Vacheron constantin “engraved look art” theme exhibition in Newyork

Recently, the Vacheron Constantin wathes“engraved look art” theme exhibitionin Newyork’s home was unveiled. New engraved look art watches all appearance, exquisite carving craft makes each machine parts have buildings which are works of art.It again proved the Geneva watchmaker has a history of nearly 260 years and the innovation of the growing enthusiasm and infinite creativity.

Vacheron constantin product research and development department of art director Christian Selmoni on hand.The detail the historical origin and aesthetic brand engraved look process innovation. Manual sculpture master live engraved look excellent workmanship.Let the guest close experience the essence of the traditional art, taste the beauty of carve time together. Engraved look itself is a purely aesthetic process.But relative to the solid movement, engraved look movement of each working procedure is more complicated. First of all.The top qualified watchmaker (s) will need to rely on his own life experience.It is carefully for the movement to do engraved look with material as much as possible.To show the graceful movement, and to ensure the normal operation of machine core.It would be easy to achieve balance between the two. Conception, design, molding stage will need to spend hundreds of hours, and the more complex machine core.It has a complex function, the more time will be long.


Master process will spend a few hours after drilling and cutting all the mainboard, bridge plate.Box spring and other mechanical parts, then each parts, decorative sculpt again. And movement several times to return to the workbench can be perfect, until the exquisitely engraved look movement can fully display its charm. As early as in 1755, at the beginning of the name of the vacheron constantin technicians are skillfully use artistic process to add the aesthetic feeling of the clock. Manual sculpture is a challenging process requirement of the technologist is patience, superb techniques.It is used to make extreme light clock. Brand founder jean-marc Vacheron in 1755 first Vacheron constantin watch has been equipped with engraved look balance cock. Since vacheron constantin uphold the pursuit of transparency, to create more and more ingenious mechanical parts at the same time.

In 1924, produced the first overall engraved look movement and install it on a pocket watch. Since the 1960 s, constantin as a leader in the field of the extremely complex, showing the boundless creativity, gradually using engraved look on various and simplified different movement process, but also skillfully combines engraved look craft and other art craft.In all kinds of pocket watch and watch shows the clock and watch making tiny miracle. This year, constantin reshaped the aesthetic concept and reshape their craft, new engraved look series wrist watch, once again, to broaden the territory of his art. It leads the engraving process created a linear form staggered curve sculpture effect, create stunning light and shadow.