Metiers d ‘art masters series of Vacheron Constantin replica

Villes Lumieres city of light of Vacheron Constantin replica Metiers d ‘art masters series.New Metiers d ‘art master series Villes Lumieres light city watch, invite you to look down on the big city beautiful night scene, reflect the originality. The dial with dark enamel and flexible use of a variety of precious powders, in the form of micrographic presentation of the city’s brilliant bird’s eye view night view. The traditional large open fire filled enamel with the hand decoration of the precious powder technology, show the high – level watch industry. These eye- catching, beautifully patterned designs have opened up new areas of art and creativity through the Geneva stamp certification, extending traditional
techniques through novel ideas.

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The brand combines two extraordinary skills to create a brilliant dream: the enamel in the big open fire is the craftsmanship of the craftsmen of jiangshidanton for nearly three centuries. The handmade ornament of the precious powder is the stunt of Yoko Imai, a Japanese guest artist. It is also the first time that the technique has been applied to the dial, which is beautifully decorated with gold, pearls, platinum and diamond powder. Through extremely careful design, these bright flash points outline the vast and magnificent view of the city. Show the spirit of the streets, rivers and famous landmarks. Metiers d ‘Art masters
series Villes Lumieres of watches all have distinguished Geneva seal engraving, carrying vacheron constantin to research and development and manufacture of mechanical movement, exquisite decoration technology and advanced tabulation tradition a direct line of succession. The four models of the series show the glamorous night scenes in Geneva, Paris, New York and Beijing. The brand will then roll out other versions of the city.

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The art continuous innovation of Vacheron Constantin Replica
Metiers d ‘art masters of Art series Villes Lumieres’ watch extends the centuries-old traditional Art process of the river. In 1755, the first watch introduced by jean-marc Vacheron, the founder of the brand, used elaborate hand-carved rattan designs. Since then, for more than three hundred years, jewelers, enameled artists, sculptors and sculptors have developed and inherited rare and rare professional skills. The time is still, after years of ceaseless innovation, using their talents to give the table art masterpiece vitality. These adornment craftsmanship in photograph reflect, knead a variety of art craft, often combined with other
unknown or amazing art, such as coloured drawing or pattern, Japan phuong painting, carving or wire inlay gems, present a creative dial. While continuing the traditional features, Metiers d ‘art master series Villes Lumieres’ watch also opened the door for the exploration of new, contemporary and innovative Art in Vacheron Constantin .

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Overlooking the night scene of Vacheron Constantin Replica By depicting the beauty of the night, Vacheron Constantin Replica shows the charm of these artistic and artistic metropolises. Unique precious powder ornament technology not only increases its insensitivity, more dial pattern strengthens the contrast of the light and dark, the formation of high and low effect on the vision, the detail presents the city’s outline and the emotion. Imai yoko creation of painting surface accurately reproduces the city different “drawing” of light, light not only express the change of the block, even the traffic landscape wear rates have become more vivid! In order to present the urban reality, these
exquisite works will be completed by several weeks of research and creation.

Vacheron Constantin – along with the music, the fantastic journey of the museum

With the development of the clock and clock microtechnology, these proportionally and lifelike little life evolved into the wristwatch. More than 200 years after the birth of the cage bell, Vacheron Constantin Replica  the chapter of the recovery, trying to recreate the old bird cage clock in the form of a wristwatch. The main character of the three-question table is a pair of tits from the Jura area, which are perfectly
set on top of the bird’s nest, and the nest is nestling. A titmouse slightly
lowered its head, feeding the chicks; The other one spreads its wings and displays its beauty. The nestling of the nest in the center of the bird’s nest is coming out.

Vacheron Constantin Replica

Vacheron Constantin – along with the music, the fantastic journey of the museumThe “time of the day bird” is a real automatic doll, the bird’s head and wings, the baby bird’s waiting, the bird’s shell and the flowing water and so on the activity scene gives the bird new life. Just pull down the pull rod, and you can hear the time, the time of the minutes and the minutes, and start the corresponding activity scene. This is Vacheron Constantinrs using the most sophisticated technology of the
advanced watch industry: three questions of time.

Vacheron Constantin Replicas

Vacheron Constantin – along with the music, the fantastic journey of the museum.The wonderful scene of “the time of the three birds” adds a touch of poetic and artistic sensibility. In Geneva, three questions were asked to condense all the symbols of the Swiss city, lake Geneva and its famous fountains, the parky lighthouse and the saleb mountain, the paradise of the birds of paradise, and so on. With reference to the beauty, the craftsman masters inspired again, from the magnificence of the alpine mountain be diffused to the natural beauty of the Rhine falls, from unlimited beautiful bright and beautiful day to the night sky, bright
show time bird of infinite possibility.

