed, at the same time, the design of its innovation boldly presented vacheron constantin unique style in the 1950 s. New Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 timing stopwatch adopted traditional round watchcase design with a unique style and slim watches ear, deduce the subtle relationship between the straight line and arc. And its precision technology – through traditional Swiss watchmakers precision a peek inside, striving for innovation and the adornment of the meter when the contrast between to further highlight the personality of wrist watch. Made it to this unique innovative concept vacheron constantin of one of the representative works, and it is one of the most sought after by collectors three masterpieces.

swiss Vacheron constantin watches

This watches to understand the delicate relationship between straight line and arc
New Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 style of appreciation
Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 is a re-interpretation of the legend, the diameter is 38.50 mm of platinum 950 watchcase, about 30 meters waterproof, with delicate polishing “horns” watches design. Through the transparent sapphire crystal screw-plug bottom cover can enjoy the entire decorative complex mechanical movement. New watches also strictly at 3 o ‘clock position of the continuation of the original model of 30 minute dial and located at 9 o ‘clock position of the layout of the small second hand, and with the modem design and widen the wrist watch diameter is overall layout is more liberal than wrist watch, also improve the readability of various functions. Milky white dial silver plated by extending the area of the Roman numerals on collocation, timing and pointer material adopt the 18 k platinum, the central timing second hand, 30 minutes timing pointer and accelerometer calibration chose royal blue, further perfect the dial the readability of the whole. Besides have distinguished Geneva seal, Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 timing stopwatch also follows the brand exclusive supreme quality requirements, is an exclusive original, reflects the extraordinary process precision accurate, durable and tabulation skills.

This watches to understand the delicate relationship between straight line and arc
From the brand founder jean-marc Vacheron 1 hour meter made up to now, 260 years we have witnessed many of the most complex precision timing stopwatch, manifests the Vacheron constantin unique historical process. In 1877, the watchmaker from Geneva launched a first timing pocket watch. Since then, the brand will constantly improve the function, in order to satisfy customers independent “writing” time and comforwatches, elegant, precise control of time requirements. Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 adopts two classic round button design, machine core is adopted on the preciseness of the manual chain 1142 movement, and 3 hz frequency and a higher degree of seismic balance wheel design can further enhance the accuracy of the wrist watch. 48 hours of power storage, this movement by 164 decorative parts, all of them, and drive the hours, minutes, small second hand, the central timing second hand and 30 minute timer. And other new vacheron constantin movement, the guide pin wheel screw also USES these wrist watches the Maltese cross brand trademark design appearance.
‘s collector this timing stopwatch with unique brand temperament. As the continuation of this tradition, Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 limited production, in order to meet the appreciate such rare meter lovers.
Technical specifications
Historiques Cornes DE vache. 1955
Model 5000 h / 000 p – B058
The Geneva seal certification
Movement: 1142 vacheron constantin on independent research and development and manufacturing, manual chain mechanical movement, a diameter of 27.5 mm (12 points), the thickness of 5.6 mm, dynamic storage about 48 hours, vibration frequency 3 hz (21600 times/per hour), 164 parts, 21 jewel
Display function: hours, minutes, small second hand at 9 o ‘clock position, guide pin wheel timing time (30 minutes)
Atlas: platinum 950, 38.5 mm in diameter, the thickness of 38.5 mm, transparent sapphire crystal bottom cover, waterproof coefficient through the three atmospheric pressure test (about 30 meters)
Dial: ivory central dial, silver plated shiny outer scale (minutes and speed meter scale), 18 k Bai Jinshi standard
Band: double dark blue manual generous wen Mississippi alligator strap
Watch button: platinum 950 clasp, half Maltese cross design after polishing processing

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Vacheron constantin launch complex function of chronometer watch

Just as in the 1930 s, American tycoon Henry Graves to patek philippe and vacheron constantin building challenge tabulation process limit of complex function of thousands of requests for the same. About eight years ago, constantin received a declined to be named horological collector customized requirements.To create a “when one of the most complex plan”, the request to the attention of the incumbent President Juan Carlos Torres.Constantin accepted the challenge. The special program called Tivoli goal is clear.Constantin determined to create a beyond at the 250th anniversary of the launch of the Tour DE L ‘Ile (16) complex function, and patek philippe Calibre 89 (33 complex functional) complex. In the research and development production, after eight years of secret this billed as one of the most complex chronometer finally nearing completion.The brand is to determine the brand will be on September 17th 260 anniversary celebration of official release to the world.

