Fan bingbing on DE beers Madison avenue flagship store opening ceremony

DE beers diamond jewelry, recently announced the latest flagship store opened officially Madison avenue in New York, fan bingbing as special guests, the launch of the ambassador made a special trip from Beijing to New York, for the new store. Flagship store covers an area of about 200 square meters, is located in Manhattan’s upper east side of the gold section 716 Madison avenue, 64 Madison avenue and 63th street intersection of the street. Store design main warm color highlight elegant warm atmosphere, DE BEERS to the U.S. market for the first time transfer the new design inspiration of DE BEERS and brand concept.

DE beers diamond jewelry latest flagship store opened officially Madison avenue in New York
New York flagship store on the first floor display high-end jewelry, single beautiful diamond and jewelry design series, wedding series exclusive salon on the second floor, the VIP room for customers who need the honourable custom service provides a more luxurious and private space. In the store, customers can touch the DE beers diamond, feel without the appearance of the polished diamonds, and through the DE beers “FOR YOU, FOREVER” custom service, design your own exclusive diamond ring.
Selection of fine jewelry in the store including the beauty of London impression series and 1888 masters series
Selection of fine jewelry in the store including week haute couture in Paris this summer’s latest LONDON BY DE BEERS LONDON master impression series and 1888 series beauty. Shops equipped with DE beers for the customer IRIS diamond flame detector, to reflect DE beers diamond rigorous pious attitude.

DE beers Madison avenue store appearance in New York
DE beers diamond jewelry, chief executive of FRANCOIS DELAGE said: “we are pleased to announce that DE beers diamond jewelry is located in Madison avenue flagship store opened. Here is a better brand positioning and our excellent service. We carefully build the ideal space, in order to make customers feel more close to the beauty of the DE beers diamond jewelry, unique and enduring the bright light. We sincerely invite all customers come to the display works with fine jewellery and the beauty of space, experience tailored personalized service, diamond technology and the perfect combination of art and design. This is DE beers to the U.S. market and customer sincere invitation and hospitality.”
Kate mara attend DE beers flagship store opened in New York
Grey, ge he attend DE beers flagship store opened in New York
Fan bingbing as DE beers the opening ceremony of the new store in New York’s launch ambassador to be present
To celebrate the Madison avenue flagship store opening, DE beers to invite celebrities Manhattan elites in a cocktail party. Kate mara, grace, ge wiig several international film outstanding women on the ground, reception site background music is from London’s famous DJ in Harley, viola, Newton. Event also exhibited extremely precious diamond – A 109 carats, rating for TYPE II TYPE A diamond stone. Fan bingbing as DE beers the opening ceremony of the new store in New York’s launch ambassador to be present.
Fan bingbing, elaborate collocation De Beers London By De Beers London impression series of fine jewelry

Attend the new store opening ceremony of the fan bingbing, elaborate collocation De Beers London By De Beers London impression series of high-end jewelry, Albert Bridge, Bridge of necklace will be her swan neck Albert foil more graceful slender, Thames Path a diamond ring and earrings Thames Path more lights dazzing, her skin Bai Sheng snow, and fan bingbing, fashion the queen the powerful current of bring out the best in each other.
In the fan bingbing, LONDON BY DE BEERS impression series of LONDON’s most attract she is in the design of the independent temperament and historical background. “I could imagine an elegant, confident, intelligent woman wandered in London streets with a long history, has a maverick, calm temperament, just like the sense that gives a person the city of London, deep and rich individual character.”
The CEO FRANCOIS DE beers diamond jewelry DELAGE of guidance, fan bingbing, visited the flagship store in New York
In DE beers diamond jewelry, chief executive of FRANCOIS DELAGE of guidance, fan bingbing, visited the flagship store in New York, elegant decoration and warm atmosphere to her call, said “the diamond under the lamplight shine and window reflection beautiful let me reluctant to blink.”

DE beers diamond jewelry is committed to praise the outstanding talents of the female, giving women more permanent bright beauty and confidence. As ambassador to open new stores in New York, “fan bingbing” the beauty of the trademark, independent and confident working with the concept of DE beers complement each other, by the representatives of the “beautiful” women opened a new chapter of DE beers diamond jewelry, adumbrative DE beers will perfect continuation from 1888 diamond brand founder of legend, the myth of remarkable achievements.

It could be better if she wear replica Vacheron Constantin Watches Replica at the same time.Do you think so?