THE BIRD REPEATER GENEVA was asked three times in GENEVA
Vacheron Constantin – along with the music, the fantastic journey of the museum
Dial: 18K red gold dial; Hand-carved and decorated mother-of-pearl, black onyx
needle plate; Hand-carved and painted golden bird
Case: 18K red gold case
Machine core: manual chain 3 ask the time machine core
Power storage: about 48 hours
Diameter: 47mm
Limited release 8

Vacheron Constantin Replica

Vacheron Constantin – along with the music, the fantastic journey of the museum
Dial: 18K platinum dial; Hand-carved and decorated mother-of-pearl dial; Hand-
carved and painted golden bird
Case: 18K platinum case
Machine core: manual chain 3 ask the time machine core
Power storage: about 48 hours
Diameter: 47mm
Limited release 8
Vacheron Constantin – along with the music, the fantastic journey of the museum
Dial: 18K red gold dial; Hand-carved and decorated mother-of-pearl dial; Hand-
carved and painted golden bird
Case: 18K red gold case
Machine core: manual chain 3 ask the time machine core
Power storage: about 48 hours
Diameter: 47mm
Limited release 8
Vacheron Constantin – along with the music, the fantastic journey of the museum
Dial: black hand carved and hand-painted pearl shell dial; Hand-carved and painted
newspaper birds
Case: 18K platinum case
Machine core: manual chain 3 ask the time machine core
Power storage: about 48 hours
Diameter: 47mm
Limited release 8
Through the reverberations of time and space
Between the past and present, charming time bird watches is the peak of the wrist
watch production representative, it expresses the inheritance invariable loyalty of
brand technology, to some extent can be said to be the perfect of our cage clock.
It accommodates the quintessence of Jacques DE rodero on its own, sings the past
and promises the glory of today.

Vacheron Constantin – along with the music, the fantastic journey of the museum
Vacheron Constantin’s fascinating time bird wristwatch USES a new technique: sapphire
sound tube and carbon material piston. Sapphire is hard wear-resisting, carbon
material can reduce friction, improve waterproof property. The piston is designed
in miniature (the Swiss patent has been applied). The function is to pump, store
air and make the sound of the time. The enchanting time bird-watch is inspired by
wind instruments. Sound, the cry of a bird, is caused by air, not vibrations. The
master of the table made a long and in-depth study, using the reeds to simulate the
almost real birdsong.

The watch show the modern style of pure and simple: a whisper of shallow sing tits,
perched in 47 mm diameter watchcase contemporary scenario, black, gray smoke,
transparent color contrast, modern breath. When the wearer press case 2 location
button, disk 6 position was stationary time bird began to like the cage shape of
sapphire table turned to flicker in the mirror, and open my mouth to sing, and
inherit the cage the operation pattern of the clock is perfect.
Vacheron Constantin – along with the music, the fantastic journey of the museum
With attractive magic, this only conquered the hearts of all the birds through
time, Jacques johndroe also continuous innovation, for this purpose in the
continuation of the first wrist watch on the realization mechanism of the disk with
different decoration style. Show from the initial mechanical aesthetics of hollow
out just painted by carving craft and craft Swiss pastoral scenery, different
themes, given the different feeling of modern cage clock, to a bird.

A full moon of the Vacheron Constantin series

Above the dial, the canopy flow, the moon waxing; The beauty of time is manifest in the complex clock structure. The moon’s rain or shine circle is short, and the illusion is the most poetic aesthetic function of the wristwatch, which is a symbol of eternity and happiness.

Located in the north of Geneva, your valley, with its altitude of more than 1,000 meters, has formed a natural view of the planet. Special landforms and extreme cold weather have created the resilience of your valley. It is the origin of love, which is to enjoy the wonderful performance and exquisite craftsmanship, and to interpret the mystery of nature and time. This brilliant starry sky above the valley opens the initial pursuit of love to complex tabulation.

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Vacheron Constantin Replica perpetual calendar watch will astronomical accurate phases of the moon with a measure of the eight functions: big case grain decoration dial “Grande Tapisserie” calendar of all kinds of display: necessary/month for four dial shows a leap year, date, astronomical accurate phase and week, dial outer display of 52 weeks a year.