Vacheron constantin launch complex function as the 260th anniversary of tzu chi foundation
Taking 8 years research and development of complex function pocket watch.This pocket watch is completely made by vacheron constantin to develop.Three the watchmaker, in charge of the Tivoli spent eight years.Have attic studio specially designed support team. This complex functionality hour meter will be made for 260 years, the pursuit of excellence vacheron constantin craft perfect notation.

Classical tabulation technology
This unprecedented complex function pocket watch combines the tabulation technology of the 21st century.As well as the classical tabulation technology, It has precise time measuring function.More in line with the requirements of Geneva seal at the same time. In this watches, there are part of the complex function is vacheron constantin developed from the original function, and other complex functions is based on the existing, from the technical upgrade and aesthetics, and these are also applied for a patent. Make it one of the world’s most complex hour meter requires not only non-stop perseverance, but also need to watch theory and tabulation technology of supreme master degrees.

Related technical details about this hour meter are still quite a secret stage, according to the exposure data, now this pocket watch will also show the commonly used g regory Gregorian calendar, and the four seasons, zodiac and points/solstice astronomical time related information. Part of and in the time function, can choose the model in addition to any big (GS), small (PS), and mute (CHI), time (SIL) the manual mode, you can also choose a new invention of silent NIGHT (NIGHT) model. In addition also has pick up the three axis of spherical hairspring stereo tourbillon. In the next few months, constantin will be released when the most complex in the history of thousands of related technology and information.

Vacheron constantin watch another flower temple Will be really beautiful

In these three watches, brand combined with enamel, the machine of carve patterns or designs on woodwork and stone enchases craft.To jiang yan mountain, the perfume of roses and tulips three flowers appear on the dial. Let the watch is not just a watch, but also the top art of wrist.

Vacheron constantin “flower temple” tulip wrist watch
Independent artists master Geneva type miniature enamel Anita Porchet will map the flowers design includs the petals, leaves, stems, buds, the blossom out. Set on the watches ring 60 brilliant-cut diamonds, total weight 1.4 carats. Watches with the same leather strap with flower flower color, with white gold clasp. In addition, the watches also carry the brand of homemade Calibre 4400 movement, the vibration frequency of 28800 times per hour, with power reserve for three days.

leather Vacheron constantin watches

Vacheron constantin mechanical level belt palace of art on wrist

Vacheron constantin watches  has a long history.It has for many years experience of tabulation.There are quite a few of producing a classic. But minimum quantity, the best quality, the highest price” has always been a vacheron constantin’s business strategy.Constantin in Geneva.Factory annual output is 6000 watch only. Since 1840, each watch production drawings, records.And the date of sale and movement watchcase number etc are all intact retention in the cabinet of the company. They will be superior technology, strict testing, exquisite craft and perfect model together.It create an elegant, impressive unceasingly, extremely rare classic collection value. In the long tabulation years, become the symbol of rare elegance unabatedly.

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Vacheron constantin special unique wrist watch
In honor of its cooperation with the national opera in Paris, constantin 15 is composed by the special unique Metiers d watch of wrist of Art works. This series of wrist watch dial design inspiration to grab the Marc Chagall (Marc Chagall) creation of card Neil opera eternal immortal of mural on the dome. Metiers d ‘Art Chagall&L’ Opera DE Paris series mainly adopts high-temperature flame enamel craft, this is the oldest and one of the most innovated traditional fine watch manufacture craft. Geneva tabulation technology used in high temperature flame enamel high melting point, at 800 ° C to 900 ° C, so it is unparalleled purity and durability.