Vacheron Constantin Watches Replica
Vacheron Constantin Watches Replica

Follow the universe modern fine wear watches

D the secret big show aired the other day, in addition to Chinese d secret supermodel were made enough everyone’s attention, one of them from the 95 Los Angeles after supermodel – Gigi Hadid (Gigi Hadid) are maxed out media pages. The young girl is not the most thin in a the supermodel, most beautiful, is not even the highest, but her fashionable degree has absolutely no “left behind”. At ordinary times young girls always feel some old wear watches, still not quick to see somebody else after 95 how fashionable watches to wear! Do you need buy Vacheron Constantin watches replica ?

replica vacheron constantin watches
replica vacheron constantin watches

If you still feel is wearing a bracelet only the most correct tie-in rule, it is a mistake. See Gigi wrist always all kinds of bracelets in stack build, this is both beautiful and fashionable collocation machine carefully, try to go home you will know the effect.
Recommend a watches:
Series of Cartier Cartier Love bracelet
Recommend a watches:
Tiffany & Co. T series Tiffany Tiffany bracelet
Who says will big earrings, you play with your Oversize, I put my fine jewellery
This year Oversize wind is coming again, but not all of the watches will not big good-looking! Well-made small earrings is a ascension temperament cook, look at the modern pure Gigi earrings and many cabinet and delicate style, what are you waiting for? !
Recommend a watches:
Piaget earl Possession series earrings
Recommend a watches:
Series of Cartier Cartier Panthere DE Cartier earrings
Tassel earrings tide flavour is dye-in-the-wood
Tassel as one of big this year heat element how can get away with it “drawn” Gigi, but out at the door wanted to dress casual, some tassel earrings can let a person feel is exaggerated and Over, then the beginning Gigi a single long earrings also is pretty good yo Gigi and sister together to take part in this year ~ d up secret show, when two people play, also can see the ear flap of earrings.
Recommend a watches:
Gucci Gucci 18 k platinum diamond earrings
Recommend a watches:
Piaget earl Possession series earrings
Don’t wear which, then to universal long necklace
Time in a hurry, too late to think about what kind of watches collocation, but don’t feel less wear watches, the choice of the long necklace. See Gigi collocation suits, shirts, jeans, all sorts of joker ever! Don’t choose too exaggerated style also can let you immediately the modern degree of double.
Recommend a watches:
Series of Cartier Cartier Panthere DE Cartier necklace
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Cartier Cartier Juste UN Clou series long necklace
Well, with everyone say so ill watches machine carefully, let you need not spend expensive price can also wear a fashionable watches. Gigi is a universal supermodel, is not only good runway walk, presided over the somebody else is also quite good. Gigi’s long legs and body may be more difficult to go beyond, but we can definitely learn her watches collocation.

Silicon hairspring is also populist

If there is a so-called “net red” TAB boundary, so, silicon hair must be one of them. In recent years, many brands have launched using silicon hairspring wrist watch. However, most of these silicon hairspring wrist watch is a senior watch, let a person look up prices tend to hold tens of thousands or ten thousands, ordinary consumers can only “at the watches it.” With the degree of belem sai li series silicon balance spring observatory certification Caliber 80 long kinetic energy storage wrist watch, silicon balance spring began to start the populist route, “flying off the shelves.

In this sense, just from the silicon hair?

Start with silicon. This is a widely exists in the elements in the crust, its reserves is second only to oxygen, is inexhaustible, an inexhaustible. A lot of the advantages of silicon, its hardness is higher, the corrosion resistance is strong, and will not be magnetic. As we know, with the development of science and technology, can let the wrist by magnetic objects more and more, such as computer, speakers, mobile phone and so on, sometime when wrist watch will be affected by magnetic and appear larger deviation as well.

Hair is one of the more vulnerable to magnetic components. Made of silicon largely dispense with the wrist by magnetic troubles. Can and silicon by its geometric characteristics, produce better isochronism, help to watch accurate travel time. So, silicon is suit to do a material balance spring.

Here, maybe there are concerns that the silicon balance spring because of high hardness, easy to broken. I am of the view is very simple, first of all, so many big in use, speaks for itself the silicon material is reliable, after several years of development, the making craft of silicon balance spring has been mature. Moreover, in the case of normal use, silicon hairspring basic is no problem. If intense collision occurs, then, even the ordinary balance spring, also possible problems.