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A full moon of the Vacheron Constantin series
Love the Vacheron Constantin tree series of a series of black pottery
The 6-point astronomical precise monthly display disc is made by the laser process in the quality of the gold stone material. The monthly phase shows that there is only one adjustment for 317 days per 125 years. Abby new research and development of Calibre 5134 automatic chain produced movement by patent suspended clockwork box design, polishing and polishing of all components are completed by hand, 22 k solid gold automatic pendulum tuo inscribed in “Vacheron Constantin” words, peripheral decorated with “Tapisserie” case grain, and dial plaid perfect echo.A new round of the Vacheron Constantin series of the Vacheron Constantin series

The moon disk is made of gold stone material
A full moon of the Vacheron Constantin series
Calibre 5134 automatic upper chain self-production
A full moon of the Vacheron Constantin series
Love the Vacheron Constantin tree series of millions of watches rose gold and fine steel Gazing at the dial, the ingenuity of the moon, clear and pure; At this festival, I wish you a happy and happy moon.

Vacheron Constantin Replica, a moment of ten thousand years of constantington in Beijing, a brilliant night

It has more than 260 years long history never interrupt senior Swiss watchmaker vacheron constantin replica, to celebrate its exploring celestial mechanics, build a extraordinary achievements in the field of astronomy complex function wrist, special present bright and astronomical night in Beijing, celebrate new astronomical meter grand launch.

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Astronomy continues to explore the origin, development and characteristics of the universe and has been closely associated with the clock manufacturing industry. The clock manufacturing industry is committed to the constant interaction of celestial bodies through precision machinery. The vastness and the boundless and the small, just like the encounter between a giant celestial body and a miniature machine. The wristwatch is a mirror image, which maps the movement rules of celestial bodies and expresses the concept of time.

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Since the 19th century, Vacheron Constantin Replica has been working to create a wristwatch with the complicated functions of astronomy, constantly breaking through the exquisite technology of the complex functions of astronomy, and continuing the legend of the high level watch industry. To date, it has been unique in the field of astronomical wristwatch manufacturing. To celebrate the great attainments in the field of brand in tabulation, constantin will Beijing event unreal dream, worldwide through exhibition area display ShiWuZhan learning and interactive device, historical images and a grand banquet for astronomical ode, multi-dimensional ground emersion the mysteries of celestial mechanics and astronomy wrist watch charm.
The exhibition hall is full of images and watches. The three pieces of antique astronomical chronograph show the long inheritance of the brand. The astronomical watches of the various series of the jiangshidan series are also presented in the space. Astronomical watches round the exhibition hall, presents a September 17, 1755 Geneva over the night sky, this is born by the Paris observatory on vacheron constantin calculation of the time and place and, with the exhibition hall of astronomical complex function meter yi yi reflect. Guests can also get a glimpse of the new Metiers d ‘art masters series Copernicus Celestial sphere, the 2460 RT watch.
The sun, moon, earth and star, the four celestial bodies of the performance elements are all over the hall. As the most familiar cosmic object, the astronomical functions such as the standard time, the sun, the star, the moon, the calendar, and the perpetual calendar are revealed in the state of interaction between them. The colorful colors representing the four great celestial bodies are also projected around the pavilion, creating a romantic and profound cosmic atmosphere, and the artistic expression of the ideas embodied in astronomical chronology – the reverberation of celestial mechanics. In the interactive photography space with four celestial objects, guests can leave a unique and unforgettable memory.

A “time tunnel” created by the light and mirrors allows guests to imitate the deep blue sky. Through the tunnel into the dinner area, greeted by a grand dream holographic nebula stage 24 round table as a center of divergence, extension with orbital shape beautiful curve, like the long river of time and space in the flow through the bright light. In the middle of the table, the image of the nebula is scattered and scattered around the colorful “chaos universe” meal.
Dinner from a pure child’s solo, purely in the child’s and long, contains the human to see the moon and the stars in reverie, the search for the unknown, and think of the universe, lead the guests to enter the vast boundless astronomical world. Mr. Christian Selmoni, director of the style and history of the company, borrowed from the hologram stage and led the guests to enjoy the presence of the 2460 RT wrist watch of the Metiers d ‘art master series Copernicus Celestial sphere. This new astronomical time-scale masterpiece combines subtle decorative techniques with original time display to pay tribute to the relentless pursuit of the “heliocentric” discovery of the universe. Dinner at the end, a holographic image of sky outwards to dance to dinner to a climax, dancers in bright and attractive under the curtain of the Milky Way with dancing, suggesting the development of human civilization depends on observation of the big four objects and thinking, grasp of the astronomical law of time and let human joy. The performance makes the dream of science and technology collide with the artistic charm, make the moment and the thousand years in this encounter, the guests immerse in it, feel the extraordinary charm of time. In the light of the moon and the stars, the poet presented an astronomical and mechanical pena symphony that night.
After the big release, the exhibition will be in Shanghai, and will continue to travel to chengdu, shenzhen and shenyang. Watch fans and connoisseurs can visit the site, feel and explore the brand more than 260 years of long history and exquisite craftsmanship.