A unique vacheron constantin exceptional design
Vacheron constantin is famous for its technology all over the world, good at complex mechanical watch manufacturing. With Les Complications series new watch Saltarello as an example, the bottom of the watches of transparent crystal, convenient movement of the wearer’s appreciate mechanical operation, owing to the high production requirements, so this watch limited release. Jumpinghour design is superb, it at the time of 12 window display time, half circle minutes, dubbed the “jump”, is very rare.
Recommend a vacheron constantin mechanical belt watches

Vacheron constantin watches picture
Vacheron constantin PATRIMONY inheritance series 85180/000 g – 9230 mechanical men’s watch
Series: Patrimony succession series
Style: men’s watch
Movement: automatic mechanical movement
Movement model: 2450 SC
Atlas: 18 k white gold
Size: 40 mm
Thickness: 8.31 mm
Crown: ordinary
The bottom of the watches: a trainspotter
watches mirror: sapphire crystal glass
Dial: white
Band: crocodile
Band color: black
Watch button: pin buckle
30 meters waterproof:
Function: the date shown
Recommend two vacheron constantin mechanical belt watches
Vacheron constantin globetrotting researchers-and series 49150/000 w – 9501 mechanical men’s watch
Series: the world series
Style: men’s watch
Movement: automatic mechanical movement
Movement models: Cal. 1137
Case: stainless steel, titanium
Size: 42 mm
Thickness: 12.45 mm
Crown: screw-plug crown
The bottom of the watches: ordinary
watches mirror: sapphire crystal glass
Dial: dark grey
Band: crocodile
Band color: black
Watch button: pin buckle
Waterproof: 150 meters
Function: the date display timing
Teach you how to take care of your watch
As outstanding symbol clock vacheron constantin, accurate and reliable, unparalleled. In order to guarantee the same good running state, constantin watches need to receive regular maintenance, to ensure that the service life of its outstanding quality and extraordinary legend. We recommend that you read the wrist watch specifications, it will provide you with wrist watch use the necessary information, and how to properly use the wrist watch as much as possible.

rose gold Vacheron constantin watches
1. You are advised to regularly vacheron constantin watch the complete overhaul of designated service center;
, (2) complex function, watch every three to four years for a complete overhaul;
3. · chain on the automatic or manual mechanical watches every four to five years for a complete overhaul;
4. Quartz watch every 6 to 7 years for a complete overhaul.
In wristwatches, usual face wet belts, for a long time to wash your hands with perspiration, dust dirt attached erosion in the air, when the leather strap to use for a long time, ineviwatches peculiar smell. Shanghai hendry watches maintenance center to remind you again, diet, life and habits of everybody is different, the discharge of perspiration, forming the filth of the different acid and alkali; In addition to produce good smell if continue to wear, and even cause skin allergy.
Teach you how to watch straps with care
1, the belt is the most attractive place is docile, comforwatches, elegant temperament; But the maintenance is not easy to is also a big trouble! Suggest that consumers in the winter or air-conditioned room temperature occasions to wear a belt your wrists too watches, in the summer, sports to sweat at the same time try to avoid wearing, if want to wear also please wiped the perspiration, thus to extend belt use period.
2, no matter which kind of leather wear for a long time will produce peculiar smell, so do cleaning and dry is the best magic weapon of belt maintenance; If the belt please with muslin fast dry, wet in wet cloth clean if there is dust and then dry with a dry cloth. In addition, if long time by the sun. Also can make belt metamorphic or deformation, this is the stakeholders need to pay attention to matters.
3, belts don’t always wear your wrists too watchess, if consumers have two replaceable wear (including) above the watches of the best, not only can reduce the risk of human injury and reduce wear the wear process of the tug and excessive use, more can let the belt moderate rest and breathing, well-ventilated environment, also can extend the life of the belt.
4, when your wrists too long wear belt watches not only can produce peculiar smell, hardening crack are common symptoms. Perspiration is erosion cortex, let the belt fracture, deformation, hardening and even lead to your wrists too watches often inexplicable loss or hurt is commonplace things; Cultivation of cortex of life, should be early maintenance and consumption idea, never showed, avoid unnecessary loss.
5, belt accidentally get wet in the rain wet or take off as soon as possible, dry immediately with a dry cloth and twist dry, can continue to wear; Have the normal temperature for the human body, if you want to collect must be natural air drying or on a belt leather, has protective effect on the belt.
6, when the belt generate stink, with soft toothbrush with some fragrant soap scrub the dirt quickly, quick rinse, adopt “will be expanded to knead a pinch a” way out of the can, process is best done in 15 seconds; Moreover in a natural way air dry or use hair dryer away from 15 cm (lest burns belt deformation) dry.
7, consumer can be a little leather belt with oil, “leather by not only the outside of belt has protective effect, but also create a more perfect maintenance. Attention! Best watches ears first, on both sides of the belt to separate cleaning, avoid by all means belt should not be soaked.