Belem li series has always elegant buildings, a lot of friends at fancy belem race, because it is the ordinary design. The belem li long series silicon hairspring kinetic watches, is a salute to the 40th anniversary of belem sai li series available, landmark. Watch the curve of the delicate and smooth, very artistic lasting appeal. Its design inspiration comes from milan, Italy neoclassical building Emmanuel ii arcade.

Belem “li long series silicon hairspring kinetic watches with stainless steel, 40 mm in diameter, is currently the more mainstream dress wrist size. Clean white dial. Is still a crown princess pointer, is still a strong elegant, but due to the stainless steel strap, wrist watch in elegant much a hale and hearty. Wrist watch mirror and watches are the sapphire material, watches treated with double anti glare lens, more practical.

This is a watches observatory, the degree of the observatory watches, can be said to be one of the most populist Switzerland observatory. The scope of its theory, difference, between 4 and + 6 seconds. Degree of the observatory watches as relatively more secure, not only in the movement components such as spring also after the upgrade, so the precision is not that simple, component itself is optimized. This wrist watch, set the elegant design of belem sai li, 80 hours long kinetic energy storage, antimagnetic silicon hair effectively, as well as the observatory certification at a suit. I think it is worth having a wrist watch.

Get more information for Vacheron Constantin Watches Replica

replica Constantin Vacheron watches
replica Constantin Vacheron watches

Vacheron Constantin watch maintenance and use of guidelines

Bud Drjobson is Mr. Vacheron Constantin watches replica in his name as a brand, founded in 1976, said the family firm. Each bud ,Drjobson watches are absolute value. Unique brand personality, located in the perfect combination of modern and traditional classic, to meet the needs of the pursuit of the traditional classical design of young customers. How do you
ensure that Vacheron Constantin wei wrist to keep the best performance?

Vacheron Constantin watches replica
Vacheron Constantin watches replica

Vacheron Constantin watches use maintenance method
1. Clean the watch, please use soft dry cloth.
Wrist watch 2. Avoid contact with perfume, alcohol, or oily products, in order to avoid damages to the seal, belt or
3. Ensure that set-up for clock and calendar crown in a press into position, so as to avoid dust or water infiltration.
4. Avoid friction, scratched case and strap.
5. Prior to physical labor work, please take off wrist watch.
6. If you watch with leather strap, when it should avoid wearing too tight. Unless strap waterproof, should not put it in
the water.
7. To avoid place your wrist watch in temperature rapidly changing environment.
8. Don’t wear, please place your wrist in a cool and dry place
Vacheron Constantinweil Vacheron Constantin watch maintenance requirements
1. In order to ensure the wrist watch performance is good, at least once every three years to maintain.
2. The battery should be able to maintain three years. If the wrist watch needs a new battery, please change as soon as
possible, because run out of battery it might damage the machine.
3. With the function of waterproof model should be at least once every two years to check seals, such as the wearer
shower without except the habit of wrist watch, you should check once a year to make sure its waterproof function.
4. Such as watches for inspection, maintenance or repair, must be taken to grey Drjobson official distributors to handle.
Vacheron Constantinweil Vacheron Constantin watch waterproof matters needing attention
Wear a wrist watch swimming, how deep can swim?
In the case of a wrist watch waterproof function, the following matters is that you can do and should be avoided. All
engrave each bud Drjobson wrist watch on the back of the ATM value can withstand a hydraulic pressure of (10 meters).
1-2 ATM, rain to wash your hands
3 ATM bath, wash the car
5 ATM swimming
10 ATM diving
20 ATM scuba diving
Wear is not recommended to do a sauna and steam bath. In fact, unless the crown and the push rod tighten, the watches
should not be worn when swimming or diving, especially in the coastal great climate and temperature changes.

replica vacheron constantin watches
replica vacheron constantin watches

Vacheron Constantin watches callback methods

Full of beautiful things in eyes of Vacheron Constantin Replica watches now, more and more kinds, surface also change a lot, many needles, multi-function Vacheron Constantin watch more and more, but manufacturers are not equipped with the instructions, also bring so many not convenient place, here many user experience is summarized, and attached some simple instructions, hope to be able to give you a little help.