Vacheron Constantin Replica opened its first Canadian boutique in Toronto

Vacheron Constantin Replica opened its first Canadian boutique in the Toronto Yorkdale shopping center in Toronto, Ontario, which will sell the full range of products and the exclusive wristwatch of the boutique. In addition, the store of Vacheron Constantin will also provide the Ateliers Cabinotiers custom service, where customers can work with the company to customize their own timepieces.

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“Vacheron Constantin Replica make a ceremonious nod home boutique set up in Canada, marked the brand expansion strategy in North America as a significant step,” vacheron constantin America President Leslie Kobrin said, “glad to have the opportunity to Yorkdale shopping centre opened boutiques, service Canada customer. Yorkdale is one of Canada’s most popular shopping center, more than 270 fashion, and luxury brand is located in the science and technology, provides the high-quality service for consumers. In the Yorkdale shopping center is a strategic choice to open stores, this would enhance the customers on the vacheron constantin, historical heritage, as well as the brand understanding of advanced tabulation commitment to excellence.”
Vacheron constantin America President Leslie Kobrin added: “Canada boutique merged the concepts of vacheron constantin latest directional store design, including building that is designed to attract customers and element, the selection of wrist products and unique custom service, hope customers will like Toronto.”

Vacheron Constantin Replica Memories of clouds and lakes

My preference for colors and special textures of hand surfaces is derived from experiences of childhood and adolescence. The vast, powerful, clouds, lakes, sea, thunder, wind, rain, thunder and lightning are all stored deep in the brain, and they will not forget for decades, like old wine, the longer it is stored, the stronger its flavor. People like me, who had a special experience of Vacheron Constantin Replica, met the “cultural revolution” without graduation. Then deep the maelstrom, having the s special seal, in addition to the social upheaval of the cultural revolution, the turmoil in the nature of the magnificent, boldness, also accompanied by life suantiankula, deep brain exists.

When I graduated from primary school, I became involved in the cultural revolution and wrote poems. Although no one was teaching, no one rated it, and I often made a small poem. Finally, one day, the poem was discovered by my roommate and handed in, because there was a line in the line of “the opposite party” in power. The enemy was drawn to the dictatorship of the proletariat, and I was immediately arrested by the military. Escort to the county seat 200 kilometers, labor reform. From my village, to the county seat, I first saw the majestic lake. This lake is the second largest freshwater lake in the country, the water sky is one, the endless, bring me a great shock, naturally so great!
However, the extreme bad mood, the tormented body in the roaring north wind, in the shock truck brought me carsickness and vomiting. In the dozens of kilometers along the lake, one of the teenagers threw up his stomach and bile in a beautiful lake. The great scenery and the torturous twist of the vomit made me unforget Vacheron Constantin Replica watches  all my life. The lake and the sky intersection, various shapes of clouds all tied together, there are dark clouds, clouds, white clouds, lightning and occasionally leaks out of the sun, is the nature performance of drama, deep in my mind. So deep impression, so that in the later years, whether in prosperity or adversity, whether happy or peaceful, have some time I dreamed that I in the storm, in the hometown of swimming in the lake, see the sun through the clouds to show when you swim. According to the lake, according to me, make the wind calm and calm, and help me to come ashore safely.

Later, I entered the watch collection, and I often felt a sense of regret in gazing at the various dial of the watch, especially in the collection of the jiangshidan waterbirds series. Not only is the painting of jiang’s poems, other brands also rarely depict the spectacular nature of the great Banks, the interaction of the sea and sky. I was thinking, if I were a watch, I’ll be the first to design a grand natural landscape dial, let me deeply in the mind of the memories to show on the dial, let more love Vacheron Constantin Replica watches  is ready to see the great beauty of nature.

Jiangshidan “water bird” throb enamel watch
Speaking of watch design, I used to think that the first element of the design Vacheron Constantin Replica watches  was the design dial. One watch, a popular one, is the face, the watch strap is the torso, the core is the heart. In the case of the body and the heart, the ugliness is determined by the dial. Of course, there are variables, different design concepts and different expressions of feelings, and the basic description is not wrong.
The technical problem is that painting is painted on a metal dial, and the painting is unsVacheron Constantin Replica watches  and ungraceful and uneven. The firing became a cloisonne or enamel, and my train of thought was to make the painting smooth and hazy, so I painted the back of the thin white butterfly. Since the mother is translucent, the landscape is visible from the front. If the color is bright, the surface is angular and angular, if the material is quietly elegant, the surface is soft and have a layer sense. After several experiments, I made the first Vacheron Constantin Replica watches  edition and filed a copyright patent, about a year ago.

