Special art appreciation Vacheron Constantin Watches art master series hot-air balloon wrist watch Versailles 1783

“Extraordinary masterpiece, witness brand craft master passed down through generations of outstanding creativity in virtuosity” here is the vacheron constantin’s official website art masters series of head in a word, do as the agency said the vacheron constantin masters series wrist watch each of the arts, are combining art craft and tabulation skills wonderful hour meter.
On this year’s SIHH, constantin art master series fly in human history for inspiration, the memory of countless human challenge gravity, into the sky with a miniature process reduction from 1783 to 1785 in France completed five balloon flying feat.

New vacheron constantin art master series hot air balloon wrist watch (model: 7610 u / 000 g – B210), manual sculpture and weidiao balloon suspension embedded in translucent hollow-out enamel background, wrist watch brand to research and development and manufacture of carrying 2460 G4/1 machine core, and through the unique way of display artistic aesthetic feeling with exquisite skill mastery, original machine core design to ensure that the time display and aesthetic design be in harmony of the whole face.
The wrist watch is made of a 40 mm platinum case with a round polished surface and a comfortable platinum crown. The top of the watch is engraved with the cross mark of jiangsidenton Malta. The watch ear is very classical, the loneliness of nature and the shell of a body shape.

The deep blue crocodile leather strap is used to match the Maltese cross platinum folding buckle, which is the trademark of jiangsidandon.
There are five versions of the master of art balloon wrist watch, which recorded five spectacular balloon flights in France between 1783 and 1785, so the five watches are different. This hot-air balloon wrist watch records the first flight in 1783. The background adopts hollow-out blue enamel process, and the layout of hollow-out enamel is similar to that of cord-wire enamel, and the production method without foundation support is similar to that of the micro-colored glass window. The hand-carved golden balloon shows the effect of “relief sculpture”. Each hot-air balloon takes at least three weeks to complete, giving the prototype’s delicate features and decorative details.
Four different digital disks clearly show hours, minutes, weeks and dates, respectively. Hours and minutes are displayed as slides, while days and days are shown as jumps. And because the dial USES hollowed-out enamel technology, the translucent effect it presents allows us to appreciate the structural operation of the core on the front of the watch.
This 1783 Paris was the first flight to the sky. The high-altitude balloon, still designed by etienne mongolfer, featured two “skytravelers” on a dial. In the sky-blue hollowed-out enamel background, the brilliant pink gold and platinum balloons are surrounded by the sun, constellations, irises, wreaths, badges and winged eagles.
The 2460 g4/2 automatic chain attaching machine core produced by jiang shistanton adopts K gold swing tuo, which is also engraved with the special micro-arch hot-air balloon pattern, which echoes the theme of hot-air balloon. The refined and polished core is imprinted with the Geneva mark. The core provides a power reserve of about 40 hours.

Conclusion: with exquisite technology, Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches reproduces the journey of mankind to conquer the blue sky. This art master series hot-air balloon watch has 5 watches in total, and each one is limited to 5 watches with a separate number.

Vacheron constantin launched a classic “horns” timing wrist watch ear: micro between straight line and arc

In memory of the brand in 260 years ongoing art inheritance and innovation, Constantin Historiques series (vacheron constantin) equipped with classic “horns” timing wrist watch ear. The wrist watch in the tradition of Geneva brand core complex functions, powered by 1142 chain on the manual machine.USES the platinum is 38.50 mm in diameter.With a kind of unique style and slim watches ear.It deduces the subtle relationship between the straight line and arc.

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Vacheron constantin watches launched a classic “horns” timing wrist watch ear.This watches to understand the delicate relationship between straight line and arc
This meter because of its unique watches ear design named Cornes DE vache 1955.It is combined with bold design and tabulation of excellent workmanship. Watch of wrist of prototype was born in the post-war economic boom, has the magnificent classical design style, the brand with reworking on the modern concept, to classify the salute to vacheron constantin innovation traditional Historiques series. This series highlights the extraordinary unsurpassed brand creative vitality and the tradition of excellence clocks and watches, and for the watchmaker classic derived from Geneva inject new vitality, let the antique collectors and enthusiasts. New Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 is also the continuation of the series of traditional with the modern concept to deduce the vacheron constantin launched for the first time in 60 years ago waterproof antimagnetic timing stopwatch.Created eye-catching appearance of aesthetic design and precision of complex function, but also retain the classical circular double button, and the appearance of the “horns” watches ear, presented to reaches the vacheron constantin demeanor. This legendary meter also embodies the brand making high-end timing stopwatch long art craft.