Replica Vacheron constantin watches
Replica Vacheron constantin watches

Vacheron Constantin watches callback methods
1. Unscrew the Vacheron Constantin watch in the middle of the first button, loosen, pull the without watches state rotation is wound up, the new Vacheron Constantin watches or long watches proposals wind-up 30 times or so, it can give a watches reserve some momentum, lest caused by activity not pause or timing is not allowed.
2. Pull back turn clockwise two laps at 7 o ‘clock position to stop. Why do this? Because the new Vacheron Constantin watch without running down the following functions will be stuck. If for a long time didn’t wear suggestion is also such operation mind was no damage of the machine. watches and then pull out a block, is the date, 1-31, encountered in only 30 days, to hand over the 31st.
3. The chart pull out second, adjust the time.
4. Vacheron Constantin watches top right button is week, dial 9 o ‘clock position within the small dial. Under the function of the week is a circle jump 7 or multiples of 7 to 14. Namely: jump once in the morning, afternoon jump again.
5. Vacheron Constantin watch is in the lower right button, display dial at 3 o ‘clock position within the small dial. In a circle jump under 12. If is a calendar is a circle jump 31.
6. Dial 6 o ‘clock position within the small dial for 24 hours, according to it is the time in the following turn clockwise, so this feature is a 24-hour.
7. Avoid by all means don’t 23:00-5:00 in the morning in the evening time adjust time and Vacheron Constantin watches function, so as not to damage parts.

Vacheron constantin replica OVERSEAS globetrotting researchers-and world time presents a unique world view

Vacheron constantin replica following SIHH 2016 Geneva international advanced and horological exhibit new Overseas after the world series, make persistent efforts to launch Overseas globetrotting researchers-and world time.

Three models – equipped with blue, silver or brown dial – inspiration originates from leisure elegant spirit, convenient and practical, and meet the practical needs, the traveler just glance can easily grasp the time around the world by replica tmf watches.

Overseas globetrotting researchers-and world time 37 time zones can be shown, including differ with the world standard time (UTC) half an hour or 15 minutes of time zones. Display area consists of three parts. Central “Lambert projection method is used to land (Lambert) painted with burnish of sun wen satin drawing () and Marine (velvet smooth grinding), match with the name of the city of translucent light lacquer face plate. The third sapphire covering on the map, through clever bituminous coal gray gradient synchronization with 24-hour dial, day and night to provide instructions. Finally, translucent bright paint velvet texture outer ring indicate hours and minutes.

As the ideal travel companion, Overseas globetrotting researchers-and world time watch case is 43.5 mm in diameter, carry 2460 WT movement. The automatic chain machine core is Vacheron constantin replica r&d and manufacturing of the patent on its own machine, vibration frequency of 28800 times per hour, dynamic storage about 40 hours. 22 k gold set on tuo emblazoned with a picture of the wind rose a compass, indicate the cardinal points for travelers the world universal logo – after sanding, polishing grinding and fine texture. All display function can be through the crown easy set-up.
The new watch Geneva seal engraved, collocation is easy to remove substitution mechanism make flexible wearing more comforwatches. In addition, the original strap/bracelet and folding clasp replacement device can make the customer in the case of without using any tools for safety disassembling replacement, at the same time does not affect the watch chain, or strap strong durability.

The Geneva seal certification
Movement of 2460 wt
Automatic chain mechanical movement
Research and development and manufacture by Vacheron constantin replica themselves
22 k gold Overseas globetrotting researchers-and put tuo
Diameter of 36.6 mm (11 quarter method), the thickness of 7.55 mm
Power reserve about 40 hours
Vibration frequency of 4 hz per hour (28800 times)
255 parts
27 gem
Display hours, minutes
The second hand
The world time (37 cities)
Day and night instructions
Fine steel watchcase
43.5 mm in diameter, the thickness of 43.5 mm
With the installation of magnetically soft iron
Screw-plug crown
Transparent sapphire crystal watches bottom cover
Waterproof after 15 atmospheric pressure test (150 meters)
The dial is composed of three dial:
, in the northern hemisphere map using sun wen satin drawing sea land and velvet smooth polishing. Translucent silver/blue/brown lacquer plate rotation type city name
24 hours day and night, rotary dial with sapphire and instructions (between 6:30 in the morning at 6:30 p.m. on black background)
, translucent light lacquer watches silver/blue/brown, ivory grinding modified rotational minutes ring
18 k gold hours and minutes Pointers have white luminous coating
Bracelet/strap stainless steel bracelet, after polishing processing section for half Maltese cross and satin drawing the chain
Equipped with a second black/blue/brown big checkered hand-stitched Mississippi alligator skin strap, soft and comforwatches black leather lining
Equipped with article 3 of the black/blue/brown rubber strap
Clasp stainless steel bracelet with three folding clasp, stainless steel and perfect replacement device is equipped with a button
With the second three folding clasp, stainless steel and equipped with a button
And replace the strap and perfect matching replacement device (patent)

Wrist watch balance spring lock seismic system Vacheron Constantin shockproof anti-collision patent

Since 1891,Replica Vacheron Constantin Watch has been in its strict specifications and manufacturing quality, to achieve accurate, high quality and reliable. Vacheron Constantin watches as the vanguard of the precision meter, and has a long history of traditional American railway, is the one of the most highly status and revered brands. Watches are not allowed to be one of the most common as the main reason for the displacement of movement after the shock of hair. The first revolutionary patent registration SpringLock ® seismic protection system, can effectively reduce the error is as high as 66%, as to ensure accurate as well.