In fact, all these forms are from a new morning in my youth. About 1969 years, that is, because of the “counter-revolutionary crime” is “made” released soon, due to family poverty, less than twenty years old and I have to start to steal fishing work, to let down your nets for a lake.according to lake. The next day I went to a small station nearby and sold the fish to the conductor. The conductor sold the fish to the small railway station along the way to earn some pocket money, and I could use this little income to help my mother and the whole family. At that time, there was a fishing team in huelun lake, which did not allow the residents to catch fish and often patrol. And there were so many fish at that time, that the legs would be hit by the fish after the hot day went barefoot down into the deep water of the knee. It was only after midnight that the fish had to go to the lake to catch fish.

On a dim night, I went into the deep water, like the first few times. I don’t know when I lost my sense of direction, I lost my sense of direction, I couldn’t see where the shore was, and I didn’t know what to do. The water was all near the neck, and it seemed to be an island, and the water was above the chest. Where did I come to this lonely island? I don’t know, it seems to go into this little plateau only a little bump, but go back to find, the direction confused, also can not find. A bad omen struck the fragile heart of my less than twentysomething. Any one step wrong would be a disaster. I can’t move. I have to think about countermeasure. I want to escape. At least I didn’t let my mother cry. I even imagined the desperate cries of my mother after I drowned. I instinctively felt that panic was the cut-off point of life and death. I
Trying to take a step toward each other, but the deep waters were waiting for me, and the disaster was all around me, and I was determined to stand still, and I was determined to stand up until dawn. At the same time sleepy, tired, and anxious to come to me. Not knowing how long, the miracle finally appeared, a black cloud drift, a lightning accompanied by the thunder to illuminate the lake and the field. I saw the land on the lake and the old red flag that I had just dropped on the edge of the bank. I took off my neck waterproof suit, and if the water was in the water, I wouldn’t want to move it, and I didn’t take it off because it kept my body warm. Anyway, the lake in October is cold enough.
I can’t swim because I can’t breathe. It’s ok to swim a few meters. It was soon thrown to the bottom of the lake. With the goal I was not afraid of the deep water, and later proved that there were only a few steps to the neck of the water, but if I did not know where the shore was, I would not have taken these steps.

A flash of lightning, let me find the way to the shore, black cloud pressure lake, instead gave me life. Back to the net, every net is a golden carp. In Cuo hillock train station the next day, I got $two hundred cash, then two hundred pieces. The mother was delighted. The death line of that night I had been buried in my heart and I could not say that I could not make my people and my loved ones afraid. By now, it’s time to recall, it’s time to say, maybe it’s life experience for young people. The first of my mother-bel-back designs is called cloud and light. It was the night I imagined, lighting from the roof of the sky, lighting the lake and the shore, and giving me directions.
The mother shell is white butterfly, which is polished to a thickness of 2 mm. The picture is the current pattern. Using a 3 mm thick white butterfly bay will make the picture more nebulous. The painter was Lin jingkun, an overseas student of the Tokyo polytechnic university. He was recommended by a famous art professor. Kobayashi is good at it, and once you say it, he will quickly paint the mood you want, and he will be my best assistant.
The second one, the morning sun, is an unforgetVacheron Constantin Replica watches  picture. It was not long before the water came out of the water, and after I took a nap, I saw that the sun was reborn in the world. It was a light that was overcome by darkness and difficulties.
The third, the rain cloud, is the dark night without the sun, the heavy clouds that carry the rain to float in the night sky. It has energy, and it emits lightning and thunder from time to time.
The fourth and fifth are the setting sun into the water. After a day of light, the sun, after giving energy to the earth and human beings, sank beneath the clouds and sank to the horizon of the lake. The sun was quieter, calmer and more subdued than the morning sun.
That may be the beginning of my creation. I have been thinking since I was young that I may not be able to do something for the country, maybe I can’t do it, maybe some people don’t like… But I can still say I did. I tried my best. More than anything else, I may not have left anything behind for the physical world, and I’m trying to make something for the spiritual world in the form of this substance.

The ultimate pursuit of energy conservation design movement

Mainspring box of the kinetic energy of the never together, not to feed through a balance wheel balance spring, in the process of the waste a lot of kinetic energy loss in the transport chain, so, how to avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon?

At present, energy is as a rare resource, social ecology and the manufacture of watches are for energy saving of the same importance. Specific to the manufacture of watches, mega industry has been in the TAB material and progress achieved different forms of the vertical system. Still has a fatal flaw, however, must be recognized: some (some) precious energy by box spring from the starting point to terminal balance wheel transmission in the process of waste. Here the “some” actually refers to “a all amount” (a lot).Vacheron constantin replica Here.