Vacheron constantin antique clocks and watches, feel the charm

Vacheron constantin antique clock collection market.Probably since 1985, the United States of the upper social celebrities wear up suddenly before world war ii class and guide for fashion. Manhattan’s financiers are more like to wear in the 1940 s patek philippe and vacheron constantin. The trend is very nostalgic.From the start and quickly the U.S. to Geneva, Paris, London… Until Hong Kong and the mainland of China, formed a antique watches collection hot.

In recent years, some domestic players gradually surfaced, antique clock into public view. Antique clocks to rise sharply, conspicuous. The more rare antique watches, the better the qualit.The price is more expensive.They are more in demand. Some famous brand such as hundreds of tamiflu, Cartier, vacheron constantin, rolex and audemars are collectors for most popular brands. In recent years, the appreciation of the antique clocks of fierce, compelling. Twenty years ago, a vacheron constantin antique watches only sell to $two thousand, and now you need to more than $50000.

In antique clocks and watches, pocket watches occupies very important position, main antique clock or watch. Antique clocks and watches the market at present, the price of the watch is still in a depression.

It is worth noting that buy antique pocket watch don’t pay attention to style or appearance.It is not superstition famous brand. As a state of antique pocket watch is often the important factors that determine its value. A watch surface and the parts are original, the proportion of new HuiXie surface and a small number of parts is configuration watches, 10 times value can differ.

Vacheron constantin antique clocks
Through the ages, artists are flower’s charm is deeply impressed. Whether one or the beauty of the flowers, magnificent, with soft petals nowhere not breath. Tabulation masters with a pair of eyes to find beauty and the infinite originality, mixing floral elements into clock design, with a wonderful artical excelling nature that the fragrance of the flowers appear lifelike, revives flowers in full bloom at the time of the moment.

The pocket watch was born in 1810, made of gold, linear vulture act the role ofing watchcase, machine carved silver dial carve patterns or designs on woodwork, decorated with linear and carving, carving flowers design.