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Exclusive innovation design of precision equipment and great tabulation technology of collision
Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 meter to the modern concept of the classical style in the 1950 s, design inspiration comes from vacheron constantin’s first waterproof antimagnetic timing stopwatch: this is also the brand one of the most popular with collectors three timing stopwatch. In addition to the iconic watches ear design, which refer to the original number 6087 watches of adopted a diameter of 35 mm 18 k gold watch case, and is equipped with two “mushroom” button and the screw-plug bottom cover. This double buttons timing stopwatch is equipped with accelerometer calibration, powered by manual chain on the 492 movement, soft iron inside case also can block magnetic interference. Cornes DE vache 1955 timing stopwatch because of its technical and precision in the tech world acclaimed, at the same time, the design of its innovation boldly presented vacheron constantin unique style in the 1950 s. New Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 timing stopwatch adopted traditional round watchcase design with a unique style and slim watches ear, deduce the subtle relationship between the straight line and arc. And its precision technology – through traditional Swiss watchmakers precision a peek inside, striving for innovation and the adornment of the meter when the contrast between to further highlight the personality of wrist watch. Made it to this unique innovative concept vacheron constantin of one of the representative works, and it is one of the most sought after by collectors three masterpieces.

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This watches to understand the delicate relationship between straight line and arc
New Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 style of appreciation
Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 is a re-interpretation of the legend, the diameter is 38.50 mm of platinum 950 watchcase, about 30 meters waterproof, with delicate polishing “horns” watches design. Through the transparent sapphire crystal screw-plug bottom cover can enjoy the entire decorative complex mechanical movement. New watches also strictly at 3 o ‘clock position of the continuation of the original model of 30 minute dial and located at 9 o ‘clock position of the layout of the small second hand, and with the modem design and widen the wrist watch diameter is overall layout is more liberal than wrist watch, also improve the readability of various functions. Milky white dial silver plated by extending the area of the Roman numerals on collocation, timing and pointer material adopt the 18 k platinum, the central timing second hand, 30 minutes timing pointer and accelerometer calibration chose royal blue, further perfect the dial the readability of the whole. Besides have distinguished Geneva seal, Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 timing stopwatch also follows the brand exclusive supreme quality requirements, is an exclusive original, reflects the extraordinary process precision accurate, durable and tabulation skills.

This watches to understand the delicate relationship between straight line and arc
From the brand founder jean-marc Vacheron 1 hour meter made up to now, 260 years we have witnessed many of the most complex precision timing stopwatch, manifests the Vacheron constantin unique historical process. In 1877, the watchmaker from Geneva launched a first timing pocket watch. Since then, the brand will constantly improve the function, in order to satisfy customers independent “writing” time and comforwatches, elegant, precise control of time requirements. Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 adopts two classic round button design, machine core is adopted on the preciseness of the manual chain 1142 movement, and 3 hz frequency and a higher degree of seismic balance wheel design can further enhance the accuracy of the wrist watch. 48 hours of power storage, this movement by 164 decorative parts, all of them, and drive the hours, minutes, small second hand, the central timing second hand and 30 minute timer. And other new vacheron constantin movement, the guide pin wheel screw also USES these wrist watches the Maltese cross brand trademark design appearance.
‘s collector this timing stopwatch with unique brand temperament. As the continuation of this tradition, Historiques Cornes DE vache 1955 limited production, in order to meet the appreciate such rare meter lovers.
Technical specifications
Historiques Cornes DE vache. 1955
Model 5000 h / 000 p – B058
The Geneva seal certification
Movement: 1142 vacheron constantin on independent research and development and manufacturing, manual chain mechanical movement, a diameter of 27.5 mm (12 points), the thickness of 5.6 mm, dynamic storage about 48 hours, vibration frequency 3 hz (21600 times/per hour), 164 parts, 21 jewel
Display function: hours, minutes, small second hand at 9 o ‘clock position, guide pin wheel timing time (30 minutes)
Atlas: platinum 950, 38.5 mm in diameter, the thickness of 38.5 mm, transparent sapphire crystal bottom cover, waterproof coefficient through the three atmospheric pressure test (about 30 meters)
Dial: ivory central dial, silver plated shiny outer scale (minutes and speed meter scale), 18 k Bai Jinshi standard
Band: double dark blue manual generous wen Mississippi alligator strap
Watch button: platinum 950 clasp, half Maltese cross design after polishing processing

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Vacheron constantin mechanical level belt palace of art on wrist

Vacheron constantin watches  has a long history.It has for many years experience of tabulation.There are quite a few of producing a classic. But minimum quantity, the best quality, the highest price” has always been a vacheron constantin’s business strategy.Constantin in Geneva.Factory annual output is 6000 watch only. Since 1840, each watch production drawings, records.And the date of sale and movement watchcase number etc are all intact retention in the cabinet of the company. They will be superior technology, strict testing, exquisite craft and perfect model together.It create an elegant, impressive unceasingly, extremely rare classic collection value. In the long tabulation years, become the symbol of rare elegance unabatedly.

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Vacheron constantin special unique wrist watch
In honor of its cooperation with the national opera in Paris, constantin 15 is composed by the special unique Metiers d watch of wrist of Art works. This series of wrist watch dial design inspiration to grab the Marc Chagall (Marc Chagall) creation of card Neil opera eternal immortal of mural on the dome. Metiers d ‘Art Chagall&L’ Opera DE Paris series mainly adopts high-temperature flame enamel craft, this is the oldest and one of the most innovated traditional fine watch manufacture craft. Geneva tabulation technology used in high temperature flame enamel high melting point, at 800 ° C to 900 ° C, so it is unparalleled purity and durability.