The loss in the air
Finally calculated the amount of loss of kinetic energy is very surprising, box spring manufacture nearly all be wiped out two-thirds of the energy (go up in smoke). The generation of this kind of phenomenon mainly based on two reasons: friction between components and the friction and air. Cartier in 2012 launched a ID for this Two concepts of wrist watch, movement is set under vacuum conditions in operation, this is at least eliminates the components in the process of operation and the friction between the unprecedented.
If you don’t go to build such extreme conditions, the air in the keep watch case is always a great unknowns, ultimately hurt or balance wheel balance spring. Keep balance wheel balance spring device in two directions of air volume and mass balance is key, for example, if one side of the balance wheel is too close to the bridge, will lead to the friction between air and watch-balance enhances hair suddenly increased, while the latter just need enough space to breathe.

Close observation box spring
After carefully screening the whole transmission process, which can be found that the kinetic energy loss of one of the key point lies in the clockwork box itself, “about 15% to 20%.” According to the vice President of Eterna Samir Merdanovic is introduced. Between 2007 and 2009, Eterna clockwork box for a more detailed study and research and development, and finally launched Spherodrive ball bearing box spring system – innovation. The energy saving device has been applied in Madison series wrist watch carrying 3510 movement, dynamic storage for up to eight days.

The problem of gear train
On the kinetic energy transport chain, another key point of energy loss is gear train, more precisely, is the gear itself, or arising from materials or modelling.
In fact, if the gear shape after full consideration in advance and then modify the little, but for the most efficiency, every detail is very important. So you need to cutting gear shape to ensure priority to minimize the contact between each other.
At the same time, select appropriate materials can reduce friction, thus reducing energy consumption. Silicon is the most popular materials, but also it is mainly used for regulating system, pure silicone gear train is relatively rare, therefore temporarily energy-efficient materials are of brass and beryllium bronze alloy.

Cartier is a nowatches exception. “We have make a siliceous gear, facts have proved that it is absolutely feasible,” brand machine core r&d director Carole Forestier – Kasapi said, “in spite of this, it is still a very difficult problem, in order to promote their hardness, surface coated with diamond coating we are part. All these efforts for us to build a solid bridge to tabulation foreign.”

This is a very interesting game, but it is difficult to put into the factory production, “Richard miller machine core r&d division Salvador laurel Arbona points out,” that being said, we also carried out actively trying, brand all the gear section were treated with rhodium plating. ”
Christophe Claretz has issued a stern warning, will issue back to the origin, “for the gear train, what really matters is to ensure accurate, this means that the polishing processing and spacing calculation is very important. Whether it’s now, or in the future, gear train tolerance is very strict, do not allow the rough estimate, because the precision of the tiny deviation nowadays, with the passage of time will be more and more serious, will produce a series of complicated problems in the future.”

Energy balance wheel balance spring hole
Finally, we found the terminal in the transport chain, the operation of the lever escapement system will waste about 35% of the energy, the data is very persuasive. Industry experts tie only modified gear, a clockwork box, add lubricating oil as the appearance of whitewash, this is tantamount to trying to fill a bucket, only of the wasted effort.

In the beautiful pearl river landscape Appreciate hui yue with vacheron constantin splendour of beauty

The real art, is stand the test of time Sina le ju – More than one hundred years ago, the eternal immortal masterpiece vacheron constantin replica, from the pearl river in China, with “roam everywhere, light and shadow stealth” photography can, to a beautiful pearl river observation deck, by accident or inevi Vacheron Constantin?

leather Vacheron constantin watches
leather Vacheron constantin watches

Share in the meeting, brought new Overseas new Replica vacheron constantin, from simple elegance to finely crafted, each all represents the tabulation technology of senior Swiss clock reach the limit, the machine with kingold DE hui yue (
Free checking) the pursuit of perfect, perfect, international quality and style, the intersection reflect. In the meantime, Mr Vacheron constantin brand Lv Shangyuan photography masters, more from the unique Angle of view with the guests to share his world with view of the world.

Guangzhou pearl river 100 meters high in the sky, the scene appreciate vacheron constantin new Overseas product, watches with beauty, bring out the best in each other!

Pictures such as language, to master every precious moments, to feel the unique time youth.
Follow in the footsteps of photography master Mr Lv Shangyuan vacheron constantin brand, from the unique Angle of view from his globetrotting researchers-and world view, as he puts it, “the history of a person’s status is far better than simple shooting a person looks more meaningful”.

