Vacheron Constantin Urban Spirit art gallery at Paris

Romantic city’s exclusive night blooming bright, Vacheron Constantin watches Urban Spirit art gallery at Paris.

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Creative space in this night incarnation as gorgeous cityscape, witness Vacheron Constantin brand new Urban
Spirit series available. Vacheron Constantin is custom designed for urban travelers to reaches leather series. Each item in originality, innovation function and simple design, perfect joint pioneer a new generation of
people’s life demand.

Star-studded inside art gallery, star-studded, brand friend, actor, Rodrigo Santoro, (Rodrigo Santoro) with his girlfriend, Melanie Fronckowiak, actor Alex (Alex Pettyfer) Patty.The socialite luis DE kass, Jacques
(Louis – Marie DE Castelbajac), brand friend.Italian star Luca root tyrol (Luca Argentero), d secret angel Thayna Silva Santos, Bruna Lirio, British fashion bloggers Matthew Zorpas, Canadian fashion blogger Adam
Gallagher, men’s wear blogger Kadu Dantas, French actress Liz o, Gerry Mr. Ni Taglioni (Alice), Hande Kodja inside, Audrey (Audrey Marnay) and Melanie alizarin red (Melanie Thierry) to present.Stroll in the art
gallery, jointly explore Vacheron Constantin leather charm. Original rough industrial, dynamic city to participate in the activities of the art of music, interaction, create a vibrant city life space, bring multiple sensory experience for guests present.


Actors, brand friend Rodrigo sanchez, toro (Rodrigo Santoro), Vacheron Constantin global chief executive bo lang jie (Jerome Lambert) with the Italian actor Luca, o root tyrol (Luca Argentero)French actress Melanie alizarin red (Melanie Thierry)

Celebrities luis DE kass thayer, Jacques (Louis – Marie DE Castelbajac)
“We hope the Vacheron Constantin Urban Spirit art gallery enables the city Spirit.The positive guiding the people devoted to open new journey, explore the unknown other cities or discover own scenery.”
Vacheron Constantin global chief executive Mr Bo lang jie (Jerome Lambert) said, “Vacheron Constantin Urban Spirit series of new leather products and accessories of men, in major cities of the world’s contemporary travelers is dedicated to provide you with the integration of practical function and elegant style of daily traveling companion. Art gallery to the reinforced concrete construction, neon lights, and other industrial elements, create a natural rich Urban atmosphere.”

The actor Alex Patty, (Alex Pettyfer)
Vacheron Constantin Urban Spirit series wrist watch variety
Cocktail party, guests to wander on the background of metropolitan area, one by one, enjoy the Urban Spirit series rich variety of item. Leather series from a large size bag, travelling bag to document bag, double
walled briefcase, and so on. Man accessories series contains multiple design exquisite cufflinks, inspiration came from urban street building. In for the city life to become more excellent work, the new Urban Spirit
series of limited edition backpack is especially striking. To meet the demand of willfulness lone urban travelers multivariate life. This backpack equipped with special wind units, with the world’s metropolis
traffic map design for decoration, individual character is dye-in-the-wood. Vacheron Constantin dedicated to the art gallery designed the two unique Urban Spirit helmet, tie-in motorcycle being displayed, to pay tribute to the beauty of the flow of the city and each city explorer desire for freedom journey. Helmet model restore ancient ways, adopt the modern perforated leather material, reflective coating, add a minute to ride bikes, galloping urban elegant and fashionable breath.

French actress Liz o, Gerry Mr. Ni (Alice Taglioni)
Vacheron Constantin Urban Spirit series wrist watch exquisite workmanship.Present guests can also interact with Vacheron Constantin craft master site, close saw they show new Urban
Spirit series of exquisite workmanship. A street artist to his originality think of opportunely, use print technique, the Vacheron Constantin, smartly combined traditional leather technology and urban street art,
create extremely personality leather pen bag, a memorable. Calligraphy master Nicolas Ouchenir showed the guests the scene out on the streets of the calligraphy art, he is in the unique way for the traditional
calligraphy to deduce.

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D secret angel Thayna Silva Santos, Bruna Lirio
The event at the end of the Vacheron Constantin atmosphere held a warm dinner, elaborate dinner scene will urban spirit deduce acme. During the dinner, Vacheron Constantin global chief executive Mr Bo lang jie (Jerome
Lambert) shows the guests at the models show new Urban Spirit series of limited edition backpack. Indoor lighting glare flashing, rhythm of light color symbol character of wind in different cities, from New York to
Seoul, to name but a few. Dinner draws to a close, the guests still intoxicated with the rich urban atmosphere, meticulously after dismissal, each person on the streets of Paris, the night is deep, into the world’s most spectacular city night view.

Adhering to the pioneer spirit is the result of 1906, Vacheron Constantin breakthrough innovation to redefine writing culture. Today, the brand always sticks to the philosophy of continuous innovation and excellence
“technology makes every product: contains writing instruments, high-end luxury chronometer, leather goods, accessories, perfume and glasses. Vacheron Constantin each new works involve the innovation of the unique
function and eye-catching design sophisticated, all reveal the brand culture and the traditional workshop craftsman. Vacheron Constantin classic hexagonal white logo has become a symbol of both excellent quality and innovative design, tells of the brand is committed to build our lives in a global consumer zhi by partner’s beliefs. Rooted in writing culture Vacheron Constantin has international perspective in the field of cultural transmission, through different types of activities to promote art culture and praise those who played a promoting role in contemporary art and culture tour of the arts sponsorship.

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