The pocket watch was born in 1815, made of gold, carve floral pattern Mosaic garnet. Machine carved carve patterns or designs on woodwork eccentric dial with Roman numerals.
Vacheron constantin antique clocks and watches, feel the charm of old s
The pocket watch was born in 1816, made of gold, floral pattern carved watchcase, turquoise and garnet Mosaic decals. Machine carved carve patterns or designs on woodwork graduated dial with Roman numerals.
Vacheron constantin antique clocks and watches, feel the charm of old s
The pocket watch was born in 1817, made of gold, floral pattern carved watchcase, garnet Mosaic decals. Machine carved carve patterns or designs on woodwork graduated dial with Roman numerals.
Vacheron constantin antique clocks and watches, feel the charm of old s
The pocket watch was born in 1825, gold, ask the time. Machine carved gold dial carve patterns or designs on woodwork, central and dial is embossed with a design outer ring decorated with flowers.
Vacheron constantin antique clock collection matters needing attention
The nationality of the first, look at clocks, currently hidden city good for, method, antique clocks and watches as the best of The Three Kingdoms, while air with wide clock and Su Zhong had better.
Second, whether the internal parts of the clocks is complete, the outer casing of signs to see if there is any breakage.
Third, to identify the authenticity of antique clock:
1, the products are in good condition. First of all should pay attention to appearance to see if there is crack, deserve to act the role of whether complete, the walking is accurate, and choose the style unique, rare, or set with jewels, coloured drawing or pattern and enamel, etc., preferably from the masters.
2, whether the clock assembly. The clock of the clock style has many, but their design style and appearance should be coordinated. For example, round shape, diamond, peach shape, such as the different size or different style of pointer modification together, will not natural.

3, watch case is original. watches at the bottom of the pot is generally marked with the manufacturer’s name, according to the identification of its text, can judge the case whether the original. Watch-making watchcase material variety, on made of gold and silver case, and metal, the buyer should know fairly well before buying.
4, the movement is original. Most of the movement of the clock on the plywood is engraved with the names of the manufacturers, in the early days of the pocket watch, there will be the name of the producer. On some clocks movement, people can see all kinds of number. These Numbers, have a plenty of said movement unified specification number, some is said to produce year label, it is very helpful for antique watches collection.

Vacheron constantin watch men belt, looking for autumn/winter now wrist taste

Autumn season must have vacheron constantin men strap watch.Winter comes, the stylish men may have to change garments according to the garment to prepare properly.But don’t ignore that reveal grade details on wrist watch. Wrist watch and dress collocation rule has been change. Cold steel strap is inappropriate.You need to change it also to have from the charm. Wrist watch of spring and summer and autumn and winter is the biggest difference lies in the strap. Usually wear metal or rubber strap in spring and summer, autumn and winter wear leather strap watch. Belt watches not only than the strip appears elegant and formal, and the winter dress bring out the best in each other more. In addition, the style will match the wrist watch. However, as a successful men have a passion for watches, constantin man missed how strap watch charm?

Vacheron constantin is one of the world’s most ancient clock and watch brand, it is also one of the world’s most famous watches factory, it inherits the Swiss tabulation essence with a long history, each product in the eyes of love people in the watches, can be classified as irreplaceable timing art treasures. The winter of 2000, constantin wangfujing street in London sun dong market opened China’s first brand shop, the marks after entering the 21st century, constantin also approached the Chinese people finally.

Vacheron constantin watch men belt, looking for autumn/winter now wrist taste
1755, clocks and watches of young designers make – mark, cut long opened a studio in Geneva.He designed to produce the first piece of enamel dial silver watches.It become the initial thesis vacheron constantin. In 1819, franco vacheron constantin joined the company, the company’s products from now on with “vacheron constantin” brand name. Around 1840, constantin begin to create a revolutionary tabulation method, namely using machinery to produce the parts. In this way, the watchmaker can have enough time to display art talent, both in clocks and watches in the assembly process. Vacheron constantin, thus become boutique in the Swiss watch.

In 1880, constantin started using similar to four cloves petals Maltese cross logo.The logo is an icon of vacheron constantin later. In 1910, after years of research, constantin start to join wrist watch production.
“Minimum quantity, the best quality, the highest price” has always been a vacheron constantin management strategy. Factory in Geneva today, constantin annual output is 6000 watch only, because it’s every piece after several years of temper, every scale reflect master craftsmanship. At an early age, have been employed by vacheron constantin, for its clock and watch the product drawing and make the color porcelain enamel design. Now vacheron constantin still horological technology combined with artistic creation, will be superior technology, strict testing, exquisite craft and perfect modelling, and thus constantly create elegant timing treasures.