Vacheron constantin brand photography masters Lv Shangyuan more improvisation, leave to wear for every guest Overseas new personal photos, keep watch and guests fai mutual reflection, touching moment.
Site, the new Overseas products, from simple elegance to finely crafted, each all represents the senior Swiss clock height of tabulation process, from the simple and elegant to finely crafted, each all represents the senior Swiss clock height of tabulation technology, it has to do with, kingold hui yue, the pursuit of perfection, perfect, international quality and style, the intersection reflect.

AP treasure pearl, patek philippe and vacheron constantin brand sports watches collection

Mechanical watch is not suiwatches for sports. Wear activity is a kind of style, represent an individual’s attitudes towards sports, a kind of taste, is also put on a feeling. About the activity of the materials, precious metal that is a kind of elegant and expensive gas characterization. Stainless steel economic

replica vacheron constantin watches
replica vacheron constantin watches

, practical, not faded, even in the part of the brand has no less than the value of precious metals. Strong durable, suiwatches for wear life also can be the advantages of stainless steel watch. Because of this, especially in the different time to select a few works, whether or not love sports, are worth watching.

replica vacheron constantin watches
replica vacheron constantin watches

Steel can be very costly, such as AP, Blancpain, patek philippe and vacheron constantin replica brand watch money, its product positioning itself is higher than the average man, even if it is stainless steel material is difficult to use “populist” description; Often hundreds of thousands of, there are millions of works, quite striking. However, when the wrist watch from daily wear supplies sublimation to process works, behind the high will be valuable, edge, such as detailed burnish, exquisite complex function, are the essence of a wrist watch worth enjoying.

Stainless steel watchcase, watches size is 42 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, date display, rotate the inner ring, luminous pointer in a timely manner, 3120 automatic chain machine, power to store up to 60 hours, the sapphire crystal glass mirror surface and bottom cover, after 300 meters of waterproof, rubber strap, otherwise black face plate. No.

Audemars royal oak offshore type Diver diving watches on chain automatically
Since 1972, AP classic royal oak series wrist watch, stainless steel and between senior clock is not unrelated. While the SIHH AP again this year to break the rules, create a “gold return” topic, brand stainless steel agitation history still can not be ignored.
Carry 3120 automatic chain machine, 26.6 mm in diameter, 22 k gold chain on two-way automatic plate, is composed of 280 parts, vibration frequency of 21600 times per hour, dynamic storage up to 60 hours.
Royal oak offshore type series watches is more profound strong movement style, octagonal watchcase and its eight hexagon screws, mist and modified, bright surface of polishing Tapisserie plaid a integrated dial and the watch case watches ear and strap, various classic elements in the continuation of royal oak. Which diving watches three needle and date display, 10 o ‘clock direction crown can turn the case within the time scale. In addition to the 300 meters of waterproof performance, carrying more brand is very famous 3120 movement, has a high level of grinding, corrugated, manual contains Geneva chamfering, head of the screw and screw holes of automatic polishing and 22 k gold plate engraving of two families, and other details. Adopt Gyromax farmar fine-tuning balance wheel, can be very precise fine-tuning; Balance wheel type level bridge plate at the top of the arms can improve watch-balance enhances the stability of the operation. Perfect movement through the sapphire crystal glass bottom cover full appreciation.

replica vacheron constantin watches
replica vacheron constantin watches

Bought fifty watch series all phases of the moon calendar fly back timing stopwatch
Stainless steel watchcase, gauge diameter of 45 mm, hours, minutes, small seconds, date, week, month display, fly back timing stopwatch, hidden working function, unidirectional rotating bezel, luminous pointer in a timely manner, 66 bf8 automatic chain machine, power reserve 40 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror surface and bottom cover, after 300 meters of waterproof, canvas strap.

Treasure pearl 50 watch series all phases of the moon calendar fly back timing stopwatch
Senior watch on detail process is one of the reasons for its high price, in addition, a high complex function is also an important factor to let a person cannot help but want to play with. And movement provides the strongest function when timing stopwatch, or many carry in the car hour meter, but also can be diving watches, like the fifty watch all phases of the moon calendar fly back timing stopwatch. Treasure pearl was among the first to launch professional divers watch brand, five and ten watch diving watches in 1953 have divers wearing experience of the water actually, acclaimed. Wrist watch carry 66 bf8 automatic chain machine, guide pin wheel timing mechanism, often use to many senior clock and watch brand, in general the mechanism for the timing according to to a smoother on the handle. And fly back timing function let mechanical structure more complicated, but to make the wearer with a button one time to stop, return to zero, and then start the three steps of more convenient indeed.

replica Vacheron constantin
replica Vacheron constantin

Carry 66 bf8 automatic chain machine, 32 mm in diameter, the thickness of 7.5 mm, gem number 37, is composed of 448 parts, with a full calendar, the moon and fly back timing functions, dynamic storage 40 hours.
The meter will date the outer dial design, with a pointer instructions, at the same time with 4 years need to set-up a calendar function, for whenever the don’t want abortion have to manually adjust the date of players is very convenient. In addition, small seconds at 6 o ‘clock direction, according to the plate also carry the moon use limited space presents a very rich information of dial. Besides watches below the ear has hidden calibration device, to keep watchcase lateral perfect face. Bright blue color is interconnected to the sea, passing fifty watch consistent spirit.