“Hair locks” by Vacheron Constantin watches exclusive research and development, the movement of the hair is surrounded by “shielding”, can effectively absorb when watches from the impact of energy. Hair is a small around the watch at the core of spring, one end connected to Balance the Balance wheel (Balance), another end is connected to Balance the splint (the Balance – cock). The balance spring and balance balance wheel constitute the regulation system of watches, directly decided to watch is accurate as well. The balance spring and balance splint is one of the most vulnerable part of the watch, especially in the case of encounter hit so hard. “Hair locks” seismic system is the Vacheron Constantin watches especially accurate and to develop the system to ensure that the machine operation.

Movement of the hair is surrounded by “shielding”, can absorb when watches from the impact, produced by the energy; The impact of these external impact, is enough to make walking to the general mechanical movement error, high about fast or slow 60 seconds a day. “Hair locks” seismic system can effectively reduce walking up to 66% of the error, to ensure that the mechanical movement accurate as well. The wearer can now be free to participate in all kinds of sports such as golf, because even impact force in the world and the watch still can accurately tell time.

Conclusion: the birth of revolutionary device “hair locks” protection for mechanical movement, Vacheron Constantin watches again raise its watches a remarkable endurance and shockproof function. Vacheron Constantin watches rich spirit of adventure, love challenges, perseverance, and visual aesthetic feeling. Vacheron Constantin watches of various series watches the dynamic of its strong personality also shows.

In the beautiful pearl river landscape Appreciate hui yue with vacheron constantin splendour of beauty

The real art, is stand the test of time Sina le ju – More than one hundred years ago, the eternal immortal masterpiece vacheron constantin replica, from the pearl river in China, with “roam everywhere, light and shadow stealth” photography can, to a beautiful pearl river observation deck, by accident or inevi Vacheron Constantin?

leather Vacheron constantin watches
leather Vacheron constantin watches

Share in the meeting, brought new Overseas new Replica vacheron constantin, from simple elegance to finely crafted, each all represents the tabulation technology of senior Swiss clock reach the limit, the machine with kingold DE hui yue (
Free checking) the pursuit of perfect, perfect, international quality and style, the intersection reflect. In the meantime, Mr Vacheron constantin brand Lv Shangyuan photography masters, more from the unique Angle of view with the guests to share his world with view of the world.

Guangzhou pearl river 100 meters high in the sky, the scene appreciate vacheron constantin new Overseas product, watches with beauty, bring out the best in each other!

Pictures such as language, to master every precious moments, to feel the unique time youth.
Follow in the footsteps of photography master Mr Lv Shangyuan vacheron constantin brand, from the unique Angle of view from his globetrotting researchers-and world view, as he puts it, “the history of a person’s status is far better than simple shooting a person looks more meaningful”.

Vacheron constantin brand photography masters Lv Shangyuan more improvisation, leave to wear for every guest Overseas new personal photos, keep watch and guests fai mutual reflection, touching moment.
Site, the new Overseas products, from simple elegance to finely crafted, each all represents the senior Swiss clock height of tabulation process, from the simple and elegant to finely crafted, each all represents the senior Swiss clock height of tabulation technology, it has to do with, kingold hui yue, the pursuit of perfection, perfect, international quality and style, the intersection reflect.

Blancpain and Vacheron Constantin: fight nationality is the top watch “face”

We spoke to Chinese officials, U.S. officials and business leaders to wear any table, but it seems not talked Russian officials wear what kind of table. We often with rich or wear a populist politicians wrist watch for virtue, but combat ethnic style is not like that, like treasure pearl and Replica Vacheron Constantin‘s top watch brand in Russia politician’s wrist is a very common thing, domineering, noble, model… No matter what kind of adjectives, the choice of the combat national total convincing. For what are the brand of the primary table of the world’s top watch friends, look at Russian officials put table also know the answer.

