New certification of brand watches inventory during the first half of 2016

The certification of the clock is always watch one of the important guarantee of quality marks. You could even┬ásay that the “certified watch must be a good watches.Perhaps, watches and clocks authentication has always been a measure of the sign of a watch. Of course, also want to say is “no certification watch is not necessarily bad.

Clock industry the main certification has two.One is the Swiss watches as precision observatory COSC certification.The other is reflected watch grinding work quality in Geneva. The former takes 16 cycles, each
cycle of 24 hours.There are five directions and three test temperature, daily error shall not exceed + 6/4 second test. The latter will meet the requirements of Geneva 12 watches to imprint in Geneva. With Geneva
observatory COSC certification certification is horological industry the most representative and most recognized certification.It has a influence on quality of the watch.

This year, some brands have also launched their own unique certification standards. Vacheron Constantin Watches joint metrology institute of the Swiss confederation (METAS) launched the “observatory certification,
in the original observatory certification standards (observatory in testing the main reflected in daily movement error within 6 + / – 4).It adds a new certification. Test wrist watch in the case of daily wear and focuses on the magnetically.The most important is to increase the 15000 gauss magnetic field environment test to ensure that the daily error is not more than 5 seconds.To ensure the precision of watches. “Observatory certification to the wrist watch in the user still can continue to keep in daily wear accurate travel time.

Case is original in this year’s Basel international horologe exhibition launched its own new Cal. 36 machine core, and take this new movement launched their own new testing certification. New certification on the
pursuit of precision more strict than the observatory certification, simple observatory for certification only five bearing test, and Mr. He’s original would be 6 to 12 days of bearing test. Also contains a TAB for
aesthetics and the certification standards, each get this certification, he said, the appearance of the original watches are he will consist of a grid’s original classic elements: balance cock he decorated with grid’s original grain, gold-plated engraving, chamfering edge smooth, accurate component, and all put tuo adopt 21 k gold.

Rolex’s top observatory precision meter certification.This year launched a green seal tags as a symbol of its top observatory precision meter. The certification of the wrist to test after assembly, to ensure that the
wrist worn on the wrist, on the precise and power reserve, waterproof and automatic chain in all aspects, can play a top performance, to meet the brand requirements. Movement into watchcase rolex top test after the
observatory precision meter, the average error is within + / – 2 a day, than the average at the time of authentication precision meter accuracy more than two times.

Launch of these new certification for consumers to buy watches more basis, also have more guarantee for wrist watch quality. Similarly, the certification also lets watch beginners can be assured to buy watches.