Vacheron constantin watch men belt recommendation: Patrimony Contemporaine ultra-thin asked three watches
Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin’s Patrimony Contemporaine 1731 movement ultra-thin ask three watches. Geneva seal engraving enjoys a high reputation, not only equipped with complex time device, to overcome the technical difficulties at the same time.It makes on the market at present the three most thin ask movement and the thinnest of 3 q wrist watch. Movement is 3.90 mm thickness, and pick up the movement of the wrist watch is 8.09 mm thickness. Handmade brown side lines of the Mississippi River crocodile leather strap make this watch more extraordinary sense of quality.

PATRIMONY CONTEMPORAINE 1731 ultra-thin movement
Model – 30110/000 – r – 9793, by the Geneva seal certification.
Movement: vacheron constantin research made on 1731 type manual chain mechanical movement, a diameter of 32.80 mm (14 ‘ ‘ ‘quarter method), the thickness of 3.90 mm, about 65 hours of power storage, vibration frequency 3 hz per hour (21600), 265 parts, 36 gem.
Display: hours, minutes, small second hand in the 8 o ‘clock position, three asked the time.
Case: 18 k 5 n pink gold, 41 mm in diameter, the thickness of 8.09 mm, transparent sapphire crystal bottom cover, not waterproof.
Dial: silver and ivory, outer arch, 18 k 5 n pink gold hour scale and type of pearl minute scale.
Bracelet: handmade brown lines of the Mississippi River crocodile leather strap.
Watch button: 18 k 5 n pink gold buckle, half Maltese cross design after polishing processing.
Accessories: “La Musique resonators du Temps voices (time)”, enhance vacheron constantin asked three time devices harmonic resonance effect.

Vacheron constantin zodiac remarkable skill show the intersection of eastern and western cultures

Vacheron constantin zodiac series watches that carry the Chinese elements on the stage TAB section.It enable foreigners to better understand China’s culture.To achieve the purpose of cultural exchange and communication, and also provide the vacheron constantin tabulation new themes. Vacheron constantin’s strive for development in innovation, so the vacheron constantin also leader and leading to watch. All details are below vacheron constantin series, 2 of the Chinese zodiac snake respectively wrist watch and in the wrist.

buy Vacheron constantin watches

Vacheron constantin watch Chinese zodiac – snake wrist watch
One of the world’s most famous clock and watch brand vacheron constantin, with “Chinese zodiac” as inspiration.Through the master sculptor and enamel cooperation, create a “snake watch”, made with pink gold or platinum, each set limit to 12, only in the vacheron constantin store sale.

Vacheron constantin zodiac remarkable skill show the intersection of eastern and western cultures
The design of the dial has a profound meaning, Chinese classical foliage pattern on the blue dial. From gold separation and remains committed to supporting body through holding more or less dominant.It subtle relief decoration create a feeling of depth. The legend of the Chinese zodiac, Garde Temps series on a cycle of 12 years to come. It began to snake model with the same period last year.

Branches and leaves pattern appears on the dial, from China’s classical image, directly on the metal etching. Half embedded mode still exists, from the bar information and communication technology to create the depth of the influence of various outstanding relief set a delicate stage. A leap a snake, realize the effect of it needs at least 30 hours artisans, craftsmen reflect the artistic vision of work. Then the phase of the Grand Feu enamel, invented in Geneva technology, only a handful of several craftsman retained this skill.
Vacheron constantin zodiac remarkable skill show the intersection of eastern and western cultures
The leaf seems to be floating on the dial. And the serpent eagle, alone on the scales, each has its own characteristics, on behalf of at least 30 hours of work, the craftsmen provide a visible behind the expression of the creation of artistic vision. Then is big FEU enamel stage, in Geneva and technological invention, this is still a rare breed of patent, the craftsman craft the legend of the Chinese zodiac thanks to collect information and communication technologies that quote art crafts area, diameter 2460 G4. Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin in keeping the original display provides all kinds of information and communication technologies with long tradition, continue to offer a hands-free tabulation art show time. Whether through 4 window respectivement reveal hour, minute, the date of the day.