Patek Philippe a calendar timing stopwatch 5960/1
Stainless steel casing, gauge diameter 40.5 mm, hours, minutes, date, week, month calendar, day and night, power storage, fly back timing stopwatch, luminous pointer in a timely manner, 28-520 – CH IRM QA 24 h automatic chain machine, power storage 55 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror surface and bottom cover, after 30 meters waterproof, water droplets form five lines of retaining ring stainless steel chain belt.

Patek Philippe Patek Philippe a calendar timing stopwatch 5960/1
Patek philippe stainless steel 5960/1 a calendar timing stopwatch, on behalf of the meaning is very profound, with movement and launched in 2006, 5960 p – 2006 calendar timing wrist watch is the same, but also because of a 5960/1 and the advent of all 5960 of the precious metal version before it shut down, making the stainless steel watch value sum. When it is more reminiscent of the Nautilus series was born in 1976 in brand under the slogan ─ ─ one of the world’s most expensive wrist watch is made of steel.

CH 28-520-24 h IRM QA automatic chain machine, 33 mm in diameter, the thickness of 7.68 mm, gem number 40, is composed of 456 parts, with calendar and guide pin wheel fly back timing functions, patek philippe, vibration frequency of 28800 times per hour, dynamic storage 55 hours.
Wrist watch with CH 28-520 IRM QA 24 h movement is the first brand of homemade automatic chain timing movement, calendar and fly back timing function. The guide pin wheels adopt many high-end brands use timing mechanism, more to control the vertical plate type clutch on-off action, meaning that start timing function, can at the instant of the hourly and daily walking system link to avoid the problem of the second hand trembling ─ ─ not in gear, is driven by two overlapping metal rubbing against each other up and down the second hand. Also makes the wrist watch no small seconds, start the timer function can be seconds, at 6 o ‘clock direction of dial and display and 60 minutes, 12 hours day and night time.
Vacheron Constantin globetrotting researchers-and timing wrist watch 5500 v / 5500 a – B148
Stainless steel watchcase, gauge diameter 42.5 mm, the rising sun wen satin drawing dial, hours, minutes, small second hand, date display, timing stopwatch, luminous pointer in a timely manner, automatic chain machine, 5200 Geneva seal, dynamic storage 52 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror surface and bottom cover, after 150 meters of waterproof, equipped with rubber strap, crocodile leather strap and stainless steel chain belt, otherwise black face plate.
Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin globetrotting researchers-and timing wrist watch
New world series wrist watch is the centerpiece of vacheron constantin SIHH in this year. From the exterior, the six sides of bright surface polishing stereo bezel and connected to the case of watches, make the line of watches more fluent; Fog surface polishing is to present the rich administrative levels feels. As the only sports brand series, so elegant texture makes watches with unique style. watches with stainless steel chain belt, Mississippi, crocodile leather strap and rich decorative rubber strap, through rapid disassembly design can be easily replaced, while wearing the same watch only travel the world also is not a problem.

leather Vacheron constantin watches
leather Vacheron constantin watches

Carry 5200 automatic chain machine, 30.6 mm in diameter, the thickness of 6.6 mm, gem number 54, is composed of 263 parts, with the function of guide pin wheel timing, Geneva seal, vibration frequency of 28800 times per hour, dynamic storage 52 hours.
The timing stopwatch carrying on the new 5200 automatic chain machine, using 263 parts, the thickness of 6.6 mm, was the result of vacheron constantin take 5 years research and development, Geneva seal. Guide pin wheel mechanism, adopt vertical on-off device, is undoubtedly the optimum design for the advanced timing stopwatch; 22 k gold compass automatic plate decorated with the direction of the wind rose, a symbol for the global traveler direction, and the grinding, polishing and grain processing, meticulous and moving; Watchcase built-in soft iron magnetic lining, anti magnetic can be as high as 25000 A/m, can put an end to the magnetic field of daily life. With blue sun wen satin drawing dial, small seconds, minutes, and hours timer vice dial is also decorated with twisted rope lines; Crown, strap, and even guide pin wheels have vacheron constantin signature Maltese cross pattern, characteristic.