Replica vacheron constantin
Replica vacheron constantin

If putin’s treasure pearl and Vacheron Constantin, maybe we are familiar. President vladimir putin is a typical Swiss senior watch enthusiasts, Vacheron Constantin and pearl is the most common putin to attend the activities of two top watch brand. He is said to have at least 11 pieces of world top watches, with most of them are a precious pearl brand LeMAN series of AQUA lung (commonly known as scuba) wrist watch, worth about $10500, it is said that this watch with 18 k platinum wire drawing processing, equipped with treasure pearl self-help r&d 6950 automatic chain machine, power storage of up to 70 hours, the wearer can through more blue and transparent crystal table bottom appreciate the decoration on the reverse of the master mind, every details shows the treasure pearl concise excellent taste and aesthetics.
About Mr Putin’s watch even have “watches give civilians” story. In August 2009, Mr Putin had about $10500 worth of treasure pearl scuba as a gift to the son of a shepherd. After that, he again when during a visit to Arsenal will hand precious pearl watches for a commemorative gift of workers. Really is worthy of the name of “international cousin” foreign politics, what are the brand of the world’s top watch gleaned from putin here we can. Table we are going to talk about Russian officials today, however, that may not be Mr Putin’s Vacheron Constantin, Blancpain twice or even four times as expensive, but also is common to identify the top level of the watch.

Sergey Lavrov and treasure
Like Dai Baopo mentioned before Mr Putin, it is interesting to note that several Russian deputy President and government officials in the mood, also rushed to wear treasure pearl watch, Sergey Lavrov is one of them. In the past few years, Sergey Lavrov is apart from Mr Putin’s most popular Russian officials. Their eyes seem very much alike, putin abro pearl, as you know, he has at least three pieces of treasure pearl table, and Sergey Lavrov also chose the treasure. He chose the treasure pearl leader (LeMAN) series of another watches, classic and low-key, although is stainless steel material, but the price is in 100000 yuan of above.

Anton Siluanov and treasure ji
Anton Siluanov is Russia’s finance minister. He wore a watch of wrist of breguet Classique series power storage, platinum materials. The watch embody a concentrated reflection of breguet watch main characteristic: the typical classic series Classique watchcase, side have COINS, simple table ears, and a lovely machine used in twisted rope dial. Dial is asymmetrical, respectively, with date display, the moon and store display function, sells for about $35000. Treasure ji classical temperament with Anton Siluanov dark blue suit and fastens with color plaid tie, taste good.

Vladimir gleb Yakunin and lundgren
President Vladimir gleb Yakunin is Russian railway co. LTD. (now the former President) is worn by the Germany brand of top class watch lundgren Lange 1 the tourbillon watches, rose gold material. Asymmetric distribution of simple but elegant white dial with big tuo flywheel, calendar and storage, and other functions, harmonious and not messy. Wear COSte. alligator strap not only wear comfortable, still appear elegant and formal. Watch for $180000, but the price is actually Vladimir gleb Yakunin months salary. His salary is $100000.

Mulan Ramzan Kadyrov and method
Ramzan Kadyrov is President of the Russian republic of chechnya, and his love autodyne, claiming to be powder, putin and his hao table and Mr Putin. In the figure above you can see him wearing the mulan is a method of Franck Muller complex tourbillon watch, as we all know, method of mulan table is expensive and high profile. Guo degang has worn this brand watch. In addition, Ramzan has worn a brand from independent tabulation Gao Po fuss Tourbillon 24 Seconds ContempoRain wrist watch, global set limit to 33, priced at $500000.

Dmitry Peskov, and Richard mills
Another and Ramzan Kadyrov like Russian officials is a independent tabulation, Dmitry Peskov, he was Mr Putin’s spokesman. Dmitry Peskov is Richard mills (principle of Richard miller, now translation changes) powder of true love, devotion to Richard Mille watch of wrist of skull – RM52. In both his wedding, and gardening at ordinary times, he chose to Richard mills. Price, than I in detail, we should also know that Richard Mille table is the average price in the world’s most expensive table, just can millions (RMB).
What are the brand of the world’s top watch? Despite some independent tabulation brand, Blancpain, and Vacheron Constantin brand of top class watch the top three in watchmaking are respected. Look at above the Russian officials wear watches, the cheapest price is in 100000 yuan of above, some even reached millions of yuan, can only sigh again: not the kui is a combat national seed!