Vacheron constantin zodiac remarkable skill show the intersection of eastern and western cultures
Signs of the kind of and drag the end of the first two 2 by leaps and bounds, and through the oven surrounding a central design dial aperture configuration. 28.800 per hour speed vibration, mechanical automatic chain machine, equipped with a 22 k gold put tuo decoration with the Maltese cross, history of brand logo dynamic geometry inspiration comes from a theme. Treatment of all shares information and communication technology is very complex finishing conforms to the standard set by the Geneva seal – the highest was founded in 1886, clocks and watches of all over the world confirm process of one of the markers.
Vacheron constantin watch – in the Chinese zodiac wrist watch
Goat is the symbol of vigor and independent spirit, in February 19, 2015, to send up in local, constantin will launch two new watches, adopts enamel craft sculpture art and special quality. Vacheron constantin’s skillful craftsman, with its exquisite skill and rich experience, have the courage to accept the challenge, and applied to TAB. Engraver and enamel division cooperation, create a two in the wrist, with pink gold or platinum, limited release 12 pieces of each style, only in the vacheron constantin stores sold them.
Vacheron constantin zodiac remarkable skill show the intersection of eastern and western cultures
Leaf decorative pattern on the dial from classic Chinese design, can directly etched on the gold. Design USES half embedded design, through the different shades of embossment carefully together, build a deep deep effect. Highlight the honeysuckle suspended on the dial.

The fuzz on a goat very exquisite carving, less than a millimeter thick. Through the creation, the craftsman shows us a tangible art view.
Vacheron constantin zodiac remarkable skill show the intersection of eastern and western cultures
After big flame enamel phase. Big flame enamel process originated in Geneva, so far only a handful of craftsmen mastered. By adopting continuous apply several layers of enamel glaze, enamel master further highlighted blue or bronzing dial visual tension. When enamel dial in about 800 to 900 degrees Celsius kiln fire, must strictly control the color of glaze and firing reaction, which requires the enamel division has a rational inference ability, and the ability to take several years to master. Before the last fire still need the last layer of transparent enamel, thus make the dial presents texture, smooth and bright glass make flowers design more clearly visible.

Vacheron constantin zodiac remarkable skill show the intersection of eastern and western cultures
As Metiers d ‘Art Art master eThe Legend of the Chinese Zodiac legends of the Chinese Zodiac series.One of the works which in the wrist watch Geneva seal engraving, and endowed with unique soul. Vacheron constantin hope that through this unique watch series, brand and senior watch collectors and senior tabulation technology unique way of communication between lovers.

Explore the vacheron constantin 1400 movement and watch appreciation

When you play with your beloved watch, listen it crisp sweet tick, looked at the clock never stop smile to walk.Do you think your watch is endowed with life really? In its body that forever tireless repeatedly doing back and forth movement of the balance wheel is its pulsation of the heart. Vacheron constantin movement process objective is “into the precise clock technology.From long tabulation tradition”. Vacheron constantin movement on the automatic machine core is the official classification of chain and chain on the manual machine.Manual chain on the movement characteristic to rotate the crown for movement on the chain, gradually loosen after the expiration of the mainspring.It is releasing energy. Now show vacheron constantin official manual movement models have 20 models, including but not limited to 1003 SQRH stopwatch, stopwatch, 1141, 1003, 1003, 2253 movement, etc.It focus on today is vacheron constantin models of movement and its carrying 1400 watches design is introduced.

Vacheron constantin 1400 movement
The machine core thickness of 2.6 mm, 20.65 mm diameter, part number 98.The jewelry number is 20, engraved Geneva seal, modelling beautiful, has reached the aesthetic feeling of art level.