A unique vacheron constantin exceptional design
Vacheron constantin is famous for its technology all over the world, good at complex mechanical watch manufacturing. With Les Complications series new watch Saltarello as an example, the bottom of the watches of transparent crystal, convenient movement of the wearer’s appreciate mechanical operation, owing to the high production requirements, so this watch limited release. Jumpinghour design is superb, it at the time of 12 window display time, half circle minutes, dubbed the “jump”, is very rare.
Recommend a vacheron constantin mechanical belt watches

Vacheron constantin watches picture
Vacheron constantin PATRIMONY inheritance series 85180/000 g – 9230 mechanical men’s watch
Series: Patrimony succession series
Style: men’s watch
Movement: automatic mechanical movement
Movement model: 2450 SC
Atlas: 18 k white gold
Size: 40 mm
Thickness: 8.31 mm
Crown: ordinary
The bottom of the watches: a trainspotter
watches mirror: sapphire crystal glass
Dial: white
Band: crocodile
Band color: black
Watch button: pin buckle
30 meters waterproof:
Function: the date shown
Recommend two vacheron constantin mechanical belt watches
Vacheron constantin globetrotting researchers-and series 49150/000 w – 9501 mechanical men’s watch
Series: the world series
Style: men’s watch
Movement: automatic mechanical movement
Movement models: Cal. 1137
Case: stainless steel, titanium
Size: 42 mm
Thickness: 12.45 mm
Crown: screw-plug crown
The bottom of the watches: ordinary
watches mirror: sapphire crystal glass
Dial: dark grey
Band: crocodile
Band color: black
Watch button: pin buckle
Waterproof: 150 meters
Function: the date display timing
Teach you how to take care of your watch
As outstanding symbol clock vacheron constantin, accurate and reliable, unparalleled. In order to guarantee the same good running state, constantin watches need to receive regular maintenance, to ensure that the service life of its outstanding quality and extraordinary legend. We recommend that you read the wrist watch specifications, it will provide you with wrist watch use the necessary information, and how to properly use the wrist watch as much as possible.

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1. You are advised to regularly vacheron constantin watch the complete overhaul of designated service center;
, (2) complex function, watch every three to four years for a complete overhaul;
3. · chain on the automatic or manual mechanical watches every four to five years for a complete overhaul;
4. Quartz watch every 6 to 7 years for a complete overhaul.
In wristwatches, usual face wet belts, for a long time to wash your hands with perspiration, dust dirt attached erosion in the air, when the leather strap to use for a long time, ineviwatches peculiar smell. Shanghai hendry watches maintenance center to remind you again, diet, life and habits of everybody is different, the discharge of perspiration, forming the filth of the different acid and alkali; In addition to produce good smell if continue to wear, and even cause skin allergy.
Teach you how to watch straps with care
1, the belt is the most attractive place is docile, comforwatches, elegant temperament; But the maintenance is not easy to is also a big trouble! Suggest that consumers in the winter or air-conditioned room temperature occasions to wear a belt your wrists too watches, in the summer, sports to sweat at the same time try to avoid wearing, if want to wear also please wiped the perspiration, thus to extend belt use period.
2, no matter which kind of leather wear for a long time will produce peculiar smell, so do cleaning and dry is the best magic weapon of belt maintenance; If the belt please with muslin fast dry, wet in wet cloth clean if there is dust and then dry with a dry cloth. In addition, if long time by the sun. Also can make belt metamorphic or deformation, this is the stakeholders need to pay attention to matters.
3, belts don’t always wear your wrists too watchess, if consumers have two replaceable wear (including) above the watches of the best, not only can reduce the risk of human injury and reduce wear the wear process of the tug and excessive use, more can let the belt moderate rest and breathing, well-ventilated environment, also can extend the life of the belt.
4, when your wrists too long wear belt watches not only can produce peculiar smell, hardening crack are common symptoms. Perspiration is erosion cortex, let the belt fracture, deformation, hardening and even lead to your wrists too watches often inexplicable loss or hurt is commonplace things; Cultivation of cortex of life, should be early maintenance and consumption idea, never showed, avoid unnecessary loss.
5, belt accidentally get wet in the rain wet or take off as soon as possible, dry immediately with a dry cloth and twist dry, can continue to wear; Have the normal temperature for the human body, if you want to collect must be natural air drying or on a belt leather, has protective effect on the belt.
6, when the belt generate stink, with soft toothbrush with some fragrant soap scrub the dirt quickly, quick rinse, adopt “will be expanded to knead a pinch a” way out of the can, process is best done in 15 seconds; Moreover in a natural way air dry or use hair dryer away from 15 cm (lest burns belt deformation) dry.
7, consumer can be a little leather belt with oil, “leather by not only the outside of belt has protective effect, but also create a more perfect maintenance. Attention! Best watches ears first, on both sides of the belt to separate cleaning, avoid by all means belt should not be soaked.