AP treasure pearl, patek philippe and vacheron constantin brand sports watches collection

Mechanical watch is not suiwatches for sports. Wear activity is a kind of style, represent an individual’s attitudes towards sports, a kind of taste, is also put on a feeling. About the activity of the materials, precious metal that is a kind of elegant and expensive gas characterization. Stainless steel economic

replica vacheron constantin watches
replica vacheron constantin watches

, practical, not faded, even in the part of the brand has no less than the value of precious metals. Strong durable, suiwatches for wear life also can be the advantages of stainless steel watch. Because of this, especially in the different time to select a few works, whether or not love sports, are worth watching.

replica vacheron constantin watches
replica vacheron constantin watches

Steel can be very costly, such as AP, Blancpain, patek philippe and vacheron constantin replica brand watch money, its product positioning itself is higher than the average man, even if it is stainless steel material is difficult to use “populist” description; Often hundreds of thousands of, there are millions of works, quite striking. However, when the wrist watch from daily wear supplies sublimation to process works, behind the high will be valuable, edge, such as detailed burnish, exquisite complex function, are the essence of a wrist watch worth enjoying.

Stainless steel watchcase, watches size is 42 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, date display, rotate the inner ring, luminous pointer in a timely manner, 3120 automatic chain machine, power to store up to 60 hours, the sapphire crystal glass mirror surface and bottom cover, after 300 meters of waterproof, rubber strap, otherwise black face plate. No.

Audemars royal oak offshore type Diver diving watches on chain automatically
Since 1972, AP classic royal oak series wrist watch, stainless steel and between senior clock is not unrelated. While the SIHH AP again this year to break the rules, create a “gold return” topic, brand stainless steel agitation history still can not be ignored.
Carry 3120 automatic chain machine, 26.6 mm in diameter, 22 k gold chain on two-way automatic plate, is composed of 280 parts, vibration frequency of 21600 times per hour, dynamic storage up to 60 hours.
Royal oak offshore type series watches is more profound strong movement style, octagonal watchcase and its eight hexagon screws, mist and modified, bright surface of polishing Tapisserie plaid a integrated dial and the watch case watches ear and strap, various classic elements in the continuation of royal oak. Which diving watches three needle and date display, 10 o ‘clock direction crown can turn the case within the time scale. In addition to the 300 meters of waterproof performance, carrying more brand is very famous 3120 movement, has a high level of grinding, corrugated, manual contains Geneva chamfering, head of the screw and screw holes of automatic polishing and 22 k gold plate engraving of two families, and other details. Adopt Gyromax farmar fine-tuning balance wheel, can be very precise fine-tuning; Balance wheel type level bridge plate at the top of the arms can improve watch-balance enhances the stability of the operation. Perfect movement through the sapphire crystal glass bottom cover full appreciation.

replica vacheron constantin watches
replica vacheron constantin watches

Bought fifty watch series all phases of the moon calendar fly back timing stopwatch
Stainless steel watchcase, gauge diameter of 45 mm, hours, minutes, small seconds, date, week, month display, fly back timing stopwatch, hidden working function, unidirectional rotating bezel, luminous pointer in a timely manner, 66 bf8 automatic chain machine, power reserve 40 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror surface and bottom cover, after 300 meters of waterproof, canvas strap.

Treasure pearl 50 watch series all phases of the moon calendar fly back timing stopwatch
Senior watch on detail process is one of the reasons for its high price, in addition, a high complex function is also an important factor to let a person cannot help but want to play with. And movement provides the strongest function when timing stopwatch, or many carry in the car hour meter, but also can be diving watches, like the fifty watch all phases of the moon calendar fly back timing stopwatch. Treasure pearl was among the first to launch professional divers watch brand, five and ten watch diving watches in 1953 have divers wearing experience of the water actually, acclaimed. Wrist watch carry 66 bf8 automatic chain machine, guide pin wheel timing mechanism, often use to many senior clock and watch brand, in general the mechanism for the timing according to to a smoother on the handle. And fly back timing function let mechanical structure more complicated, but to make the wearer with a button one time to stop, return to zero, and then start the three steps of more convenient indeed.

replica Vacheron constantin
replica Vacheron constantin

Carry 66 bf8 automatic chain machine, 32 mm in diameter, the thickness of 7.5 mm, gem number 37, is composed of 448 parts, with a full calendar, the moon and fly back timing functions, dynamic storage 40 hours.
The meter will date the outer dial design, with a pointer instructions, at the same time with 4 years need to set-up a calendar function, for whenever the don’t want abortion have to manually adjust the date of players is very convenient. In addition, small seconds at 6 o ‘clock direction, according to the plate also carry the moon use limited space presents a very rich information of dial. Besides watches below the ear has hidden calibration device, to keep watchcase lateral perfect face. Bright blue color is interconnected to the sea, passing fifty watch consistent spirit.