The Patrimony 81180/000 p – 9539 carrying 1400 movement belongs to the men’s watches, with advanced TAB of the traditional high quality standard of the Geneva’s mark “certification.The strap material USES is precious crocodile, Mississippi 950 platinum material made of stitch button clasp. A good watch, not just the beautiful science, and must be durable. Imagine a perfect watches, but the dial is increasingly under years of comfort, really let a person heartache and regret.

The 81530/000 g – 9681 mechanical female watches set with 62 diamonds, tie-in vacheron constantin 1400 movement, using the vacheron constantin main Mississippi crocodile leather strap material, material for 19 k platinum needle button clasp, diameter of 36.00 mm, dark grey dial, edge arc design, as part of the pearl dot burnish, 18 k platinum into the watch case. Ms vacheron constantin of the watches, with their own characteristics at the same time.It also has a unique process. Both material cutting molding, and the ways of the surface grinding, are the players appreciate object.

Good watches, no one wants it for a long time. For a long time to can be handed down from ancient times. For a long time to accompany the generations to experience the vicissitudes of life on earth. Most common wrist watch with stainless steel as the material of watch case. But steel has many weaknesses. So, better than steel metal win: gold. Both in platinum gold rose gold, high-grade watch of wrist of selected objects. This gorgeous and dazzing extremely wrist watch case material use is 18 k white gold. In addition, it match the vacheron constantin 1400 movement, but also set up to 736 the number of the diamond, so many diamonds alone can take a very complicated process.

Vacheron constantin “engraved look art” theme exhibition in Newyork

Recently, the Vacheron Constantin wathes“engraved look art” theme exhibitionin Newyork’s home was unveiled. New engraved look art watches all appearance, exquisite carving craft makes each machine parts have buildings which are works of art.It again proved the Geneva watchmaker has a history of nearly 260 years and the innovation of the growing enthusiasm and infinite creativity.

Vacheron constantin product research and development department of art director Christian Selmoni on hand.The detail the historical origin and aesthetic brand engraved look process innovation. Manual sculpture master live engraved look excellent workmanship.Let the guest close experience the essence of the traditional art, taste the beauty of carve time together. Engraved look itself is a purely aesthetic process.But relative to the solid movement, engraved look movement of each working procedure is more complicated. First of all.The top qualified watchmaker (s) will need to rely on his own life experience.It is carefully for the movement to do engraved look with material as much as possible.To show the graceful movement, and to ensure the normal operation of machine core.It would be easy to achieve balance between the two. Conception, design, molding stage will need to spend hundreds of hours, and the more complex machine core.It has a complex function, the more time will be long.


Master process will spend a few hours after drilling and cutting all the mainboard, bridge plate.Box spring and other mechanical parts, then each parts, decorative sculpt again. And movement several times to return to the workbench can be perfect, until the exquisitely engraved look movement can fully display its charm. As early as in 1755, at the beginning of the name of the vacheron constantin technicians are skillfully use artistic process to add the aesthetic feeling of the clock. Manual sculpture is a challenging process requirement of the technologist is patience, superb techniques.It is used to make extreme light clock. Brand founder jean-marc Vacheron in 1755 first Vacheron constantin watch has been equipped with engraved look balance cock. Since vacheron constantin uphold the pursuit of transparency, to create more and more ingenious mechanical parts at the same time.

In 1924, produced the first overall engraved look movement and install it on a pocket watch. Since the 1960 s, constantin as a leader in the field of the extremely complex, showing the boundless creativity, gradually using engraved look on various and simplified different movement process, but also skillfully combines engraved look craft and other art craft.In all kinds of pocket watch and watch shows the clock and watch making tiny miracle. This year, constantin reshaped the aesthetic concept and reshape their craft, new engraved look series wrist watch, once again, to broaden the territory of his art. It leads the engraving process created a linear form staggered curve sculpture effect, create stunning light and shadow.