Patek Philippe a calendar timing stopwatch 5960/1
Stainless steel casing, gauge diameter 40.5 mm, hours, minutes, date, week, month calendar, day and night, power storage, fly back timing stopwatch, luminous pointer in a timely manner, 28-520 – CH IRM QA 24 h automatic chain machine, power storage 55 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror surface and bottom cover, after 30 meters waterproof, water droplets form five lines of retaining ring stainless steel chain belt.

Patek Philippe Patek Philippe a calendar timing stopwatch 5960/1
Patek philippe stainless steel 5960/1 a calendar timing stopwatch, on behalf of the meaning is very profound, with movement and launched in 2006, 5960 p – 2006 calendar timing wrist watch is the same, but also because of a 5960/1 and the advent of all 5960 of the precious metal version before it shut down, making the stainless steel watch value sum. When it is more reminiscent of the Nautilus series was born in 1976 in brand under the slogan ─ ─ one of the world’s most expensive wrist watch is made of steel.

CH 28-520-24 h IRM QA automatic chain machine, 33 mm in diameter, the thickness of 7.68 mm, gem number 40, is composed of 456 parts, with calendar and guide pin wheel fly back timing functions, patek philippe, vibration frequency of 28800 times per hour, dynamic storage 55 hours.
Wrist watch with CH 28-520 IRM QA 24 h movement is the first brand of homemade automatic chain timing movement, calendar and fly back timing function. The guide pin wheels adopt many high-end brands use timing mechanism, more to control the vertical plate type clutch on-off action, meaning that start timing function, can at the instant of the hourly and daily walking system link to avoid the problem of the second hand trembling ─ ─ not in gear, is driven by two overlapping metal rubbing against each other up and down the second hand. Also makes the wrist watch no small seconds, start the timer function can be seconds, at 6 o ‘clock direction of dial and display and 60 minutes, 12 hours day and night time.
Vacheron Constantin globetrotting researchers-and timing wrist watch 5500 v / 5500 a – B148
Stainless steel watchcase, gauge diameter 42.5 mm, the rising sun wen satin drawing dial, hours, minutes, small second hand, date display, timing stopwatch, luminous pointer in a timely manner, automatic chain machine, 5200 Geneva seal, dynamic storage 52 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror surface and bottom cover, after 150 meters of waterproof, equipped with rubber strap, crocodile leather strap and stainless steel chain belt, otherwise black face plate.
Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin globetrotting researchers-and timing wrist watch
New world series wrist watch is the centerpiece of vacheron constantin SIHH in this year. From the exterior, the six sides of bright surface polishing stereo bezel and connected to the case of watches, make the line of watches more fluent; Fog surface polishing is to present the rich administrative levels feels. As the only sports brand series, so elegant texture makes watches with unique style. watches with stainless steel chain belt, Mississippi, crocodile leather strap and rich decorative rubber strap, through rapid disassembly design can be easily replaced, while wearing the same watch only travel the world also is not a problem.

leather Vacheron constantin watches
leather Vacheron constantin watches

Carry 5200 automatic chain machine, 30.6 mm in diameter, the thickness of 6.6 mm, gem number 54, is composed of 263 parts, with the function of guide pin wheel timing, Geneva seal, vibration frequency of 28800 times per hour, dynamic storage 52 hours.
The timing stopwatch carrying on the new 5200 automatic chain machine, using 263 parts, the thickness of 6.6 mm, was the result of vacheron constantin take 5 years research and development, Geneva seal. Guide pin wheel mechanism, adopt vertical on-off device, is undoubtedly the optimum design for the advanced timing stopwatch; 22 k gold compass automatic plate decorated with the direction of the wind rose, a symbol for the global traveler direction, and the grinding, polishing and grain processing, meticulous and moving; Watchcase built-in soft iron magnetic lining, anti magnetic can be as high as 25000 A/m, can put an end to the magnetic field of daily life. With blue sun wen satin drawing dial, small seconds, minutes, and hours timer vice dial is also decorated with twisted rope lines; Crown, strap, and even guide pin wheels have vacheron constantin signature Maltese cross pattern, characteristic.